Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn Palettes

So I have called this blog Autumn palettes because we associate certain colours with certain seasons. We however think anything goes with makeup though and if you want to wear sunshine yellow or turquoise in the winter and black in the summer then go for it. We get inundated with palettes at the turn of the seasons so we thought we would share three of the latest that have hit our desk with you.

Anastasia Tamanna palette
In collaboration with makeup artist Tamanna Roashan Anastasia have launched a palette of 10 shades in satin and shimmer finishes. Richly pigmented in a mix of warm and cool tones with a matte black to smoke it up.

Smashbox Cherry smoke palette
This palette reminds us of all the colours you see as the leaves change their tones. Russet, copper, gold infused chocolate. Beautiful rich tones in warm shimmers and matte. Smouldering for a brown eye and complementary on a blue eye. Housed in a mirrored compact which is perfect handbag size. The darker colours did drop slightly so be aware of that and do your base second.

Available now £32.00

Naked 2 basics
Naked 2 basics is a stripped back palette incorporating six basic shadows all in a cool tone. Each shade is matte but still blendable. May look a tad ashy on a darker skin tone but a winner for a fair skin. Nice selection of subdued shades to create a natural contoured look on the eye. Surprisingly for Urban Decay the drop down is minimal.

Available now from £22.00

Have you tried these yet?



  1. I don't know how well the Naked Basics 2 or the Anastasia palette would do on darker skins but the smashbox palette is lovely.

  2. I love the Naked 2 palette, and as a pale girl it's nice to have a full set of tones that suit.

  3. These look stunning. Love a good, well made palette.

  4. Great palettes! ;)

  5. the smashbox one is gorgeous!!!

  6. The smashbox one is my fave! Definitely going to try to rock some brighter colours this Autumn though :)

  7. Es ist sch?n, es ist wirklich nicht das gleiche Frau jetzt aus der Arbeit angezogen, und ich beabsichtige Großhandel Swarovski Wohnaccessoires, sich kleiden zu kaufen, verbessern ihre Charme.

  8. I think out of all of them I'd go for the Smashbox one :)

  9. The packaging of the Anastasia palette is so so gorgeous! I think I'd get the Smashbox ones for the shades though, I love the warmer coppery tones it has there for autumn :)

  10. These palettes look so lovely, it's nice to see more matte shades and satin instead of lots of shimmer

  11. I am finding the new Urban Decay palette to be of better quality than their old ones. I gave away all my old Naked palettes because I thought the shadows made my eyelids look "crepe-y". The Naked 2 Basics don't seem to cause the same problem.


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