Tuesday, 23 September 2014


These two tubes look so bashed up because they are never out of my handbag. Perfect sized tubes of magic which get my skin and lips out of trouble.

The control gel at the top is a 9ml tube containing a clear sticky gel. It's a blemish treatment but rather than being a harsh, stinging treatment which dries out the blemish and skin it nourishes the spot and surrounding skin.
 Suspended in an aloe base are lots of key ingredients to help your skin out when it needs it most. Niacinamide is an amazing anti inflammatory which calms a swollen area and helps to reduce the redness. You know those spots which have their own pulse, well this ingredient shows them who's boss and calms the situation. Salicylic acid helps to naturally exfoliate the area and give the blemish a smoother appearance. Rosemary, tea tree and sage act as a natural anti biotic and disinfectant as well as moisturising the area providing deep hydration.
 I like to apply after my moisturiser, leave to dry off for five minutes and then apply my makeup on top. Because this is clear you can keep re applying throughout the day. Because it is quite sticky I dab a little on top of the blemish with an old lip brush so that it won't disturb my makeup underneath. I find that the blemish heals quicker with more of an even texture making it easier to cover with makeup.The skin doesn't go crusty or dry but soft and supple and easier to work with.
 This is £15.00

Rosehip seed lip cream was a strange texture which took a bit of getting used to. I'm used to balms which feel oily and have a sheen. This lip product is a cream which absorbs in with no real sheen finish or evidence it was ever there! It's more of a deep down conditioning treatment rather than an aesthetic lip product. It won't give you any slip to the lips at all which makes it good for men and children also.
 Lips are softened and treated from within. You can always put a gloss or balm on top if you prefer the gloss.
 This is £10.00

Both are available from SpaceNK http://goo.gl/rPNLG3



  1. Can you link through to Aesop Control please, I can't find it on the space nk page! I'm 24 an the last 6 months have broken out with really painful spots around my jaw line and chin I'm hoping this product will help calm everything down as nothing I've tried has worked!!!

    1. I think they may have sold out so head over to the Aesop website. I checked and they have it at the moment. http://www.aesop.com

  2. Really want to give Aesop a try!! Lilly xx alittlelilly.blogspot.nl

  3. These both sound great, I'm always looking for a good lip treatment! Gonna check them out :)


  4. the control gel sounds really great, I've been getting spots around my chin recently! Not a bad price too, might have to hit up my local space NK!x

    Discount codes - The little things in life

  5. i will gift this to my girl friend

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