Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Colour Wow Root cover up

From space you can see the great barrier reef, the great wall of China and my great big roots. Nothing worse than realising your hair appointment is still two weeks away and your roots look so dark.
 I had kind of dismissed this Colour Wow product. I thought it wouldn't work, would look chalky and would make my hair feel gross. I was so wrong!!

These slimline palettes contain a mirrored lid, a section of the pressed powder colour and a duel ended application brush.
 The idea is to use the firm end of the brush to apply the powder with precision to the roots. You can then use the larger end to dust over bigger sections.
 The powder is available in six colours. A black, three shades of brown, a blonde and a platinum.
 They can be used on greying hair or in between hair appointments to cover the root.
 It doesn't mask the hair in a thick covering but lightly dusts over and clings to the hair to brighten, add a tint of colour and lift the darkness.

 It can be used on all hair types and is particularly good on greasy roots as the mica and talc help to absorb the oil.
 The colours are very versatile and you don't have to get an exact colour match (obviously go lighter rather than darker). Just go for the closest option and it will blend really well.

 If you touch your hair throughout the day then you may want to carry this in your bag to touch up but otherwise it lasts really well. Can be brushed out or washed out at the end of the day. 
 If you get caught in the rain it's going to fade away but it won't run down your face because it's just a super fine powder.

My hair is a honey blonde but I tested the platinum Colour Wow on my roots because I wanted to lift and lighten.
Left-Before, Right- After
  I was amazed how much it made a difference. I just quickly dusted the powder over in a few seconds and it looked like I had just had my hair highlighted!
Not cheap at £28.50 but a product which will last you months and months and is a savior on a bad hair day.


Monday, 29 September 2014

Heyland & Whittle 3 wick candle

The nights are drawing in so you know what this means guys....Candle time!!
There is something really comforting about getting home, closing the curtains and lighting a candle.
 Heyland and Whittle are a British brand created by husband and wife team Paddy Heyland and Ursula Whittle. They also make reed diffusers, room mists and soaps.

 We have recently been sent one of their new 3 wick candles. Made from soy wax which burns evenly.
The candles are set into a heavy glass bowl which contains 480g of candle, that's a whole lot of candle to burn!
The scent we have is green tea and grapefruit. Citrusy, zingy and fresh. As soon as you open the box the room is instantly filled with the scent.

All three wicks burn at the same time and because there are three flames there is a lot of light which radiates from it. Looks beautiful on a dark autumn night. This candle will have around 40 hours burn time.
 The glass does get hot as you burn it so make sure you stand it on a mat and that small hands can't get hold of it.
 Other scents which are available are orange spice and wild lemongrass.


Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn Palettes

So I have called this blog Autumn palettes because we associate certain colours with certain seasons. We however think anything goes with makeup though and if you want to wear sunshine yellow or turquoise in the winter and black in the summer then go for it. We get inundated with palettes at the turn of the seasons so we thought we would share three of the latest that have hit our desk with you.

Anastasia Tamanna palette
In collaboration with makeup artist Tamanna Roashan Anastasia have launched a palette of 10 shades in satin and shimmer finishes. Richly pigmented in a mix of warm and cool tones with a matte black to smoke it up.

Smashbox Cherry smoke palette
This palette reminds us of all the colours you see as the leaves change their tones. Russet, copper, gold infused chocolate. Beautiful rich tones in warm shimmers and matte. Smouldering for a brown eye and complementary on a blue eye. Housed in a mirrored compact which is perfect handbag size. The darker colours did drop slightly so be aware of that and do your base second.

Available now http://www.smashbox.co.uk £32.00

Naked 2 basics
Naked 2 basics is a stripped back palette incorporating six basic shadows all in a cool tone. Each shade is matte but still blendable. May look a tad ashy on a darker skin tone but a winner for a fair skin. Nice selection of subdued shades to create a natural contoured look on the eye. Surprisingly for Urban Decay the drop down is minimal.

Available now from http://www.urbandecay.co.uk £22.00

Have you tried these yet?


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Estee Lauder EE Cream

I know it's crazy. BB, CC and now EE! I don't know where it will end but i'm already Zzzzing at the thought of it. Saying that and totally contradicting myself, the EE cream from Estee Lauder is particularly lovely.

 EE stands for even effect in this product and it's purpose is to minimise dark spots, even out areas of darker pigment from scarring and acne, tone down redness and even out pores. All done with a sheer natural colour.
 The texture is a little sheerer than the most natural tinted moisturiser so don't expect a flawless finish with this. The finish is super radiant, almost glossy. Very hydrating and will give a dry, dull skin an instant high sheen finish. Has an SPF 30 but doesn't flash back at all.
Available in three colours of light, medium and deep.Wear this on top of your moisturiser as your base or if you need or prefer more coverage wear it after your moisturiser but before your regular foundation.
 On a dry skin such as Sam's this product looks phenomenal. Sam does have a pretty even skin in the first place so it's not hard for her skin to look radiant and glowing.

 On a combination to oily skin I personally didn't find it worked quite so well. It feels very hydrating as you apply and that feeling of moisture never really sinks in on a combination/oily skin. Looks beautiful to start with but as the skin naturally produced more oil throughout the day the skin started to look more sweaty than radiant!
 This is £34.00 for 30ml. 
 Have you tried this product yet? We would love to know how it worked for you.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Long wear gel sparkle

Multi purpose, opaque shimmer, long wearing, crease proof...I could go on with the lovely descriptions. New this October are Bobbi Brown's long wearing gel sparkle liner/shadow.
 These cream pots have a duo purpose. They are an intensely pigmented, cream eyeshadow which is infused with a 3d prism effect. The reflex pearl is different in each shade. Available in five different flat shades but packed with a variety of gold, teal, silver and rose gold fine shimmer pearl.
 The shimmer in this is beautifully delicate but packs a punch. Catching the light and reflecting multiple tones.
 Blends over the eye lid easily and once dry it stays in place with no creasing or movement. The glitter stays localised also rather than travelling all over your face.

These would give a good solid base to powder eye shadow but it seems a shame to mask them with a powder. Sweep all over the eye lid and low under the eye for a grungy wet look shimmer for the evening.
We had four shades to show you. There is also a gunmetal available called Thunderstorm.

These also perform as a gel liner. Using a thin brush create a shimmering feline flick. Colour will stay in place and create a good solid shape. I found I did have to build the colour up when using as a liner. Leave each layer to dry and apply another until you have the desired coverage. It's a little 'wishy washy' with just one layer.

These are available from October in store and online..www.bobbibrown.co.uk

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


These two tubes look so bashed up because they are never out of my handbag. Perfect sized tubes of magic which get my skin and lips out of trouble.

The control gel at the top is a 9ml tube containing a clear sticky gel. It's a blemish treatment but rather than being a harsh, stinging treatment which dries out the blemish and skin it nourishes the spot and surrounding skin.
 Suspended in an aloe base are lots of key ingredients to help your skin out when it needs it most. Niacinamide is an amazing anti inflammatory which calms a swollen area and helps to reduce the redness. You know those spots which have their own pulse, well this ingredient shows them who's boss and calms the situation. Salicylic acid helps to naturally exfoliate the area and give the blemish a smoother appearance. Rosemary, tea tree and sage act as a natural anti biotic and disinfectant as well as moisturising the area providing deep hydration.
 I like to apply after my moisturiser, leave to dry off for five minutes and then apply my makeup on top. Because this is clear you can keep re applying throughout the day. Because it is quite sticky I dab a little on top of the blemish with an old lip brush so that it won't disturb my makeup underneath. I find that the blemish heals quicker with more of an even texture making it easier to cover with makeup.The skin doesn't go crusty or dry but soft and supple and easier to work with.
 This is £15.00

Rosehip seed lip cream was a strange texture which took a bit of getting used to. I'm used to balms which feel oily and have a sheen. This lip product is a cream which absorbs in with no real sheen finish or evidence it was ever there! It's more of a deep down conditioning treatment rather than an aesthetic lip product. It won't give you any slip to the lips at all which makes it good for men and children also.
 Lips are softened and treated from within. You can always put a gloss or balm on top if you prefer the gloss.
 This is £10.00

Both are available from SpaceNK http://goo.gl/rPNLG3


Monday, 22 September 2014

New Powder Foundations

Some new powder foundations have landed on my desk this week. Not a product that usually excites me to be honest. I think I always have images of the caked, flat faces of 80's pop stars in my head.
 They have come a long way since then though and thinking I really should pay more attention to what is new in the world of powder bases I have had a play.

First up is Burberry Fresh glow compact foundation. The compacts from Burberry never cease to grab my attention. Solid looking gun metal compacts subtly embossed with the Burberry pattern.

Not a huge amount of colour choice with this one unfortunately. The four colours they do have are split between yellow and pink tones. The lightest two are pink undertones and the darkest two are yellow.

This powder provides a sheer to medium cover and looks beautiful on the skin. It doesn't look like a powder at all. It doesn't cling, cake or mask the skin. Rather than a matte finish it has a luminous, satin finish. It basically looks like you have a pair of 2 denier satin tights over your face!
 Skin tone is evened out and left looking healthy and radiant. If you have a combination or oily skin tone this will matte away your natural oil and replace it with a radiance. On dry skin I would suggest using a damp sponge to apply with to ensure it doesn't stick to any dry areas. The damp sponge will also increase the luminosity.
 Only downside for some people may be the scent. It is infused with rosehip and lavender so has quite a powdery soap smell. I love the scent but if you're not a fan of fragrance in products it may put you off. Reminds me of the scent of Parma violet sweets if you remember those!
 Not cheap at £38.00 but you can feel the quality on the skin and it lasts all day without sinking into lines.

New from Bobbi Brown is their Skin Weightless powder foundation.

Well done Bobbi Brown for having a huge colour line up of twenty shades. Ranging from alabaster through to espresso this foundation caters for a larger skin tone mix.
 I like the feel of this foundation. It's oil free but feels more like a cream to the touch. It's very airy and light in texture and will give you a sheer to light cover. Not a foundation for those who like a good coverage. Gives skin a natural fresh finish that resembles skin. It doesn't have the luminosity of the Burberry powder but would be a winner on all skin types due to the matte but creamy texture.
 Wears well and photographs lovely. Would make a nice addition as a powder on top of your regular foundation if you prefer a bit more cover.
 £33.00 and comes in a slightly more bulky mirrored compact.

Lastly is the new Clinique Anti-blemish solutions powder makeup. Out of the three this one feels more powdery. It also has more of a coverage giving a medium buildable look. The powder is jet milled to ensure it is super fine powder particles so it won't cake on the skin. Because of the more powdery finish this one works better on a combination to oily skin tone. Aimed at those who suffer from blemishes it contains salicylic acid to help with skin texture. It is also sweat, humididty and water resistant. Available in thirteen shades although I could only ever view twelve shades online.

 I like the finish, a little too heavy texture for me but looks natural and evens out skin redness well. Lasts well on the skin and didn't cake when I touched up throughout the day. This compact is £24.50.

All of these are available now on the following sites....


Friday, 19 September 2014

Lily loves LDN False nails

Lily Allen has collaborated with nail brand Elegant Touch and produced some super cute false nails.
 If you follow Lily Allen on Instagram you'll notice that nails are her thing! Not one to shy away from talons fashioned with gems, glitter and patterns she has produced seven different styles.

Each set is named after her song titles and feature rainbow glitter, metallic shapes, matte prints and gem stones. Prices range between £6.99- £8.99.

Our favourite set features silhouettes of iconic London landmarks such as the gherkin, Big Ben, o2 arena and St Pauls.

Each set comes with 24 nails in 10 different sizes, a  nail file to adjust the size to suit and adhesive glue to apply with. This particular set is £6.99. The collection is available now from Superdrug http://www.superdrug.com and online from Elegant Touch http://www.eleganttouch.com


Thursday, 18 September 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Anti blemish system

There has been quite a buzz around the launch of this trio this September. I have only ever used Serozinc from LRP and as someone who has a combination skin with regular hormonal breakouts I gave this a go (this is Stacey).
 The kit contains the purifying foaming gel cleanser, a brand new clarifying toner and the effaclar duo.
 The cleanser and effaclar duo are a regular in the LRP line up but the toner is new and at the moment can only be purchased as part of the kit.

 The kit is aimed at people who have an oily and blemish prone skin. It claims to help reduce sebum levels, remove bacteria, matte the skin, reduce pore size whilst unclogging them and help to reduce the appearance of red and brown marks left from old blemishes.

I began this trial 6 weeks ago and here are my results....

Firstly I am used to using balm cleansers so using a foam cleanser didn't particularly feel as luxurious as what I am used to. I kind of felt like I was massaging washing up liquid into my face. As I breathed little bubbles would fly off into the air. It did however cleanse my skin well and removed all of my makeup. I did still need to use a separate eye makeup remover on my eyes though as this would be too strong near the eyes. My skin felt instantly matte and I found if I didn't follow with the next step in my skin care immediately then my skin felt very dry and uncomfortable. Maybe this cleanser was just a little too drying on my combination skin.

The toner is a large 200ml bottle  and was actually my favourite product out of the three. It doesn't feel stripping or sting the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. If you have an oily or combination skin you'll know how lovely it feels for your skin to feel matte rather than greasy. In here we have witch hazel, silica, and salicylic acid among other ingredients. I used this toner every day but found after week three my skin started to feel a little dry and I developed a patch of dry skin above my lip. I would say good to use two or three times a week but on a combi skin every day didn't work for me.

Effaclar Duo is a product that initially confused me a little. It says it's a corrective, unclogging and  anti marks treatment. I wasn't sure if it was a moisturiser or just a cream you apply topically to affected areas. You do however apply it all over the face as a moisturiser in the day and evening.
 It feels lightweight and is absorbed quickly. It made a lovely base to apply makeup straight onto as it had no residue or greasy slip. I had to use an oil at night from a different brand after two weeks though as my skin was starting to feel tight and fine lines seemed to appear more visible as my skin looked flat and dehydrated.
 This cream performed well for me for about 3 weeks applied daily and then I found I needed something a little richer. I began to apply a different moisturiser and only used this on my blemish prone areas or over old scarring. Any brown marks I had did start to subside more quickly and it was nice to use on my t-zone for when I wanted to apply makeup.

Overall long term this kit wasn't for me. I think my skin wasn't quite oily enough as it worked on my t-zone but made elsewhere dry. I did like how it helped to fade fresh blemish scarring.
This kit is available now and is £32.50 from http://tidd.ly/73ebd70

Have you used La roche-Posay? What did you think of their products?

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Nic's been shopping.....

We often get asked what we have been purchasing recently or what is in our make up bag. Nic has just returned to the office with a bag of new loveliness that she is excited about so we thought we would share her purchases with you.

MAC Electric cool eye shadows
 These are part of MAC's latest launch called a Novel Romance. These are powder eye shadows which feel spongy and almost like a cream. Powder is pressed into the pot in a solid formula. They give quite a sheer wash of colour which has a high pearl finish and look similar to the MAC pigments when on the skin. There is no drop down from these products but the shimmering pigment does travel slightly on the face. Enough colour to wear alone but they do look particularly beautiful on top of other shadows to give a shimmering vibrancy.
 Nic brought three shades in Pure Flash, coli and superwatt.
 Pure flash is a champagne with a silver shimmer. Superwatt is an beige/apricot with gold shimmer and coil is a gorgeous antique rust/copper. This colour is stunning.

 These were £15.50 each and are available we believe for a limited time.

Nic loves a false lash and has gone a bit crazy for false lashes. Here's what she went for....
No 4
No 33
No 36

 These are regular lashes MAC always stocks and were £10.50 each.

Salon Systems lashes
Salon system lashes in the short length. These lashes start at around £3.00 depending on the size box you get.

Eylure Pro-brow Dye kit

Nic purchased the dye kit in brown. This lasts up to 6 weeks and gives the hairs a rich, warm brown tint to the brows.
This kit is £7.25 

 Bleached and highlighted hair is often brittle and lacking protein. Nic is loving this reconstructor from Bed Head to improve and restore the protein levels in her hair. Use after shampooing to leave the hair soft and smooth. This also smells amazing!! This was £12.00

What have you purchased recently?

What have you purchased recently that you are loving?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Latest from LFW 2015

London fashion week kicked off last Friday for Spring/summer 2015 and all weekend we have been getting updates on what's been going on.
 We thought we would share some key looks with you.

Brazilian fashion designer Mariana Jungmann collaborated with Face Lace showcasing their pearlescent foil pieces for the face and body. The inspiration was a magical underwater sea world making the models look like sirens of the ocean.
 Luke Henshaw for L'Oreal professional created a messy tomboy style for the Daks show. Based on the Teddy boys of the fifties it had was slicked back at the sides but with a feminine twisted plait at the back.

Adam reed again for L'Oreal professional created a semi wet look, worn in pony tail. Using a metallic gloss from L'Oreal TechniArt to slick back the sides. 

We will keep you up to date with the looks from this years show as we receive them in.
What looks have you seen that you particularly like this season?


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes

This time of year we do see a ton of similar palettes and although beautiful in their own right it's sometimes hard to distinguish one from the next. When I saw this new palette from Bobbi Brown (launching this September) I thought is this going to be something like I have already seen. How wrong to jump to a conclusion!
 What I loved about this palette first of all was it's size and shape. Rather than a long palette this duo layer powder shadow palette houses eight shades in a mix of finishes all neatly packed into a 3'x3' palette.
 The tortoise shell effect palette has two layers. The top layer pulls back on opening and the bottom layer is a drawer which pulls out.

Top layer...
Includes a buttermilk with a matte finish, a soft apricot, also matte and a mink in matte. The forth shadow provides a sheer wash of wet look sparkle set in a smokey taupe colour. The fine reflective pigments include gold, rose gold and silver glitter.
 Bottom layer...
A shimmering pearl pink with gold and lavender glitter, a metallic champagne, a metallic grey/taupe and a matte aubergine/black in matte. The last colour could also be used as an eyeliner also.

No fall out from these shadows onto the face although the glitter does travel into the other shades a little in the palette.
 Colours blend easily and there is good selection of tones and shades to take your makeup from day through to night.
 The size of this palette makes it ideal for travelling or to pop into your handbag. The mirrored lid makes is simple to touch up on the go.
 This palette is £48.00 which I actually think is not a bad price for eight great quality shades in such a convenient sized palette.
Available now http://tidd.ly/66476128

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