Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Saucebox Cosmetics Etude matte palette

 One of the best things about travelling overseas for work is the brands and products you pick up along the way.  We know a lot of the products we feature may be tricky to get hold of overseas so thought we would feature Saucebox. Based in the U.S but with distributors in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and South Africa. Check out their website to view stores. They also ship internationally so Europe don't panic! We recently discovered Saucebox cosmetics and particularly liked their Etude palette. Filled with eight totally matte neutral shades.


The palette is magnetic so the shades are interchangeable. The shades are in large pans also so tons of product.
Matte shades are notoriously hard to blend. These shades blended well although the black shade took a little more work. It blended but needed to be built up a little more to get a thoroughly black finish. I found the black shade smelt strange too but maybe that's just my weird overly sensitive nose!

These colours are great on their own however we loved to use these shades through the socket to create a natural contour. Some of these colours are great to use through the brow also.

Not a cheap palette at $50.00 (around £30.00) and shipping costs also but a great addition to any kit, especially for matte lovers.




  2. Looks gorgeous!! I love your blogs there so helpful but maybe you could do less white background off the internet pictures and more personal I like seeing different backgrounds ! Xxx

    1. We are working on upgrading the blog soon, thanks for your feedback.x

  3. Reminds me a lot of the Nakes Basics Palette which I love in my Makeup Kit :)

  4. I've heard some hype about these palettes. Thanks for the great review and swatches.
    Girl's Temptations

  5. These look like really great matte colours! x

    Laura Rachel |

  6. I own this palette and LOVE it!!!!

  7. I saw this palette in one of your videos and immediately thought to myself I need that palette, looks really lovely!


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