Friday, 22 August 2014

Our fragrance favourites at the moment

We have been planning to do a female fragrance tutorial for ages now but just haven't gotten around to it. There are so many fragrances released throughout the year it's mind blowing. The fragrances we have chosen for this blog are ones that we always return to time and time again. We only wish we had smell-o-vision for you!

Escentric molecules-Molecule 01

First is a fragrance that we have smelt on a few men we know. This fragrance is unisex however it does always seem to smell nicer on guys!
 This fragrance consists of an ingredient called Iso E super along with pink pepper and green lime. It has a naturally sandalwood/cedarwood scent but on initial spritz it doesn't really smell of anything except alcohol. This scent works on your pheromones and will develop differently on each individual. Once it has been on for 10 minutes it develops into a quite earthy, woody scent. I can never smell it on the skin after a while but so many people ask me what I am wearing when I have it on so I guess it's just my natural pheromones attracting people in!!
100ml is £66.00 and available from Liberty

Jo Malone- Blackberry & Bay

  This is not only a favourite of ours but also Tanya Burr's. It's no secret that we adore most of everything which Jo Malone launches however this one will always be the best in our eyes. Fruity, autumnal, fresh but with a woody depth. It's just scrumptious and by no means sweet or sickly. This also has a cedarwood base note so maybe cedarwood is the common factor in our faves! Not a fragrance for longevity unfortunately so if your purse stretches team with the shower gel and body cream also.
30ml-£40, 100ml-£82.00 and available from

Chanel-Coco Noir

This can be described by no other words than sexy! it's intense but not overpowering, fruity but not sickly and again has a spicy, woody undertone. We can smell it on someone a mile off it's so recognisable. It smells of pure richness and luxury. Not as soapy as Chanel No5 but not as lively and green as Chanel Chance. Sits somewhere in between. The bottle if nothing else is reason to purchase!
 50ml is £75.00 and available here

Terry de Gunzburg-Flagrant Delice 

Pure almond soapy-ness (is that a word?) The combination of almond milk, fig and red currant almost give it a coconut undertone. You smell the almond first of all and once it develops its the fig which stands out. Luxurious and summery but with the heavy solid glass bottle it is definitely one for the dressing table and not the handbag.
50ml-£71.00 and available from SpaceNK here

I know these are all on the rather pricy side but you really do pay for the quality in the ingredients used. These are all luxury items which will last months so won't need replacing as quickly.



  1. Ooh I hope one day to own a Jo Malone fragrance!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. How gorgeous are the Jo Malone and the Chanel bottles?! I love them!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I would love a Jo Malone fragrance. Hopefully I might get one for xmas.

  4. The cap on the Jo Malone bottle kind of reminds me of Polo...

  5. Hi,
    Desperately seeking the Gold by Giles Goddess blusher. You still have yours and wish to sell it??

  6. One of the girls and the Founder of the gallery wears Cocochanel noir. It does smell sassy and sexy.

  7. Hello! I have just posted my first post on my blog and it would be amazing if everyone could maybe check it out? Thanks heaps!xx

  8. I've been dying to try the Chanel fragrance recently, i think I'll buy it now! x

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