Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Antonia Burrell Cleansing Oil

We recently got our hands on the Natural glow cleansing oil from Antonia Burrell. First things first this is 100% pure plant oil. If you are sensitive to essential oils this may not be for you but it IS suitable for all skin types even oily/combination.
 Contained in a Swiss violet glass bottle to protect the bio energy of the plant ingredients from UV light. The texture of this cleanser is a smooth, rich oil which emulsifies and turns milky when mixed with water.

Because of the totally amazing, relaxing scent I have mainly been using this in the evening. Antonia Burrell recommends 4-6 pumps however for me that was way too much, 2 pumps were just the right amount. Apply over a dry face, taking your time to really massage this luxurious oil into the skin. If I have extra time in the evening I have even been massaging it in with my face massage roller (mine was from The Body Shop).
 Add water and eventually the oil will turn to a white milk. Rinse away or use a warm wash cloth to remove.

Key ingredients include Tuscan Cypress tree extract which is a natural astringent and helps with cellular renewal. Bitter orange to soothe inflammation and treat blemishes, Tea tree to heal and Lavender to soothe sun damage and dry skin.
 All of these ingredients will benefit most skin types.
After using my skin looks radiant and glowing. Any redness from active blemishes is soothed and I found this oil helped speed up the healing process of old blemishes.

With all of these premium ingredients this is not a budget cleanser but waking up in the morning with clear, radiant skin makes it worth the money.

A 50ml bottle is £29.50 and 100ml £39.50 and you can purchase from http://www.urbanretreat.co.uk


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  1. Sounds so luxurious! especially since you threw in that face roller



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