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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

As working makeup artists we constantly get asked how to contour. We have all seen the images of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce etc with the stripes of contour and highlighting colours. Yes they look fabulous but does this really translate into an everyday makeup for everyone else. Well the answer is yes it can but not to the extremes that we see in the media.
 What we can sometimes forget is that the celebrity images we see are not always real. Often pictures in magazines are air brushed and edited to give an image of perfection. Also these girls (with the exception of KimK) probably don't go down to the supermarket with full contour on either. They are often wearing this look when they are on stage performing under bright lights on a stage which is a good 10ft away from the closest eye.
 For normal daylight and close up this look when done incorrectly can look awful. Product placement is usually around the correct area of the face but it's the colour tones selected that let the look down.
 It's common for people to contour with their bronzer which usually ends up looking too warm or orange. It's totally dependant on your natural skin tone which shades you need to use but the colours to go for are not what you may think.
 On a medium, olive or darker skin tone you can get away with using a warm contour colour however if you are lighter skinned you need to go for a more ashy tone. Think of the natural greyish/taupe's that a real shadow would create.

We have seen tons of contouring palettes over the years but we have to say Anastasia Beverly Hills have pulled out all the stops with their new contour palette. There really is a contour and highlight shade for every single person out there.

The original contour kit seen below ($40.00) has been around for a while and consists of six shades. Three highlighters and three shading colours. This palette comes with these colours inside and the palette is magnetic so you can swap the colours around.

 Vanilla and banana are both a matte highlighter whilst sand has a shimmer finish (no glitter). Java, fawn and havana are three matte colours with varying levels of warmth to suit a good range of skin tones. We particularly love the colour fawn. It's the perfect contour for a fair skin. The texture is soft but doesn't drop or flake. The colour payoff is really great so you can apply small amounts and build to the level you need. These last well and don't cling or go patchy.

Although these colours are a good selection Anastasia has gone one step further and released twenty-one more shades so that no one is left out. As the palette seen above is magnetic you can just purchase the individual new colours and slot them into your existing palette. You can of course re-purchase the same colours above if these suit best.
The 21 shades are sold individually and when purchased will come to you in a little black envelope for you to put into your palette. If you don't own the palette above you can put your refill into any magnetic palettes you may already have such as a Z-palette etc.
 The individual refills are only available from at the moment which is based in the States however they do ship globally. Each refill colour is $14.00 (around £8.30).

This book is not available to purchase, it's just to show you the colour range of the individual shades.

If you purchase six refill colours you will receive an empty magnetic palette to put them in for free. It is definitely worth purchasing six colours because a discount bundle price is then applied and the price for six shades and a palette is $40.00. What a bargain!!
 It is hard to choose colours via online sites but the Anastasia website is really good at helping you choose your shades by asking you your skin type and your skin undertones. It will then select colours which may suit.

 If you are unsure of your undertones then this guide is a good one to follow....

Warm-Yellow, golden; veins on wrist appear mostly green
Cool-Pink, rosy; veins on wrist appear mostly blue
Neutral-Balance between warm and cool; veins on wrist appear blue and green
Beige-Caramel, honey, deeper in tone than neutral; veins on wrist appear blue and green
Olive-Slightly green, bronze; veins on wrist appear blue and green.

 The colours available are mixtures of highlighters and contour shades along  with some colour correcting colours (that's the crazy orange, peach and yellow shades).
These palettes will last forever and the colours can also be used as eye shadows for days when a contour is not necessary!
Head over to the Anastasia website now to check out which shades suit you..


  1. This is all kinds of awesome!! I am not sure I would have use for all the colros but I'd definitely want to get a few shades which suit my skin!


    1. You don't get all of the shades. You pick which ones you want to put into your palette.X

  2. just purchased this kit after reading your review, which got me all excited. I've been looking for a good contour kit and hope I've now found it. Can't wait till it arrives...

    1. Hey, could you please tell me where you purchased this as it's out of stock everywhere? :( Thank you x

  3. Can't wait to try this! Looks great :)

  4. This looks great and a really amazing review x

  5. I'm one of those people who always have to think twice about my contouring. I love it way too much, so I have to be careful I don't go out looking like a clown!! :)

  6. I am desperate for a new contour kit...this may be the one!!!!

    Emma Louise x

  7. such a good idea being able to choose what suits you!

  8. I have always been intrigued in this contour kit and you have now completely sold it to me! It looks like I'll be adding it to my wish list!

  9. Great read!


  10. Can't wait to purchase more shades!

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  11. looks like an amazing palette and its great you get to choose too, I love to contour but only ever do it every now and again.
    Melissa x

  12. this looks AMAZING! x

  13. The palette looks so beautiful and the Vanilla shade is stunning. In love! x

  14. love this palette! x

  15. Amazing review, i love the highlight colours you swatched, i like how you can customize the palette to your liking aswell

  16. I really want to order this all colours look amazing! But really want to get some swatches first to see which colour is go well with my skin.

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  17. this is a super useful contour kit! I am always on the lookout for a contour shade and highlighter for that matter that fits my skin tone. Everything either looks super orange or weirdly brown so this is a real help!

  18. This looks amazing! So useful!

  19. Hi Im a Makeup Artist and have a beauty blog feel free to check me out guys... Love your blogs :)

  20. Hi Pixi, I own this palette and it is lovely, but I'm not sure how to apply the colors. I am fair so thanks for mentioning the fawn color for contour. I've tried the banana for neutralizing redness- is this an Ok use or is it meant for something else? Would love a tutorial using this palette. I've not seen the other colors on the website, but I'll look. I live in the States and you're right, it's not available in any of our other stores. Our Ulta just recently started carrying Anastasia's Amrezy eyeshadow palette. I have that, too, and it is a fabulous color collection!
    PS Love your blog!


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