Wednesday, 2 July 2014

This Works In transit camera close up

We first noticed this product whilst stalking Victoria Beckham on Twitter. She was raving about it and we thought if we get it then maybe we can bag a husband like hers too? That's how it works isn't it?
 Well David Beckham still hasn't called yet but we are however loving this product none the less.

So at first we were like so it does what?  It moisturises is a mask and primes! How is that possible.
Lets deal with each factor separately...
  • Moisturises
It's top ingredients are water, Shea butter and coconut oil (they have fancy names on the box but that's what they are). Shea butter is normally a no no for me (this is Stacey) as I have found it is too rich for my oily skin and often breaks me out. So far though I haven't had any crazy breakouts and it totally doesn't feel like the greasy texture that you may think it would containing these ingredients. It absorbs super quickly that I even felt like I needed to put more on because it had sunk in before I had chance to massage it around my face. This makes it perfect for all skin types although dryer skins may need to apply more liberally.

  • Mask
 Not really a mask in the traditional sense. It doesn't feel like a film and it doesn't leave you greasy or shiny. I think because it contains some seriously soothing ingredients such as aloe, argan and eyebright (reduces swelling) it has a calming influence on a stressed skin. It also has good old hyaluronic acid inside also helping to plump and draw moisture to the skin's surface.

  • Primer
It has an ingredient in it called gigawhite which helps to brighten skin and reduce pigmentation. It also contains caffeine to stimulate and pep up the skin.
 If you use this product not for the previous two reasons then definitely use it for it's priming abilities. It makes an awesome base before makeup. On myself and on shoots when the model has an oily/combination skin there is nothing worse than applying a greasy moisturiser or primer and then applying foundation on top. If the moisturiser is too oily it breaks the foundation up and makes your powder and blusher go patchy.
 Usually I moisturise and then go and make a cup of tea while it sinks in before I apply foundation. With this I could apply and go straight in with my base makeup. It also kept my skin shine free and helped everything to stay in place at least until about 3pm when I touched up.
 It makes your face look like you have a pair of 3 denier tights over it! Even, soft and smooth.
 I think I remember reading that Victoria Beckham has an oily skin so I'm assuming this is also why she loved it so much.
 It does also work on a dry skin but you may need to build it a little more.

Great holiday take away product because of the three in one abilities but also nice to keep for the evening when you need to keep your makeup in place.

A 40ml tube is £30.00 and available on the following link..



  1. So sorry about David :) heheheheh
    is this really work? and ı wanna see any picture about it's view on the face...

  2. I really want to try this out! :)

  3. I really want to try this out x

  4. i really want to try it now!!! but 30 quid, HOLY MOLY

  5. This product looks amaze-balls I'm a little sad to see that it's a little pricey but I'd definitely be willing to fork out if it really is a miracle cream!

    Tsui Chung.
    Fashion Ganache.

  6. seems a tad expensive x

  7. This sounds great
    L x

  8. wow, completely got me once you said "With this I could apply and go straight in with my base makeup." i'm way too impatient when it comes to waiting for my primer to sink in.

  9. This looks lovely,wanna try it out:))

  10. I heard about this product somewhere before and really want to try it. This post makes me want to try it evenmore :)

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  11. I wish this was available in the US.


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  13. So going to try this out! thanks for sharing, beautiful post by beautiful girls!


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