Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Eve Lom Morning time cleanser

 I have been using this cleanser every morning for the last three months (it's still got loads left) and have loved it so much.
 As you may know if you follow our blog and tutorials we love balm cleansers. They get all the makeup products and dirt off in one cleanse whilst nourishing the skin and not stripping it of it's oils.
 Balm cleansers are then easily removed with a muslin cloth or flannel but this balm cleanser is a little different.
 The clue is in the name really...Morning time cleanser.
 In the evening I tend to slather on the products. It doesn't matter if my skin feels greasy as I'm off to bed anyway. In the mornings though I want to be able to wash my face and not feel like there is any residue left on my skin. This cleanser does exactly that. The balm feels so lightweight that you can rinse it off just like a wash off cleanser and don't even need to wipe over with a flannel or cloth. This is so handy because whenever I am away from home I hate carrying a flannel in my wash bag. Once they have been used they stay damp and make everything else in your case damp until you get home!
Use it straight onto dry skin, massage in all over even the eye lids and then rinse away. I also love the smell of this which may be an acquired taste. It contains clove oil. This is that kind of throat sweet smell but it is so fresh and soothing although a little medicinal smelling. Clove oil is in throat sweets to calm and reduce infection..it does the same in this cleanser making it a great choice for a problematic or sensitive skin. Eucalyptus acts as an antibacterial agent and papaya extract helps to brighten through gentle exfoliation. You can feel no exfoliation grit in this though, just pure balm gorgeousness.
Great for all skins but particularly beneficial to a combination, oily or problematic skin type.
It's not cheap at £40.00 for 125ml but like I mentioned, I have had it three months and have used it every morning with no end in sight!
Get hold of one from http://www.evelom.com



  1. This looks gorgeous - I'm looking for something different, I'm just about to finish my Sunday Riley Ceramic slip cleanser and this looks like a good replacement :)

    Lis x


  2. That sounds amazing!! very different to anything I've used before! x


  3. Never tried a balm cleanser. Will keep an eye out for this


  4. I have never seen or heard of this but I am definitely interested!


  5. It's a great product. I have had my cleanser for about 8 months and have used about three quarters. A little goes a long way.

  6. I've never seen this brand before but it sounds amazing!

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  7. Ive always wanted to try this cleanser out but the price tag has always held me back but hopefully one day ill try it out:)


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