Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Body Foundation

Vichy are a french brand who have always had a huge European following. They have a varied product range but are often mostly known for their camouflage makeup.
 You may have seen Nic using the Vichy corrective foundation stick in her acne covering tutorial she did a few years ago below.

We get asked a lot this time of year on good products to cover body blemishes, tattoo's etc so we wanted to share with you Vichy corrective body foundation.
 You would have heard us talk about MAC Face and Body foundation and Sally Hansen leg spray but this product is for extreme cover.

There are three colours available in this product which are light, medium and tan.

Each colour comes in a 100ml tube and has a thick cream texture. The colour is instant so you can see exactly where you are placing it.
This is tested and proven to have a 16 hour wear time, is sweat and water resistant (resistant, not waterproof) and once dry is transfer proof.
 It will cover moderate to major skin flaws, pigmentation, varicose veins, bruising, vitiligo, spider veins and old scarring. Don't use it on recent scarring or broken skin.
 The cream dries off to a matte, powdered finish which is great because you don't want unnecessary shine on areas you are trying to conceal.

Use a small amount and build the coverage by applying more as you need it. We found using a stippling brush to apply helped to buff the product in easily and avoid getting it all over your hands but if you want a heavier cover then apply using a sponge and dapple onto the skin, blending the edges away.
 Once this is dry it doesn't budge. I waited 5 minutes and then rubbed a white tissue over it. I had to really scrub at it with the tissue for there to be any transfer.
 If it rains it won't run or transfer but if you were to swim and then rub it then it's likely it would move.

 Before application ensure you have exfoliated and moisturised your skin well as it will cling to dryness and skin texture.

You may need to mix a couple of the colours together to achieve the perfect skin colour. The colours do tend to be slightly pinky.
We had the tan colour to test which came up around an NW40 if you are familiar with MAC colours.

 The colours do dry slightly darker.
Shame the colours do not cater for a darker skin tone also.
 They contain an SPF 15 but you still need to use your regular sun protection if you are laying out in the sun. This is great though to apply on top of your suncream if you are conscious of any skin flaws on the beach.

The results...
It gives you even skin tone and easily covers bruising and veins. It will cover tattoos but you will need to have a lot of patience covering it and layering it up. For very black tattoos you may want to add the concealer stick also for precise application.

This is normally £29.75 but has 33% off of it at the moment so is £19.83 from http://www.feelunique.com

All of the Dermablend has a discount on it at the moment over at Feel Unique so now is a good time to try it out.
Which products do you use on your body to conceal?


  1. i need this! x

  2. I've tried Dermablend, but I really prefer Kryolan's Dermacolor - longer lasting coverage and it's super waterproof.

  3. When I last saw a Vichy rep she covered by tattoo on my arm with the Dermablend sticks, it really is incredible stuff!

  4. This looks lovely - a great product for summer when we are bearing all the flesh!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  5. Great site for skin care tips. I think any one can get help for skin care from this site. great work kip it up. thanks.


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