Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne for MAC

This week kicked off with a trip to Selfridges, London to preview the launch of MAC's latest collaboration with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne.

 Nestled into a side room in the depths of Selfridges we were seated awaiting the arrival of Sharon and Kelly.
 In true"Faaabulous" style we were greeted with champagne served in an Alice in Wonderland style goblet.
  Introductions began from MAC's global president Karen Buglisi who also then introduced us to Kelly and Sharon's make up artists John Stapleton and Neil Young.

Kelly and Sharon arrived and sat along side two models with whom John and Neil were to recreate  looks from the collection on.

 Neil began to talk about the collection and described it as a subtle, timeless collection which would suit every demographic. He speaks of how the palettes are a wardrobe of colour which would take you from morning to night by simply intensifying the colours.

Kelly, who's iconic lavender quiff which inspired the collection colours spoke about why she picked certain shades.
 Kelly loved working with the MAC colour pigment team in New York picking the shades. She wanted it to have a smouldering nod to Bridgette Bardot but in tones which everybody could wear.
 She loves a nude lipstick and the nude lipstick (Riothouse) in her collection has a higher level of peach pigment to warm the undertones. She tested it on her friends of varying skin tones to ensure it suited all.
 The names of her products all have personal meanings and reflect words that would appeal to both UK and America (she lives between both countries).
With product names such as 'cheeky bugger' she says she was amazed she was even allowed to name them at all!
The lipstick in Riothouse she named after the venue on Sunset strip LA where all the music legends such as Led Zeppelin and The Doors would party during the 70's.

The eyeshadow quad from Kelly, called Bloody Brilliant consists of cool toned shades. A pearl highlighter, mink, ice pink and re-promote colour shadowy lady. These colours look particularly beautiful on a blue or green eye and amazing on a fair skin tone.

The lipsticks as mentioned are a matte peach and a lavender. These can be dabbed on the lips if you're a little nervous of the colour or go bold and layer it up.The peach will cling if you have dry lips so be sure to exfoliate beforehand.

 We loved the Lavender lipstick. So unusual but it just works and suits all skin tones. Give it a try, don't be put of by just looking at it.

There is a brow duo in the collection as Kelly is a huge fan of good brows. 

Unusual colour choice of a sandy gold which has a slight satin finish and a matte smokey grey/brown. Use the gold to create a lightness to the brow at the arch and also perfect for creating an ombre brow.

We also tested the eyeshadow quad from Sharon (red packaging to match Sharon's hair).

  This palette would probably appeal to more people and is slightly more wearable for every day. A peach highlighter, rust peach mid tone shade and amazing sepia toned colour which blend through the socket to create an even blend from light to dark. The darkest colour is a re-promote of embark which is a rich chocolate brown.
 There was a question and answer session with Kelly and Sharon. Nic asked them what their favourite era of make up was and who their makeup idols were.
 Sharon said she loved the effortless style of the 40's because she feels it still translates into today's style. She is loving the style of Cate Blanchett at the moment.
 Kelly is a fan of the 50's and old Hollywood glamour. Her ultimate icon is Liza Minnelli.
I asked them if they felt they altered their style depending on which country they are in. They both said that they hate to conform to a certain look and always wear their style with confidence and not follow the crowd. Kelly said that when she is trying out a new style or look she prefers to test the water in the UK as she feels it's more acceptable to try out something crazy here.

Both Sharon and Kelly were so lovely and personable. We hope the collection is a great success for them.
Stacey and Sharon
Nic and Kelly

 The collection is available now for a limited time.



  1. Me gusta más la colección de Sharon, me parece más práctica para usar a diario.

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  2. Sharon's palette looks divine! however can I justify buying it when I have about a million other eyeshadows that are exactly the same......uh yes! :)

    Lis x

  3. I've always been a fan of Kelly Osbournes makeup, she always looks so pretty! I think i'll be having a purchase :-)
    Jennifers Journal | Check out my giveaway! X

  4. I can not wait to get my hands on some of these bits! The packaging looks so cute,

    Laura xx

  5. I'm really hoping you're going to use the lavendar lipstick in a tutorial soon! xx

  6. OMG that alice in wonderland style goblet! Love it and the make up too of course :)

  7. I bought Kelly's lipstick in Dodgy Girl (The lavender one) and I love it! I've worn it so far with tan and no tan on and it suits me either way, so beautiful! I added Macs Magenta lip liner to make it look more like Heroine on occasion too!

  8. really excited about this! x

  9. I really think I'm going to get the lilac palette. Not something I would normally go for but lilac is my favorite color and a girl can treat herself every now and then right lol! I saw the 'hello beautiful' too about a month ago. I sent it to friends of mine, I'm so romantic haha :)

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait drawings)

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