Friday, 27 June 2014

Serenity Dead Sea Bath salt

The Dead sea is on our bucket list of places to visit but in the meantime we will close our eyes and relax in a nice warm bath full of Serenity Dead sea salts and pretend we are there!

We have been hearing about the benefits of dead sea salts for ages.
Sourced from the Jordan rift valley these salts have long been recommended by doctors and dermatologists for their skin soothing and relaxing benefits. 
 The high level of magnesium in the salts helps to cleanse the skin and relieve many skin disorders. Dry skin, dermatitis and psoriasis are soothed and moisturised whilst the natural minerals penetrate deep into the skin to moisturise and nourish.
Bathing in a warm bath of these salts will increase circulation helping to eliminate toxins as well as relaxing stressed muscles.
Great for people who suffer from arthritis or joint stiffness as the calcium and potassium reduce joint inflammation.
 A friend of ours often suffers from gynaecological issues and finds bathing in dead sea salts soothes and calms.
Depending on what you are treating Serenity recommend using different amounts in your bath.
 Use one cap full for relaxation or two cap full amounts for skin disorders or muscular conditions.

The grains will melt away in the water and after soaking for 30 minutes you'll instantly notice the softening effect they have on your skin.

Serenity dead sea salts come in a huge 1kg tub priced at £7.50.
I have transferred mine into a beautiful china pot in the bathroom to make it feel even more luxurious when I pour it in!

Get hold of yours from



  1. Good post!Xx

  2. Sólo con el nombre y en envase ya dan ganas de relajarse :)

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  3. Gotta get some of this! Sounds great :)

  4. i always use bath salts as they draw out toxins from your skin and soothe aching muscles. never used this brand though and need to try it out :) x

  5. Would love to give it a go. It sounds fab!

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  6. great price! x

  7. This sounds great.
    L x

  8. Thankyouu so much, it looks great. Already recommending it to my dad :)) xxx

  9. This sounds magical, one of my Mom's dermatologists has also recommended dead sea products for anti-ageing purpose !

  10. Sounds lovely, I absolutely love baths with epsom salt, but I should definitely switch it up to some dead sea salt.

  11. Have just run out of bath salts and at that price I'm definitely getting this next!

  12. I had a dead sea clay mask a while back and it did wonders for my skin! It's on my travel list as well but so is everywhere else in the world!! I usually use bath bombs in my baths but maybe it's time to try something new


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