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Purifyne Juice Cleanse

So we were recently approached by Purifyne to sample their juice cleanse detox. Nic and I (Stacey) were keen to give it a go. What we liked about Purifyne was that all of their juices are made from cold pressed, organic ingredients. They contain no added sugar or preservatives. Purifyne have the Soil association seal certifying all the ingredients are 100% organic.
 Each juice is raw and unpasteurised ensuring all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are not destroyed in the process.
If a juice detox is something you think you might like to try but are concerned if it is suitable for you then do check with your GP first.
 Before you begin Purifyne will ask you to select which of their juice options you feel would work for you depending on what outcome you would like. They then go through a health and medical form with you to ensure you qualify for a juice detox based on your answers.
  We took a browse through the purifyne site. On initial browse there seemed to be so many options and we were confused as to which would be best for us. One of the options included a pre wedding detox which I'm sure would be popular.
 We opted for the Juices til' dinner cleanse Plan B. This is a three day course.
We settled on this particular one because it fitted really easily into our schedule and seemed a pretty simple introduction to juicing.
 We haven't gone into this with expectations of extreme results or weigh loss but purely to see how a three day juice detox affects our skin, mind, body and anything additional that we notice.

 Day one: Wednesday 18th June

Our cool bags arrived nice and early ready for our breakfast juice (the delivery man was pretty hot we thought, fingers crossed you get him too!)


 Inside were nine 500ml juices in total (three for each day). These juices have a use by date on them of 4 days so you need to start your juice detox on the same day you receive it or at least the next day so don't order in advance thinking you can start in 2 weeks time.
There was also a bottle of spicy lemonade included for a little treat!
Included also are a few sachets of powder supplements. These are Liver support capsules, green super foods supplement, colosan powder and some Pu'erh tea bags.

 Thankfully also included is a step by step guide on what you have to do because I would have no's all a bit technical!

 So here goes....
With this particular cleanse (juices til' dinner) you have a glass of warm water with lemon when you wake up to help flush through any toxins built up over night.

  • Mix a little of the colosan powder with 1/4 of my first juice which is called Morning Liver bliss juice.
The colosan powder looks particularly dodgy in it's sachet, don't attempt to travel anywhere with this in your bag!.
The colosan powder is a compound of magnesium and oxygen. It helps detoxify the digestive tract, cleanses the colon, improves bowel movement and has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.
 You are meant to drink some lemon or lime juice after to enhance the effect but I didn't have any to hand.
  • 1st Juice-Morning Liver Bliss
Contains carrot (52%), apple (34%), beetroot (9%) and ginger (5%).
Even though the beetroot and ginger are in the smallest quantities it's definitely what I can taste the most. Do I like the taste...not really but that's because I'm not crazy about beetroot.
 500ml is a lot to drink if you don't love the taste but none the less I get on with it because it's good for me (that's what my mum would say). Make sure it's cold as it does improve the taste.

  • After finishing this juice I had to wait 30 minutes and then take a flat level teaspoon of the superfoods supplement with water. Knock it back like a shot and then take two of the liver support capsules.
The Green superfood supplement contains concentrated amout of uber good for you ingredients!
It helps to balance alkaline in the body and benefit a healthy immune function. It supports the digestive system and provides 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables.

The liver support capsules are a blend of dandelion root powder, burdock root powder and garlic bulb among other ingredients. It helps cleanse and support the liver.

2nd Juice
I felt like having something fresher for my next juice at lunchtime. I went for the cool mint juice. This contains pineapple (47%), cucumber (32%), mint (11%) and fennel (10%).
 Tasted better than the 1st but the overwhelming taste is cucumber. Don't feel hungry at all yet but I am struggling to get this much juice down me!
 Have also been to the toilet double the usual amount I would have do to the extra fluid.

3rd Juice
This is a lime green juice containing cucumber (47%), celery (31%), spinach (12%), lime (5%), lemon (5%)
I fancied something without ginger (which most seem to have). This was quite earthy tasting but because of the high ingredients of celery and cucumber it was also quite watery so easy to drink.

So now for your evening meal you can have a healthy meal but Purifyne recommend having it before 6pm to ensure you digest it before sleeping.
 I had a prawn stir fry for my evening meal.

How do I feel after day one...actually fine and not too hungry. I thought I would feel grumpy and starving but I didn't. I even managed an hour of circuit training after my evening meal and didn't pass out!

Day Two Thursday 19th June

Awoke absolutely starving with a rumbling tummy. Did the same routine as yesterday with the Morning liver bliss juice and supplements. I brought myself some straws as I was finding it difficult to drink them from the bottle or a cup. At least through the straw I seem to suck it up quicker and not taste the flavour until I stop sucking!

2nd Juice
Bright green containing apple (39%), celery (27%), spring green (12%), spinach (11%), lemon (7%), ginger (4%)

3rd Juice
Pure Green containing cucumber (41%), celery (28%), spinach (11%), kale (9%), lime (4%), lemon (4%), ginger (3%)

By the afternoon of today I was starving. Might have something to do with being able to smell bacon cooking outside my window! I was literally counting down the minutes until I can leave work and go home for my dinner. I felt fine, no headaches or grumpiness yet but I did feel freezing cold all day when everyone else was boiling hot! Maybe I'm just coming down with something. I also found it harder to concentrate this afternoon.
For my evening meal I had a steak salad.

Day Three 20th June

Awoke this morning feeling hungry and not sure if I could push on with another day but the thought that it was the last day gives you light at the end of the tunnel. I weighed myself this morning and have lost 3lb's since Wednesday! I have been eating clean and exercising lots leading up to my juice cleanse but my weight loss had plateaued. This has definitely given those last few pounds the push!
Again the same morning supplements and liver bliss juice to kick start the day.

2nd Juice

Thrive containing carrot (52%), apple (41%), ginger (7%).
This was actually my favourite of the juices. I think the colour (orange) made it more appealing to drink and it wasn't so earthy tasting.

3rd Juice

Green Supreme containing apple (38%), cucumber (27%), kale (12%), spinach (11%), lemon (7%), ginger (5%).

The daddy of superfoods with both kale and spinach. Actually tastes really refreshing and the lemon gives it a nice citrus zing. Boy did it revive my energy levels. Lovely little afternoon boost.

Feeling proud that I have made it to day three!

For my evening meal I had Salmon, sweet potato, asparagus and kale.

My Evaluation of the three days

Three days was perfect for me. I don't think I could have done it for any longer. Day one I was excited to be trialing the juices, day two was tough but you can at least say it finishes tomorrow and day three you know it's the end!

 To be honest I struggled to get a whole 500ml down me. I sipped it for hours, keeping it in the fridge in between to stop it getting warm.
 Some of the juices I didn't like the taste of and some where bearable. That of course is just my taste, you may love them all.
 I found the flavours I liked best were the ones with fruit in the highest proportion rather than vegetables. Maybe it's just psychologically easier to drink fruits rather than vegetables.
 My skin did look radiant and I visited the toilet more frequently than normal! Energy levels were high and I never felt tired or feint although a little distracted (mainly by thoughts of food!).
The extra bonus is that I lost 3lb in 3 days!. I have been really healthy eating for the last 5 weeks so have been steadily losing weight (11lb in total now) but it's never come off this quickly before. Will it go back on..I don't think so because I will still continue to healthy eat and exercise so hopefully I will continue to loose but I think if you were to eat a load of rubbish in the following weeks then of course you will definitely put it back on.

Would I do it again? For a quick fix, special occasion or after over indulging then yes, otherwise I feel I wouldn't really need to as I personally am quite strict with my diet. Not because I didn't like the results but simply because I run every other day, go to boot camp and generally work a lot so I feel like I do need healthy meals throughout the day to keep me focused and not thinking about my rumbling tummy. Plus I love food!
 Having seen exactly what goes into the juices I also think I could recreate them myself at home really simply although I wouldn't have the booster supplements (or the encouragement from the purifyne team). If anything it did educate me on what ingredients go with what to create a healthy juice.
 What is great about these juice plans though is that it's convenient, easy to follow, short time frames so you don't feel the need to cheat and it's all done for you. Purifyne also email you daily with little encouraging tips on other things to try during your day. If you are someone who needs to be told what's good for you and when to have it and have an event coming up such as a wedding or holiday then go for it.

It's not cheap so if you are wanting to do it then the price will make you persevere with it! There are loads of different plans you can order ranging from £89 up to £700 so be sure to have a good read of the different options. Our Juices til' bedtime over 3 days would normally cost £299.

Purifyne have three different delivery destinations...London, nationwide and international. They have a very detailed delivery information page on their site which will pin point to the exact time you can expect to receive your order and the costings so check that out.

For all information on Purifyne and picking your juice head over to

Thanks to the purifyne team for giving us the opportunity to trial the juices.



  1. Sounds interesting! I'd love to do a juice cleanse, it's just a shame they are usually so expensive! Lilly xx

  2. I believe there are so many other types of liquid cleansers that I would give this a miss. I have personally done them and they have worked about the same, loosing from 3 to 5 lbs. in three to four days time. This type of cleansing is a lot cheaper and works as well. I also prefer this way because spices are incorporated into the liquids and give it a zing of flavor. But your way is nice because it's all ready to go in bottles so no fuss.

  3. I think for those prices I'll make my own. :-)

  4. I've been dying to try a juice cleanse! Not sure how I'll stomach it but definitely want to give it a go.


  5. I like the idea but it's just too expensive when I'm not really sure whether it will work with me. Great review though :)

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

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