Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pure Lochside Capsule Collection

Here in the UK it's festival season. This may mean something different depending on where in the world you are from but here it means music, cider and tent living!
We always head to our local festival in July called Latitude and this year we will definitely be packing this capsule skin care collection to take with us.
 Space saving products are essential and this box of tricks takes up no space.

Pure Lochside is a brand which usually frequents the spa's of luxury destinations such as the Urban Retreat in Harrods, The Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh and Fairmont St Andrews hotel and spa...and now our tent in a muddy field. 

What's included...

Organic Orange cleansing oil-15ml
Cleansing oils are the best types to lift all of your makeup and waterproof mascara off with ease. A little goes a long way so massage a few drops all over the face and use the muslin cloth which comes in the set to remove.
This feels so comfortable on the skin without drenching it in oil and smells amazing, almost like chocolate orange! This can also be doubled up as a gentle shaving oil if you don't have access to water!
Contains vitamin E along with organic mandarin and apricot oil. Great for all skin types for a quick nutritious cleanse.

Pure Face Serum-15ml
Regenerating serum which feels quite rich. Might be a little heavy for an oily/combination skin but for a dry/dehydrated or ageing skin this would be great. Contains organic Argan oil, vitamin E, Retinol Palmitate (vitamin A) all carried in Frankincense oil.

There are three smaller capsules in the collection...

Orange and Echinacea Toner-3ml
This toner is lovely to use after the cleansing oil. It removes any excess oil left and leaves the skin clean and dry. I don't love the scent of Echinacea but it's a great basic toner for all skin types.

Organic Skin Refiner-3ml
Exfoliant and mask made from organic Scottish oats. Mix with a little water or even the cleansing oil and massage over the face. This is a very abrasive exfoliator and ensure your skin is damp to avoid a scratchy feel. Good for a dry skin but maybe too abrasive for a sensitive or blemish prone skin type.
 Leave on for 5 minutes for a hydrating natural mask.

Soothe daily face oil- 5ml
Our favourite product in the kit. We would use this oil at night to calm and soothe the skin. Rich in omega oils and rose and Neroli essential oils.
 If you have been out in the sunshine the Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender will soothe and calm.
 If you have dry skin you could even mix a little of this with your foundation for a moisturised sheen.

This kit is perfect for weekends away, festival or just to keep in your travel washbag.
This capsule kit is £48.50 and available from www.purelochside.com



  1. Oo interesting post as I've never heard of this brand before X

  2. I already came accross this brand, but never try it! I 'm a natural beauty lover so, I guess i should give a try sometimes soon!x

  3. great post! x


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