Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Murad Skincare

Now we try our absolute hardest to avoid wipes BUT if you are camping or at a festival this summer then we think it's allowed in the short term.
Often the people who have problematic skin are usually the ones who take the best care of their skin because they have to in order to keep it under control. If your skin is blemish prone then it's so important to be cleansing your skin correctly however if you must have a weekend off when access to your regime is limited then check out these wipes from Murad.


They are clarifying wipes specifically for a problematic skin. They contain witch hazel and algae extract to help control oil grape seed extract and vitamin E to protect.
 Packaged in a foil lined packet to retain moisture which includes 30 wipes.
 These wipes remind me of the smell of throat sweets (which I love!) Very citrus based. The wipes feel cool and a little tingly on the skin and are saturated enough to remove all makeup and dirt.
A pack is £9.95.

I have also been using checking out the Murad primers. I never realised they even did them!
  They have two different ones depending on the finish you prefer your base to have.One is a matte finish, the other is a dewy finish.

Both primers are oil free so great for all skin types. They both have exactly the same ingredients with three exceptions. The matte finisher primer has a higher proportion of silica than the dewy finish which acts an oil absorbent. The dewy finish primer has an ingredient called isohexadecane which is not present in the matte primer. This ingredient is basically a thickener which gives a silky, soft finish. This is why this primer will feel more luminous than the matte primer. The dewy finish has a slightly different colourant ingredient.
The subtle tint in each primer help to even out the skin tone naturally.
 It's really nice to have a primer which gives you an option of finishes to the skin.
Both primers helped in improving longevity of the foundation and both photographed well.
 Each primer is £29.00.

Check out Murad's products over on their site



  1. My everyday cleanser is a murad one and I love it!
    alicekatex ♥

  2. sounds great x

  3. The dewy finish primer sounds lovely!

  4. Genuinely good thanks, I do believe your trusty audience would probably want a great deal more blog posts of this nature maintain the good hard work.

  5. My wife used to have this skincare product. She always raved about it.
    Skin Care Clinic

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