Friday, 13 June 2014

Label M Colour powder spray

Having met Sharon and Kelly Osbourne in the week we felt envious of their coloured locks. Their beautiful lavender and scarlet hair looked amazing however not something we would ever be able to maintain!

If you fancy testing the water before you take the plunge for a new dramatic hair colour then check out these powder hair sprays from Label M.

These sprays are sold individually in 150ml at £9.95 however they also come as a pack of four in 50ml for £15.00.
 These sprays allow you the colour without the commitment. Simply hold 20cm from the area you would like to colour and spritz onto the hair. Leave it a few minutes to dry off and if you want to tone the colour down slightly just brush the colour out gently.
The colour will wash out when you next wash your hair so probably wouldn't perform well in the rain!
We tested these on blonde and dark brown hair and found the colour pigment was strong and vibrant in both. It did make our hair feel quite dry though so you may just want to use it in sections rather than a block colour all over. It also looked smoother and more even once it was brushed through.

We got a bit carried away and sampled all four colours! From left- blue, red, pink, purple

 The pink wasn't quite as strong on brown hair but very vibrant in blonde hair!

A bit of fun for the summer or a festival (providing it doesn't rain). Colours washed out with no staining.
Spray in a well ventilated room as it does get in the back of your throat!
Also be aware if you are ordering online from overseas as they can't be shipped due to mail restrictions on aerosols.



  1. This reminds me of old school hair mascara!

  2. Royal mail WILL confiscate ALL aerosol packages! Found this out to my annoyance last week :-(

  3. Everyone at work keeps telling me to get pink put in my hair but I'd be too scared, this is the perfect way to test it out!


  4. Pretty colours, great way to test out colour in your hair!

  5. Love of the colour selection! Looks great for festivals etc :)

    Melissa x
    The Inked Blonde

  6. Hi,
    Have been watching a lot on your yuotube-channel the last couple of days since I've been sick :(
    Have two things on my wishlist; 1) your favourites of each type of product ex. mascara, foundation, concealer etc. 2) If you can show a picture when you do celebrity make ups since I don't always know who they are (nor from the UK).
    Absolutely love your videos!

    1. Hi, we recently did a favourites video so be sure to check them out. We don't usually have a picture of the celebrity we are re-creating as we work from looking at them online. Pop their name into your search engine though and they will come up.x

  7. great for fesitvals! x

  8. Your blog is amazing! I LOVE your design and how informative it is! Everything is GREAT!
    Those are great for festivals!
    would you like to follow each other?

    Will be happy to see you in my blog! x

  9. This sounds a lot better than hair chalk. Bit pricey but would love to try

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

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  12. They look fun 👍


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