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Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual skin enhancer

Get your base right and everything else falls into place we think. If a flawless base is your thing then you must check out these beauties!

Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer is a multi purpose product which can be worked to give a sheer finish or built to give you a covering that is so full you look like you have been photo shopped.

There are a huge sixteen shades to choose from ranging from the fairest porcelain white to a deep dark rich tone.
15 out of the 16 shades
Don't be fooled by the numbering system though, these do not really go up from lightest to darkest by ascending number.  I know this does make picking your shade difficult especially as SpaceNK stores are so far and few (please come to Norwich SpaceNK). What the SpaceNK online site does have though is a great online chat advisor. You can speak with them and get product and colour advice. They are very good at helping you narrow your choice by telling them about your skin and it's colourings.

This pot holds 18g of creamy product which is so unbelievably thick you literally use the smallest amount.
 We love to use it mainly as a concealer. Apply a dot the size of a pin head and using a firm brush push and dab it into the area you want to conceal. It erases the redness out of the blemish instantly making it blend with your skin and if you use it around the eyes dark circles are concealed with ease. Be especially careful using around the eyes as it will knock out the colour but if you have texture around the eyes i.e fine lines, crows feet then it will settle into them if you use too much.

It's a very rich, creamy texture so it will have a slight dewy radiance to it. If that's not your thing then dust over a powder to matte it down.
 If you are using this as your concealer then you'll be lucky to get through a pot in a year, it lasts forever.

We have recently been wearing this as our foundation also. You can do this by mixing a small amount with your regular moisturiser and buff over the face with your foundation brush. You can alter the amount you mix depending on the cover you like but mixing a small amount (grain of rice size) will give you a sheer but amazingly flawless finish. Skin has a natural dewy finish and looks like you have a totally flawless even skin tone. You can always then build cover in specific areas if you need to.
 If you are in to contouring your face opt for a darker shade and use to contour.

Kevyn Aucoin also have a skin primer which works really well with the sensual skin enhancer. The primer called The primed skin developer comes in normal/dry and normal/oily.

 These can be used as a serum under your moisturiser or mixed with the sensual skin enhancer. Packed full of hyaluronic acid these help to hydrate and plump the skin whilst helping to control your particular skin type.
 When mixing with these primers the skin looks fresh and flawless.

The sensual skin enhancers are £38.00 each and the primed skin developers are £55.00 each.

You can get both from



  1. I have always wanted to try these but since they aren't available in India online purchasing are my only options! I think #8 should work well for NC 40? Definitely trying this out! Thanks so much for the swatches!


  2. I've always been intrigued by these, they sound lovely and the shade range is great :) Great post.

    Lis x

  3. Such a good detailed post! Sounds interesting Xx

  4. I have these and I have to say there is a learning curve on this one but once you learn how to use it this product can be amazing

  5. That sounds amazing as a concealer, lasting for a year is definitely something I'm up for! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  6. I m dying to try these. But, not sure about the shade as I will have to buy it online. Which shade do you think should work for NC40 in MAC foundations?

  7. These look amazing , definitely worth the splurge if it lasts that long!

  8. What color do you all wear (when you are not fake tanning)? ;) My coloring is very similar to Sam's. Thank you.


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