Thursday, 5 June 2014

Favourite tanning products of the moment

It's that time of year again when we have to get our pale limbs out! We wanted to give you a run down of what is our tanning faves at the moment.

He-Shi Tan....
Good for newbies, pale skin and those with more time.

This is Sam's most favourite tan of the moment. It's really great for pale skins that want a tan without looking crazy brown. It comes in a darker shade also if you already have a base colour or are naturally olive toned. This also fades naturally rather than going patchy.
 It's really easy to use (please use a mitt) and the best doesn't smell of that horrid biscuit like scent.
Prices start from £14.00 and there are tons of varieties from wash off daily tanners to liquids and mousses and shimmer lotions.

Madame LA LA Tan...
Good for people with no time who normally hate the smell of tan and have sensitive skin.

Firstly the Madame LA LA tan website is great. It is great to have choice but sometimes there are so many tan options it's mind blowing and we are seasoned tanners! This brand has two products which is a mousse in light or the basic tan..perfect!
This tan is great for people on the go as it works in 3 hours. Sometimes you just don't have time to wait 8 hours! Also this smells like coconut sun tan lotion so reminds us of laying on a beach!
 It's infused with Aloe Vera and cocoa water so great for sensitive skins.
 Gives a lovely natural golden tan and because it is tinted you can see exactly where you are applying. This tan is £36.00 for a 200ml bottle.

Clinique Self Tan Tinted body lotion....
Good for people who don't like staining tans.

You may not want to apply a tan which fades over a few days so on days when you just need a quick hit of colour this is our go to instant tanner.
 OK so doesn't smell amazing but this lotion is super moisturising and gives a beautiful radiant gold tone. Not too deep in colour so would work best on a fairer skin. Perfect for when you just want a tint to your skin that you can was off in the evening. Tinted so you can see where you're applying but give this a good 15 minutes before dressing. Comes in light/medium and medium deep. There is also one especially for the face which has a gel texture so great for all skin types. Prices start at £17.50.

Elemis Total glow bronzing body lotion....
Good for people who want to have control and build their tan over a period of days.

This gradual tanning lotion in a massive 200ml tube is great to use to build your tan. Apply daily in place of your normal body lotion and gradually each day you will become more tanned. Perfect to use leading up to the summer or a holiday and also great to use after your holiday to keep tan moisturised and even. Smells really nice and clean and also has the benefit of Green tea and Red Algae extract to condition dry skin. This also comes in one especially for the face although this contains Shea butter and did feel quite greasy. Not the best option for an oily skin but great on a normal/dry skin.
 Just don't forget to wash your hands afterwards to avoid detection! This is £34.50.

Vita Liberata Skin finishing....
Good for people with uneven skin tone or who like a luminous sun kissed skin.

These lotions are great if you just want a subtle sheen to the skin. They come in 5 shade options each with a different tone of reflecting pigments. Some are slightly tinted to give a sun kissed finish and others just have luminous pigments to create a radiant sheen.
They also contain an SPF25 so great to wear on the skin in the sun (although should not replace normal sun protection).
These are £29.95 and come in a 30ml pump action bottle.

What are you favourite tan products and why?



  1. If there is one thing I wouldn't need is tanning lotion! I almost burn in summer thanks to the heat in India!

    New Chanel Les Beiges Multi Color No. 02 review | TheConscienceFund

  2. Love this post. I just purchased St Tropez mousse but haven't tried it yet. Will have to try some of these!

    1. St.tropez is great! Famous Dave's tanning mousse is great too, colour guide and you get brown fast - and not orange because of something based on ph levels (?) :)

  3. These sound amazing! My favourite tanning product is Letan's Foaming mousse! So light and doesn't leave streaks. It looks just like a natural sun tan!

    Kimmiberry | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle xo

  4. This is so helpful. I now feel more inspired to venture in to fake tan land again, rather than just blinding people with my white legs. Thanks ladies xxx

  5. All your posts are so helpful!
    I just put up a 'What's In My Makeup Bag' post, check it out :) x

  6. So Glad of this post i've been looking for a good bit of tan lol!
    Michelle x

  7. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to fake tanning. I picked up the Dove Summer Glow today because I heard some good stories about it, and it's not very drastic to begin with. I'm excited to see the results tomorrrow!

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait drawings)

  8. these all look great! x

  9. A lot of people seem to rave about the he-shi tanner and I'd like to give it a go. Self tanner seems to boost confidence, especially in the summer when you want to get your legs out x

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