Monday, 16 June 2014

Eucerin Intensive Lotion

Guys we had to pop a post up on this lotion from Eucerin. It's been around for a long time however this is the first time we had purchased.

There are a ton of different lotions available within the range but this one above is particularly amazing for a severely dry skin. As well as treating a general dry skin it is also a great remedy for eczema, flaky skin, thickened skin, cracked skin and dermatitis.
 It contains an ingredient called Urea, which is a natural moisturiser within the skin. Urea levels in a severely dry skin are often reduced so by applying this lotion you are building the levels back up.
This is fragrance free so don't expect any fancy scent, it literally just does what it says on the tin. Does contain a low level of mineral oil though so for those put of by mineral please note this. We would never recommend it for the face.

Even though it's for dry skin it's not a ridiculously thick cream but a nice refreshing lotion. The best thing about this is that after application it leaves your skin looking like a mannequins skin!! So smooth and plumped with a moisturised sheen, literally you have plastic looking limbs!
 Great for everyday and will be coming on holiday with us this year to combat dry skin in the heat.

Available from at £13.50 for 250ml. It's also on 3 for 2 in Boots at the time of this post!



  1. This sounds like a treat for super dry skin! Im going to be on a lookout for this!

    TheConscienceFund| Bloglovin'

  2. I'd love to try this for my legs they are so dry and itchy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So, can I use it on my face or not? I have dermatitits and my forehead is awfully dry and flaky. Thanks!

    1. Google the range and see if they have anything specifically for the face maybe? As stated they said would not recommend for face but you really need to investigate yourself too. I'm sure there would be a face cream in this range or similar. Have a mooch x

  4. I get this free on prescription (i live in Scotland) because of my dry scaly shins, it's great stuff. There's a Eucerin cream with urea that you can get for your face, it's available in boots.

  5. This sounds great, I always suffer from dry itchy skin on my hands and elbows in summer which drives me crazy and gives me scaly fake tan!
    - Grace x

  6. great price! x

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  8. Actually, it IS what you think it is. Or derived from it .It is also an ingredient in many products, and nothing to be grossed out about. This stuff is indeed amazing - as is the one for your face. People living in the US can buy it at any drugstore.

  9. I use Eucerin when my skin's really bad and it definitely helps!


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  11. I use this lotion and I love it! You don't have to have dry skin to use it. I also use the Daily Protection moisturizing face lotion with SPF 30. It's glides on well and not greasy.


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