Tuesday, 24 June 2014

By Terry Hyaluronic Summer

In the summer months as our skin starts to get a warmth to it we prefer to use less of a base. Also you may find the foundation colour you have been using throughout the year is now starting to look a little ashy or pale as your skin catches the sun.
 We have been testing out By Terry Hyaluronic Summer and love the results.

This product feels like a lightweight foamy mousse and it's purpose is to naturally give a sun kissed tint to the skin. Rather than a liquid tint that gives a greasy finish or strong tint this foam blends into the skin quickly with a totally matte texture and finish.
 This product won't give you any coverage but will just softly tint your skin and even skin texture and tone.
 The secret weapon in this product is the hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic is fast becoming a key ingredient in so many products and it is basically a water holding molecule. It acts like a moisture magnet providing skin hydration and plumpness, smoothing out fine lines. It holds over a 1000 times it's weight in water and helps stimulate collagen production.

This product comes in three colours of fair, medium and ultra tan depending on the depth of colour you prefer.
There are a few ways to use this.....
  • Apply your moisturiser and buff hyaluronic summer over the face for a natural sun kissed tint. Perfect for days when you don't want to wear foundation.
  • Apply your moisturiser, mix a little of this with your foundation on the back of your hand and then buff over. Perfect if you just need to warm your winter foundation up to bring it into summer.
  • Apply your moisturiser, foundation and then just softly buff this onto the high points of the face and over the nose to create a genuine tint where the sun would catch.
It is suitable for all skin types and particularly nice on an oily or combination skin as it has a total matte texture. It blends in like a second skin and can also be built up.

An amazing secret weapon in any summer makeup bag. This is £45.00 and available from http://goo.gl/lQuvjt



  1. By Terry products are always super exclusive! and super expensive too! This sounds like a great tan option though for that price... oops!


  2. i find this a bit too expensive x


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