Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Andrew Barton Hair Brushes

As you will know if you follow our tutorials is that we are often colouring our hair. We like to change our hair every so often and this usually results in the use of chemicals and heat which ravage our hair.
 We were really excited to try these new hairbrushes from Andrew Barton.

The gel grip radial brush with the blue handle feels amazing. The gel handle moulds to the shape of your hand making it easy to grip, especially if you have really knotty hair. The pins of the brush are also anti bacterial making this the perfect brush for small children.

The Natural cushion brush is a mix of natural and nylon bristles. The natural bristles help to distribute the hairs natural oils by smoothing the hair cuticle and minimise snapping. The nylon bristles help with ridding the hair of knots. This also comes in a round radial brush which helps create shape and natural curl to the hair when blow drying.

The brush we were most excited to see was the Moroccan Argan oil infused paddle brush. The Argan oil has been infused into the bristles of the brush. As you run the brush through your hair the oil is meant to be released and condition the hair.
The oil helps to calm fizz and promote shine and softness.
We couldn't really feel the oil on the bristles or notice that the hair had the feel of an oil in it so it must be the tiniest amount which coats the hair. Not sure where the oil is released from in the bristles and we were worried over time it would become less effective as surely the oil must run out? Paddle brushes by nature do help to smooth the hair though so great for fly away ends and at £8.00 it's not hugely expensive for a good quality paddle brush.
 Any oil which does coat the hair is super natural and minimal so don't worry about your hair looking greasy.

All of these brushes and more are available from Asda



  1. The argan oil one sounds really interesting! Would be nice to have it over time, and it's a great price too!

  2. These sound amazing! I definitely want to try these and they are so reasonably priced! And I love gel gripped brushes so this is perfect!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  3. Why on earth would anyone need antibacterial bristles in a hairbrush?

  4. these sound great! Really cheap too x

  5. an oil infused brush... interesting

  6. Definitely intrigued by the oil one but I agree that at some point it must run out!

  7. love the sound of the argan oil brush ! :)
    Melissa xo | The Inked Blonde

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