Friday, 27 June 2014

Serenity Dead Sea Bath salt

The Dead sea is on our bucket list of places to visit but in the meantime we will close our eyes and relax in a nice warm bath full of Serenity Dead sea salts and pretend we are there!

We have been hearing about the benefits of dead sea salts for ages.
Sourced from the Jordan rift valley these salts have long been recommended by doctors and dermatologists for their skin soothing and relaxing benefits. 
 The high level of magnesium in the salts helps to cleanse the skin and relieve many skin disorders. Dry skin, dermatitis and psoriasis are soothed and moisturised whilst the natural minerals penetrate deep into the skin to moisturise and nourish.
Bathing in a warm bath of these salts will increase circulation helping to eliminate toxins as well as relaxing stressed muscles.
Great for people who suffer from arthritis or joint stiffness as the calcium and potassium reduce joint inflammation.
 A friend of ours often suffers from gynaecological issues and finds bathing in dead sea salts soothes and calms.
Depending on what you are treating Serenity recommend using different amounts in your bath.
 Use one cap full for relaxation or two cap full amounts for skin disorders or muscular conditions.

The grains will melt away in the water and after soaking for 30 minutes you'll instantly notice the softening effect they have on your skin.

Serenity dead sea salts come in a huge 1kg tub priced at £7.50.
I have transferred mine into a beautiful china pot in the bathroom to make it feel even more luxurious when I pour it in!

Get hold of yours from


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Nudestix Eye Pencil

We wanted to celebrate another set of sisters and show you Nudestix made by sisters Ally and Taylor. This makeup obsessed duo wanted to create a collection of easy to use crayons which could be smudged on with ease in multiple areas of the face.

These eyeshadow pencils come in eight shades and can be used as eye liner, eye shadow and highlighter.
The chunky crayon glides on and blends easily. The tip is actually quite narrow so you can use it along the lash line. The opposite end of the crayon has a foam blender to aid in blending. Perfect as a creamy base to use under a powder eye shadow to increase colour intensity of the powder. We also love to blend them around the eye for an unkempt smoky smudge.
The lighter colours are great to use under the brow arch and on top of the cheek bones for a shimmer highlight.

Each crayon comes in a chic metal tin which is good to keep and pop lots of your pencils in when travelling. Seems a waste to throw such a bulky tin away so re using it makes sense. You will also find a sharpener inside to keep it in shape and a note on top tips of the best ways to use your Nudestix. The lid to the tin also is mirrored so that's also quite handy.

 Colour pigment is strong and the finish of each of these has a pearl finish (no matte I'm afraid).

 Colours work nicely on top of each other although they will start to sheer out the more you blend.
Each Nudestix is £24.00 and available from

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual skin enhancer

Get your base right and everything else falls into place we think. If a flawless base is your thing then you must check out these beauties!

Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer is a multi purpose product which can be worked to give a sheer finish or built to give you a covering that is so full you look like you have been photo shopped.

There are a huge sixteen shades to choose from ranging from the fairest porcelain white to a deep dark rich tone.
15 out of the 16 shades
Don't be fooled by the numbering system though, these do not really go up from lightest to darkest by ascending number.  I know this does make picking your shade difficult especially as SpaceNK stores are so far and few (please come to Norwich SpaceNK). What the SpaceNK online site does have though is a great online chat advisor. You can speak with them and get product and colour advice. They are very good at helping you narrow your choice by telling them about your skin and it's colourings.

This pot holds 18g of creamy product which is so unbelievably thick you literally use the smallest amount.
 We love to use it mainly as a concealer. Apply a dot the size of a pin head and using a firm brush push and dab it into the area you want to conceal. It erases the redness out of the blemish instantly making it blend with your skin and if you use it around the eyes dark circles are concealed with ease. Be especially careful using around the eyes as it will knock out the colour but if you have texture around the eyes i.e fine lines, crows feet then it will settle into them if you use too much.

It's a very rich, creamy texture so it will have a slight dewy radiance to it. If that's not your thing then dust over a powder to matte it down.
 If you are using this as your concealer then you'll be lucky to get through a pot in a year, it lasts forever.

We have recently been wearing this as our foundation also. You can do this by mixing a small amount with your regular moisturiser and buff over the face with your foundation brush. You can alter the amount you mix depending on the cover you like but mixing a small amount (grain of rice size) will give you a sheer but amazingly flawless finish. Skin has a natural dewy finish and looks like you have a totally flawless even skin tone. You can always then build cover in specific areas if you need to.
 If you are in to contouring your face opt for a darker shade and use to contour.

Kevyn Aucoin also have a skin primer which works really well with the sensual skin enhancer. The primer called The primed skin developer comes in normal/dry and normal/oily.

 These can be used as a serum under your moisturiser or mixed with the sensual skin enhancer. Packed full of hyaluronic acid these help to hydrate and plump the skin whilst helping to control your particular skin type.
 When mixing with these primers the skin looks fresh and flawless.

The sensual skin enhancers are £38.00 each and the primed skin developers are £55.00 each.

You can get both from


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

By Terry Hyaluronic Summer

In the summer months as our skin starts to get a warmth to it we prefer to use less of a base. Also you may find the foundation colour you have been using throughout the year is now starting to look a little ashy or pale as your skin catches the sun.
 We have been testing out By Terry Hyaluronic Summer and love the results.

This product feels like a lightweight foamy mousse and it's purpose is to naturally give a sun kissed tint to the skin. Rather than a liquid tint that gives a greasy finish or strong tint this foam blends into the skin quickly with a totally matte texture and finish.
 This product won't give you any coverage but will just softly tint your skin and even skin texture and tone.
 The secret weapon in this product is the hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic is fast becoming a key ingredient in so many products and it is basically a water holding molecule. It acts like a moisture magnet providing skin hydration and plumpness, smoothing out fine lines. It holds over a 1000 times it's weight in water and helps stimulate collagen production.

This product comes in three colours of fair, medium and ultra tan depending on the depth of colour you prefer.
There are a few ways to use this.....
  • Apply your moisturiser and buff hyaluronic summer over the face for a natural sun kissed tint. Perfect for days when you don't want to wear foundation.
  • Apply your moisturiser, mix a little of this with your foundation on the back of your hand and then buff over. Perfect if you just need to warm your winter foundation up to bring it into summer.
  • Apply your moisturiser, foundation and then just softly buff this onto the high points of the face and over the nose to create a genuine tint where the sun would catch.
It is suitable for all skin types and particularly nice on an oily or combination skin as it has a total matte texture. It blends in like a second skin and can also be built up.

An amazing secret weapon in any summer makeup bag. This is £45.00 and available from


Monday, 23 June 2014

Purifyne Juice Cleanse

So we were recently approached by Purifyne to sample their juice cleanse detox. Nic and I (Stacey) were keen to give it a go. What we liked about Purifyne was that all of their juices are made from cold pressed, organic ingredients. They contain no added sugar or preservatives. Purifyne have the Soil association seal certifying all the ingredients are 100% organic.
 Each juice is raw and unpasteurised ensuring all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are not destroyed in the process.
If a juice detox is something you think you might like to try but are concerned if it is suitable for you then do check with your GP first.
 Before you begin Purifyne will ask you to select which of their juice options you feel would work for you depending on what outcome you would like. They then go through a health and medical form with you to ensure you qualify for a juice detox based on your answers.
  We took a browse through the purifyne site. On initial browse there seemed to be so many options and we were confused as to which would be best for us. One of the options included a pre wedding detox which I'm sure would be popular.
 We opted for the Juices til' dinner cleanse Plan B. This is a three day course.
We settled on this particular one because it fitted really easily into our schedule and seemed a pretty simple introduction to juicing.
 We haven't gone into this with expectations of extreme results or weigh loss but purely to see how a three day juice detox affects our skin, mind, body and anything additional that we notice.

 Day one: Wednesday 18th June

Our cool bags arrived nice and early ready for our breakfast juice (the delivery man was pretty hot we thought, fingers crossed you get him too!)


 Inside were nine 500ml juices in total (three for each day). These juices have a use by date on them of 4 days so you need to start your juice detox on the same day you receive it or at least the next day so don't order in advance thinking you can start in 2 weeks time.
There was also a bottle of spicy lemonade included for a little treat!
Included also are a few sachets of powder supplements. These are Liver support capsules, green super foods supplement, colosan powder and some Pu'erh tea bags.

 Thankfully also included is a step by step guide on what you have to do because I would have no's all a bit technical!

 So here goes....
With this particular cleanse (juices til' dinner) you have a glass of warm water with lemon when you wake up to help flush through any toxins built up over night.

  • Mix a little of the colosan powder with 1/4 of my first juice which is called Morning Liver bliss juice.
The colosan powder looks particularly dodgy in it's sachet, don't attempt to travel anywhere with this in your bag!.
The colosan powder is a compound of magnesium and oxygen. It helps detoxify the digestive tract, cleanses the colon, improves bowel movement and has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.
 You are meant to drink some lemon or lime juice after to enhance the effect but I didn't have any to hand.
  • 1st Juice-Morning Liver Bliss
Contains carrot (52%), apple (34%), beetroot (9%) and ginger (5%).
Even though the beetroot and ginger are in the smallest quantities it's definitely what I can taste the most. Do I like the taste...not really but that's because I'm not crazy about beetroot.
 500ml is a lot to drink if you don't love the taste but none the less I get on with it because it's good for me (that's what my mum would say). Make sure it's cold as it does improve the taste.

  • After finishing this juice I had to wait 30 minutes and then take a flat level teaspoon of the superfoods supplement with water. Knock it back like a shot and then take two of the liver support capsules.
The Green superfood supplement contains concentrated amout of uber good for you ingredients!
It helps to balance alkaline in the body and benefit a healthy immune function. It supports the digestive system and provides 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables.

The liver support capsules are a blend of dandelion root powder, burdock root powder and garlic bulb among other ingredients. It helps cleanse and support the liver.

2nd Juice
I felt like having something fresher for my next juice at lunchtime. I went for the cool mint juice. This contains pineapple (47%), cucumber (32%), mint (11%) and fennel (10%).
 Tasted better than the 1st but the overwhelming taste is cucumber. Don't feel hungry at all yet but I am struggling to get this much juice down me!
 Have also been to the toilet double the usual amount I would have do to the extra fluid.

3rd Juice
This is a lime green juice containing cucumber (47%), celery (31%), spinach (12%), lime (5%), lemon (5%)
I fancied something without ginger (which most seem to have). This was quite earthy tasting but because of the high ingredients of celery and cucumber it was also quite watery so easy to drink.

So now for your evening meal you can have a healthy meal but Purifyne recommend having it before 6pm to ensure you digest it before sleeping.
 I had a prawn stir fry for my evening meal.

How do I feel after day one...actually fine and not too hungry. I thought I would feel grumpy and starving but I didn't. I even managed an hour of circuit training after my evening meal and didn't pass out!

Day Two Thursday 19th June

Awoke absolutely starving with a rumbling tummy. Did the same routine as yesterday with the Morning liver bliss juice and supplements. I brought myself some straws as I was finding it difficult to drink them from the bottle or a cup. At least through the straw I seem to suck it up quicker and not taste the flavour until I stop sucking!

2nd Juice
Bright green containing apple (39%), celery (27%), spring green (12%), spinach (11%), lemon (7%), ginger (4%)

3rd Juice
Pure Green containing cucumber (41%), celery (28%), spinach (11%), kale (9%), lime (4%), lemon (4%), ginger (3%)

By the afternoon of today I was starving. Might have something to do with being able to smell bacon cooking outside my window! I was literally counting down the minutes until I can leave work and go home for my dinner. I felt fine, no headaches or grumpiness yet but I did feel freezing cold all day when everyone else was boiling hot! Maybe I'm just coming down with something. I also found it harder to concentrate this afternoon.
For my evening meal I had a steak salad.

Day Three 20th June

Awoke this morning feeling hungry and not sure if I could push on with another day but the thought that it was the last day gives you light at the end of the tunnel. I weighed myself this morning and have lost 3lb's since Wednesday! I have been eating clean and exercising lots leading up to my juice cleanse but my weight loss had plateaued. This has definitely given those last few pounds the push!
Again the same morning supplements and liver bliss juice to kick start the day.

2nd Juice

Thrive containing carrot (52%), apple (41%), ginger (7%).
This was actually my favourite of the juices. I think the colour (orange) made it more appealing to drink and it wasn't so earthy tasting.

3rd Juice

Green Supreme containing apple (38%), cucumber (27%), kale (12%), spinach (11%), lemon (7%), ginger (5%).

The daddy of superfoods with both kale and spinach. Actually tastes really refreshing and the lemon gives it a nice citrus zing. Boy did it revive my energy levels. Lovely little afternoon boost.

Feeling proud that I have made it to day three!

For my evening meal I had Salmon, sweet potato, asparagus and kale.

My Evaluation of the three days

Three days was perfect for me. I don't think I could have done it for any longer. Day one I was excited to be trialing the juices, day two was tough but you can at least say it finishes tomorrow and day three you know it's the end!

 To be honest I struggled to get a whole 500ml down me. I sipped it for hours, keeping it in the fridge in between to stop it getting warm.
 Some of the juices I didn't like the taste of and some where bearable. That of course is just my taste, you may love them all.
 I found the flavours I liked best were the ones with fruit in the highest proportion rather than vegetables. Maybe it's just psychologically easier to drink fruits rather than vegetables.
 My skin did look radiant and I visited the toilet more frequently than normal! Energy levels were high and I never felt tired or feint although a little distracted (mainly by thoughts of food!).
The extra bonus is that I lost 3lb in 3 days!. I have been really healthy eating for the last 5 weeks so have been steadily losing weight (11lb in total now) but it's never come off this quickly before. Will it go back on..I don't think so because I will still continue to healthy eat and exercise so hopefully I will continue to loose but I think if you were to eat a load of rubbish in the following weeks then of course you will definitely put it back on.

Would I do it again? For a quick fix, special occasion or after over indulging then yes, otherwise I feel I wouldn't really need to as I personally am quite strict with my diet. Not because I didn't like the results but simply because I run every other day, go to boot camp and generally work a lot so I feel like I do need healthy meals throughout the day to keep me focused and not thinking about my rumbling tummy. Plus I love food!
 Having seen exactly what goes into the juices I also think I could recreate them myself at home really simply although I wouldn't have the booster supplements (or the encouragement from the purifyne team). If anything it did educate me on what ingredients go with what to create a healthy juice.
 What is great about these juice plans though is that it's convenient, easy to follow, short time frames so you don't feel the need to cheat and it's all done for you. Purifyne also email you daily with little encouraging tips on other things to try during your day. If you are someone who needs to be told what's good for you and when to have it and have an event coming up such as a wedding or holiday then go for it.

It's not cheap so if you are wanting to do it then the price will make you persevere with it! There are loads of different plans you can order ranging from £89 up to £700 so be sure to have a good read of the different options. Our Juices til' bedtime over 3 days would normally cost £299.

Purifyne have three different delivery destinations...London, nationwide and international. They have a very detailed delivery information page on their site which will pin point to the exact time you can expect to receive your order and the costings so check that out.

For all information on Purifyne and picking your juice head over to

Thanks to the purifyne team for giving us the opportunity to trial the juices.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rituals Lotus shimmer body cream

Rituals packaging is always beautiful and this packaging inspired by Indian flowers doesn't disappoint.
Limited for this summer Rituals have launched their White lotus and Bergamot scented range.
 Products in the range include foaming shower gel and shower oil, body cream along with a candle and home fragrance sticks.

We tested out the luxurious shimmer body cream in a 200ml pot.
This cream has the sort of the scent that makes you take a huge deep breath followed by a relaxing sigh. Infused with the beautiful white lotus and bergamot but doesn't smell overly floral. It smells of a fresh lemon scent but has the undertones of peony and lilac.
Shea and cocoa butter give this a rich whipped cream texture that relieves any skin dryness and feels very cushion like to the touch. The added extra special treat is that the cream is shot through with a super fine golden glitter which gently catches the light and shimmers on the skin. It isn't loaded with shimmer but very finely infused with it. It looks particularly gorgeous on a sunkissed skin.

Grab yourself this limited edition cream for £18.00 while you can from Ritual stores, selected House of Fraser and John Lewis stores and also


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Murad Skincare

Now we try our absolute hardest to avoid wipes BUT if you are camping or at a festival this summer then we think it's allowed in the short term.
Often the people who have problematic skin are usually the ones who take the best care of their skin because they have to in order to keep it under control. If your skin is blemish prone then it's so important to be cleansing your skin correctly however if you must have a weekend off when access to your regime is limited then check out these wipes from Murad.


They are clarifying wipes specifically for a problematic skin. They contain witch hazel and algae extract to help control oil grape seed extract and vitamin E to protect.
 Packaged in a foil lined packet to retain moisture which includes 30 wipes.
 These wipes remind me of the smell of throat sweets (which I love!) Very citrus based. The wipes feel cool and a little tingly on the skin and are saturated enough to remove all makeup and dirt.
A pack is £9.95.

I have also been using checking out the Murad primers. I never realised they even did them!
  They have two different ones depending on the finish you prefer your base to have.One is a matte finish, the other is a dewy finish.

Both primers are oil free so great for all skin types. They both have exactly the same ingredients with three exceptions. The matte finisher primer has a higher proportion of silica than the dewy finish which acts an oil absorbent. The dewy finish primer has an ingredient called isohexadecane which is not present in the matte primer. This ingredient is basically a thickener which gives a silky, soft finish. This is why this primer will feel more luminous than the matte primer. The dewy finish has a slightly different colourant ingredient.
The subtle tint in each primer help to even out the skin tone naturally.
 It's really nice to have a primer which gives you an option of finishes to the skin.
Both primers helped in improving longevity of the foundation and both photographed well.
 Each primer is £29.00.

Check out Murad's products over on their site


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Body Foundation

Vichy are a french brand who have always had a huge European following. They have a varied product range but are often mostly known for their camouflage makeup.
 You may have seen Nic using the Vichy corrective foundation stick in her acne covering tutorial she did a few years ago below.

We get asked a lot this time of year on good products to cover body blemishes, tattoo's etc so we wanted to share with you Vichy corrective body foundation.
 You would have heard us talk about MAC Face and Body foundation and Sally Hansen leg spray but this product is for extreme cover.

There are three colours available in this product which are light, medium and tan.

Each colour comes in a 100ml tube and has a thick cream texture. The colour is instant so you can see exactly where you are placing it.
This is tested and proven to have a 16 hour wear time, is sweat and water resistant (resistant, not waterproof) and once dry is transfer proof.
 It will cover moderate to major skin flaws, pigmentation, varicose veins, bruising, vitiligo, spider veins and old scarring. Don't use it on recent scarring or broken skin.
 The cream dries off to a matte, powdered finish which is great because you don't want unnecessary shine on areas you are trying to conceal.

Use a small amount and build the coverage by applying more as you need it. We found using a stippling brush to apply helped to buff the product in easily and avoid getting it all over your hands but if you want a heavier cover then apply using a sponge and dapple onto the skin, blending the edges away.
 Once this is dry it doesn't budge. I waited 5 minutes and then rubbed a white tissue over it. I had to really scrub at it with the tissue for there to be any transfer.
 If it rains it won't run or transfer but if you were to swim and then rub it then it's likely it would move.

 Before application ensure you have exfoliated and moisturised your skin well as it will cling to dryness and skin texture.

You may need to mix a couple of the colours together to achieve the perfect skin colour. The colours do tend to be slightly pinky.
We had the tan colour to test which came up around an NW40 if you are familiar with MAC colours.

 The colours do dry slightly darker.
Shame the colours do not cater for a darker skin tone also.
 They contain an SPF 15 but you still need to use your regular sun protection if you are laying out in the sun. This is great though to apply on top of your suncream if you are conscious of any skin flaws on the beach.

The results...
It gives you even skin tone and easily covers bruising and veins. It will cover tattoos but you will need to have a lot of patience covering it and layering it up. For very black tattoos you may want to add the concealer stick also for precise application.

This is normally £29.75 but has 33% off of it at the moment so is £19.83 from

All of the Dermablend has a discount on it at the moment over at Feel Unique so now is a good time to try it out.
Which products do you use on your body to conceal?

Monday, 16 June 2014

Eucerin Intensive Lotion

Guys we had to pop a post up on this lotion from Eucerin. It's been around for a long time however this is the first time we had purchased.

There are a ton of different lotions available within the range but this one above is particularly amazing for a severely dry skin. As well as treating a general dry skin it is also a great remedy for eczema, flaky skin, thickened skin, cracked skin and dermatitis.
 It contains an ingredient called Urea, which is a natural moisturiser within the skin. Urea levels in a severely dry skin are often reduced so by applying this lotion you are building the levels back up.
This is fragrance free so don't expect any fancy scent, it literally just does what it says on the tin. Does contain a low level of mineral oil though so for those put of by mineral please note this. We would never recommend it for the face.

Even though it's for dry skin it's not a ridiculously thick cream but a nice refreshing lotion. The best thing about this is that after application it leaves your skin looking like a mannequins skin!! So smooth and plumped with a moisturised sheen, literally you have plastic looking limbs!
 Great for everyday and will be coming on holiday with us this year to combat dry skin in the heat.

Available from at £13.50 for 250ml. It's also on 3 for 2 in Boots at the time of this post!


Friday, 13 June 2014

Label M Colour powder spray

Having met Sharon and Kelly Osbourne in the week we felt envious of their coloured locks. Their beautiful lavender and scarlet hair looked amazing however not something we would ever be able to maintain!

If you fancy testing the water before you take the plunge for a new dramatic hair colour then check out these powder hair sprays from Label M.

These sprays are sold individually in 150ml at £9.95 however they also come as a pack of four in 50ml for £15.00.
 These sprays allow you the colour without the commitment. Simply hold 20cm from the area you would like to colour and spritz onto the hair. Leave it a few minutes to dry off and if you want to tone the colour down slightly just brush the colour out gently.
The colour will wash out when you next wash your hair so probably wouldn't perform well in the rain!
We tested these on blonde and dark brown hair and found the colour pigment was strong and vibrant in both. It did make our hair feel quite dry though so you may just want to use it in sections rather than a block colour all over. It also looked smoother and more even once it was brushed through.

We got a bit carried away and sampled all four colours! From left- blue, red, pink, purple

 The pink wasn't quite as strong on brown hair but very vibrant in blonde hair!

A bit of fun for the summer or a festival (providing it doesn't rain). Colours washed out with no staining.
Spray in a well ventilated room as it does get in the back of your throat!
Also be aware if you are ordering online from overseas as they can't be shipped due to mail restrictions on aerosols.


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne for MAC

This week kicked off with a trip to Selfridges, London to preview the launch of MAC's latest collaboration with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne.

 Nestled into a side room in the depths of Selfridges we were seated awaiting the arrival of Sharon and Kelly.
 In true"Faaabulous" style we were greeted with champagne served in an Alice in Wonderland style goblet.
  Introductions began from MAC's global president Karen Buglisi who also then introduced us to Kelly and Sharon's make up artists John Stapleton and Neil Young.

Kelly and Sharon arrived and sat along side two models with whom John and Neil were to recreate  looks from the collection on.

 Neil began to talk about the collection and described it as a subtle, timeless collection which would suit every demographic. He speaks of how the palettes are a wardrobe of colour which would take you from morning to night by simply intensifying the colours.

Kelly, who's iconic lavender quiff which inspired the collection colours spoke about why she picked certain shades.
 Kelly loved working with the MAC colour pigment team in New York picking the shades. She wanted it to have a smouldering nod to Bridgette Bardot but in tones which everybody could wear.
 She loves a nude lipstick and the nude lipstick (Riothouse) in her collection has a higher level of peach pigment to warm the undertones. She tested it on her friends of varying skin tones to ensure it suited all.
 The names of her products all have personal meanings and reflect words that would appeal to both UK and America (she lives between both countries).
With product names such as 'cheeky bugger' she says she was amazed she was even allowed to name them at all!
The lipstick in Riothouse she named after the venue on Sunset strip LA where all the music legends such as Led Zeppelin and The Doors would party during the 70's.

The eyeshadow quad from Kelly, called Bloody Brilliant consists of cool toned shades. A pearl highlighter, mink, ice pink and re-promote colour shadowy lady. These colours look particularly beautiful on a blue or green eye and amazing on a fair skin tone.

The lipsticks as mentioned are a matte peach and a lavender. These can be dabbed on the lips if you're a little nervous of the colour or go bold and layer it up.The peach will cling if you have dry lips so be sure to exfoliate beforehand.

 We loved the Lavender lipstick. So unusual but it just works and suits all skin tones. Give it a try, don't be put of by just looking at it.

There is a brow duo in the collection as Kelly is a huge fan of good brows. 

Unusual colour choice of a sandy gold which has a slight satin finish and a matte smokey grey/brown. Use the gold to create a lightness to the brow at the arch and also perfect for creating an ombre brow.

We also tested the eyeshadow quad from Sharon (red packaging to match Sharon's hair).

  This palette would probably appeal to more people and is slightly more wearable for every day. A peach highlighter, rust peach mid tone shade and amazing sepia toned colour which blend through the socket to create an even blend from light to dark. The darkest colour is a re-promote of embark which is a rich chocolate brown.
 There was a question and answer session with Kelly and Sharon. Nic asked them what their favourite era of make up was and who their makeup idols were.
 Sharon said she loved the effortless style of the 40's because she feels it still translates into today's style. She is loving the style of Cate Blanchett at the moment.
 Kelly is a fan of the 50's and old Hollywood glamour. Her ultimate icon is Liza Minnelli.
I asked them if they felt they altered their style depending on which country they are in. They both said that they hate to conform to a certain look and always wear their style with confidence and not follow the crowd. Kelly said that when she is trying out a new style or look she prefers to test the water in the UK as she feels it's more acceptable to try out something crazy here.

Both Sharon and Kelly were so lovely and personable. We hope the collection is a great success for them.
Stacey and Sharon
Nic and Kelly

 The collection is available now for a limited time.


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Topshop Red Lippy Project

This June between 8th-14th Topshop is helping to raise awareness for cervical screening. We are huge advocates for cervical screening here at Pixiwoo. It's something so important which really only takes up 20 minutes of your lunch break.
In honour of the cervical screening awareness week TopShop have launched a beautiful scarlet red lipstick and makeup bag.

 From the sale of each of these two products 33% of the cost will go towards the Red Lippy Project in helping to raise awareness of the screening.

The lipstick is a really beautiful pillar box red which has that undertone to it which makes your teeth look super white.

  It's glossy, bold and should be worn by us all to support this campaign.
The makeup bag is a wipe clean zip bag which has a print of a Marilyn style lip on one side and multiple lips on the reverse.

 You can fit all you essentials in here to pop in your handbag.

The lipstick(called Red Lippy) is £8.00 and the bag is £12.00.

They are available at selected Topshop stores nationwide, and

Ive got mine on, tweet us a picture of you in yours and pop in #Makeamark. 

The time it has taken you to read this blog you could have been screened so go get it done girls!
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