Wednesday, 28 May 2014

YSL Summer 2014

YSL's summer collection is available now and with a typical colour palette you would expect for the summer months.

The pieces from the launch we are most excited about are the Baby doll kiss and blush. A dual purpose cheek and lip cream.
Containing an air whipped formula this gives a matte finish rather than a gloss finish with an almost gel like texture as you apply it.
 We found it sat better on the cheeks than it did the lips. On the cheeks it gives a matte stain finish that has a transparency to it and on the lips it gives a sheer matte wash. The colours are beautiful however if you have a dry lip this does cling in all the wrong places. Giver your lips a good exfoliation before application.

The bottle is a nail polish style and the wand is leaf shaped applicator with a flexible bead in the centre. We are not sure the flexible bead makes application any easier but the wand allows a small amount of colour to be added without over loading the cheek/lip. These smell phenomenal also.
There are 12 colours in total which are £27.00 each.

The eyeshadow palette in the collection is not for the natural colour lovers. It holds a selection of 5 shades each with a high shimmer finish. A mix of coral and blues housed in a mirrored compact with two application tools.

You can create many different looks with these shades. A soft coral eye which will make blue eyes pop or a smoky sultry midnight blue eye. Alternatively use the vibrant blues as a liner colour along the lower or upper lash line as a liner. Let us know how you would wear it.
This palette is £39.00

There are 2 shades of nail polish in the collection. One in a turquoise and one in a deep metallic blue. We tested the blue which was stunning. Gorgeous deep blue with a high shine. The nail polishes are £18.50 each. As always, two coats are needed for full impact.



  1. In love with all the shades <3 Especially the eye palette, i can see myself wearing everything!

  2. Would love to see a tutorial using the palette and blushes! :) x

  3. So many lovely products! I recently got the YSL Kiss & Blush in Corail 07 and it's my new absolute fave piece for summer :)

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  4. Gorgeous collection. These colors are so pretty and bright, I love it.

  5. YSL never disappoint with their collections! I guess the most hyped product of the year is the YSL kiss and blush! Can't decide which ones to get! :D

    Makeup revisited FOTD | TheConscienceFund

  6. I love this collection! I want to try these eyeshadows!


  7. Gorgeous collection!! I love the look of the eye shadow palette. :) x

  8. I love the look of the Kiss & Blush tints, especially shade No 8! x

  9. Lip products have pretty colors ;) Love shade 4 and 8 :)

  10. I contacted the sellers for my dress, but they had it 2 sizes too big so hearing from all my friends they say you should always order big so i did, and within 3 days the dress was at my front door!
    Flirt By Maggie Sottero

  11. I love No1 :) and the texture of this lip stain is great, no smell no taste! :) :)

  12. These are to die for!! I can't wait to get back to England and try them, I neeeeed the babydoll kiss & blush in pink hedoniste and they eye palette is amazing! xo

  13. in love with all the colours! x


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