Thursday, 29 May 2014

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter

Dogs are not just for Christmas, well neither is glitter in our opinion. When the sun is shining (not today) glitter can look fabulous in the light. Here in the UK during the summer we have tons of music festivals and it's always quite fun to douse yourself in glitter and party on!

Urban Decay have added some new colours to their heavy metal glitter lineup and have also re packaged them into tub style 3g shakers.


Now this glitter is thick shards of glitter. Other brands which also do glitter often have a warning saying not to be used around the eye. This is purely to cover them selves from hoards of scratched eye complainants however if we are honest this area is exactly where we are all going to put it. Just be super careful and if it does drop into your eye wash it out but generally you should be fine.

This chunky style glitter is for people who want a strong impact not a dainty twinkle. It's also super messy. It will drop down everywhere so make your life easier and do your base after your eyes. You can of course use it on the body also.

We tested six colours

Urban Decay also have an adhesive called Bondage which is a lightweight film adhesive. This is also clear so totally invisible. You only need to apply a thin layer to the area and wait a few seconds for it to go slightly tacky.
 Using a flat brush gently pat the glitter on top of the adhesive and build it up to the desired coverage. You can get a really thick covering.
 As I said this will drop so once you have everything on wipe around the area with a wet wipe to clean up. It does get everywhere!

Have fun guys and tweet us some of your looks if you use this.
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  1. I like mixing glitter with spirit gum and putting on eyebrows for a really avant garde look!

  2. Thats some serious glitter fest going on! A very cool idea to have a liquid to go with all!

    Recent makeup Changes Review& FOTD | TheConscienceFund

  3. I wish we had more festivals here in Newfoundland! But I will be trying one of these for the ones we do have tho! Perhaps the blue one for the blueberry fest:)

  4. please do a tutorial with these!!!!!!

  5. Wow... that is not for the faint-hearted, super gorgeous though. Can't wait for a tutorial with these :)

    Emily xx Beauty Bunny

  6. those seriously are glitter bombs! would love for these to launch in India! <3

    xoxo- Ritu

  7. They look wicked I won't them all...Please can either of you guys do a video with a make up look with these glitters?

  8. I love the Heavy metal range at UD, gorgeous products!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  9. OOOO Lovelyyyyy ....Did the glitter last in the lids for a long time ? was it irritating to wear ? Thanks Ginny x

  10. wow! x


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