Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Realline Beauty Frown Line Patches

We were sent these patches from Realline Beauty last week to see if we can alleviate our ever increasing frown lines.

The patches have no ingredients as such in them, they are basically a diamond shaped polyethylene film which has an adhesive on one side of it. The adhesive is rubber and latex free incase of allergies.

There are 30 patches in each box with two per sheet as seen above.

To apply make sure the skin underneath is clean and dry. If you have applied your moisturiser wait a few minutes until it has absorbed in.
 With two fingers spread the skin on the forehead so that the skin is taut. With the other hand apply the patch by pushing it onto the center and then smooth down each side.
 Release your other hand and smooth over the patch.

The patch basically holds this taught skin position. It means that you can't frown or wrinkle up your forehead. Does feel slightly weird (but not uncomfortable) and you do look a bit strange!!
 You need to keep this patch on for several hours so best to apply before bed time.
 Now this obviously isn't a miracle worker and is totally a temporary solution.
 I do tend to wake up with red frown marks on my forehead so what this patch does is prevents you from frowning in your sleep. By wearing the patch you are basically giving your muscles in this area the night off allowing them to relax. This is why the number 11 in between your eyes looks smoother upon wakening.

The next morning when I peeled it off the skin did definitely look smoother and although the fine frown lines I have are still there they do appear softer. By the end of the day the old lines I know are starting to appear slightly pink again through my endless frowning. Obviously they would do though.

The patches do work albeit it temporary. These would be great to use for a few nights before your wedding or other important event.

I guess if you were totally bothered by brow frowning you could wear these every night if you wanted to!
The picture below is after one nights use before and after with no foundation on.
Top is before and Bottom is after
I know the lighting is slightly different on the bottom picture but it was a nigh time in the first picture and morning in the next!I found that after removing the patch my skin did appear shinier, I guess maybe the skin sweats a little more underneath.
 If you have blemishes in this area I wouldn't recommend using the patch as when you peel it off it does pull the skin slightly and may pull at any healing areas of the skin. 
A box is £28.00 plus delivery charges and available from http://www.realinebeauty.com and www.fenwick.co.uk

Have you tried these? We would love to hear your results.



  1. I haven't tried or heard of these but they do look interesting, for like what you said before a big event!


  2. Gosh I would love to try something like this - a little pricey but less than a facial!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  3. Woah! This sounds like something my Mum would fancy! I am just amazed at stuff companies can come up with! Marketing and products have reached a new level!

    My Wedding in Pictures | TheConscienceFund

  4. OMG....just go get a filler done.. lasts longer and looks better

  5. You can buy Frownies and Wrinkies for a lot less. They have been around for years and years. They are basically the same thing only paper with glue backing. When you are ready to remove them, you moisten them with water, wait a few seconds and they come right off, no peeling necessary.

  6. very interesting! x

  7. These sound interesting :) xx
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  8. I didn't know there's something like this :0



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