Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sunday Riley Artemis Face Oil

Over the last month I have been trying out the Sunday Riley Artemis Face Oil. I usually do use a face oil at night to give an intensive moisturisation so was keen to try this cult oil out.

First things first it's really expensive, around £98.00 depending on where you purchase from. But if you have a problematic skin and end up wasting money on cheaper skin care that doesn't work then you will benefit from cutting back and saving for this if possible.

The oil comes in a glass 30ml pipette style application bottle. You only need around three or four drops of the oil so if you are only using at night this will last quite some time.

Sunday Riley have three different oils in their line up and the Artemis oil nestles into the category of being good for a problematic, oily, combination skin type.
 You can mix these oils with a little of your daily moisturiser however if you do have an oily/combination skin I think it would be too greasy, stick to using it at night.

Whats inside?....
 This oil is packed with some pretty amazing natural ingredients, hence the price tag. 
Lemon Iron bark and Lemon Myrtle act as an anti inflammatory, calming influence. If you suffer from breakouts or generally irritated skin then this will reduce the redness and soothe any puffiness.
 This also contains Milk Thistle. Now Milk Thistle is something we have often taken after a heavy night of drinking. It does wonders for the liver helping it to repair and recover from too much toxins from the alcohol. In skin care it helps reduce redness, balances the skin and cools from within. Perfect for a stressed out skin!
Omega 3 helps protects from sun damage and increase cell turnover whilst Flax seed brightens a dull skin.

After using this each night for a week I could definitely notice a difference in my skin. The clarity was improved and my skin somewhat smoother and refined. My skin which is generally quite hormonal and a little stressed loved this oil. I had a few little pimples come up as normal but after applying this at night the next day the bumps had reduced and eventually disappeared rather than come to a head.

The only thing I didn't like about this oil (and this is total personal preference) is the smell. I personally dislike the scent of this quite a bit. My partner also hates it. I could douse myself in my favourite perfume and he wouldn't smell it but 3 drops of this and he's screwing his nose up at me.
 Sam and I came to the conclusion it smells like straw! Weird I know but that's all we could liken it to. You on the other hand like most may just think it smells of Lemon!
 You do get used to the smell though and if it continues to make my skin look as good as it has been then I can get over the scent.

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  1. I've never heard of milk thistle before but I might take that tip for future reference! I think it does sound amazing and I like the use of lemon to reduce to redness.

  2. Seems like it is really a beautiful face oil! quite pricey though. Same for the smell too!

  3. Super expensive but it looks like an amazing face oil! I like that it reduces redness too xx

  4. sounds great but very pricey! x


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