Monday, 14 April 2014

Frank Coffee Scrub

We had first seen images of this scrub on Instagram. Lots of girls and guys in the shower holding their brown paper Frank bag up. We were intrigued what it was all about so got our hands on a sachet of the original Frank coffee scrub.

We love the brown paper bag packaging. Easy to tear open when your hands are wet. The bag is thick paper and has a plastic pouch inside so you don't need to worry about the bag getting wet and falling apart.
Tear the top half off and the bag inside is resealable so you can store it safely away until your next use.
Inside there is so much product. The 200g pouch is packed with coffee powder.

Open it up once you are in the shower because as you are grabbing handfuls out it will drop and make a mess.
 Get a handful and start to massage over damp skin in circular motions as you normally would with a scrub.
 It feels like you are putting your hand in a bag of soil and as you are massaging in it feels gritty but not abrasive and harsh.
 Obviously it smells of coffee but surprisingly not an over powering coffee scent. It is also infused with sweet almond oil, salt, brown sugar, orange oil and vitamin E.
 The smell actually reminds me of a chocolate orange scent. Please do not eat or drink though!

The scrub is good for people with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, poor circulation, varicose veins, acne, stretch marks and cellulite.
 Obviously with regards to stretch marks and cellulite this is not going to be a wonder product that will rid you of these however the exfoliation will benefit a sluggish circulation helping to eliminate toxins in the body.

Once you have covered your skin with coffee and massaged it in leave it on for around 10 minutes then just simply shower it off. It washes off easily and doesn't stain your skin (or your shower).

Be sure to give your shower basin a rinse to prevent parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/housemate wondering what on earth happened in the shower.

Skin feels super soft and glowing and with no odour of coffee lingering.
Use this once a week to maintain the benefits. Because this is natural coffee it does have a relatively short shelf life of six months so keep an eye on the date you open it. Also I wouldn't store this in your bathroom. A damp, humid bathroom is not a good place to keep your coffee scrub so store it some where dry and cool.

Frank also comes in another variety of coffee with grapeseed and coconut.

Frank is Australian however they do ship internationally to North America, Asia and Europe. There will be the obvious delivery costs and it will take longer to get delivered so be sure to order a good 3 weeks before you need it.

Check out their website and depending on where you are in the world click the international tab on checkout to get your shipping times and costs.

A sachet of this scrub is $14.95 or around £8.90.



  1. I love discovering new brands on Instagram haha! Looks and sounds really good, but I actually have all of those ingredients so might try whipping up my own!
    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Never heard of this brand, but sounds amazing! Great review! Lilly xx

  3. This review is so yummy. lol

  4. sounds great! x

  5. Ooh, I always love a good scrub and this one sounds lovely.

  6. This sounds really interesting!! Recently Ive been really into body scrubs and this one sounds amazing!! It does everything I could ever want it to do!! I must get my hands on it and it is such a reasonable price!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  7. I love the concept and idea of this! It sound lovely.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  8. This sounds so yummy!! Its fun in the bath....

  9. Or you could save yourself the $, grab some coffee grinds, salt, olive oil and brown sugar, and make it yourself. A friend of mine has used coffee grinds as an exfoliant for years, actually, and I've always used brown sugar. Both work wonderfully on their own. This product strikes me as just a total commercialized waste.

  10. Does anyone know what benefits it will have towards psoriasis? Does it help it clear up or? I'm trying to help someone come up with a solution and I sincerely have no idea as I've never dealt with anything like that b4. Thhanx for any advice.

    1. You should read the FAQ section on the Frank website as there is some info in regards to it helping skin problems such as psoriasis.
      I use this product and it's the best scrub I've come across yet!

  11. If it doesn't dissolve, won't it clog up the drain if you use it regularly (ie. build up)?

  12. Going to treat myself to this when I've next got 10 empty body products, only one more to go :D

  13. I'm not a massive body scrub person but this has definitely made me want some - bonus that I am living in Aus!! xo


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