Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

I first used this foundation on a bridal shoot recently and couldn't believe how amazing it made the brides skin look.
 It buffed in easily and blended like a second skin. Her skin looked radiant and glowing without looking oily and in her photographs she looked airbrushed.

On first glance this 30g pot looks like it is going to give you a mega heavy finish. It looks thick and creamy in the pot but once you transfer it onto the skin it melts away to a medium veil of colour.
 The pot is very luxurious however not the easiest to transport about and a little messy. It's definitely a dressing table use product.

This foundation is great for all skin types. It's oil free so won't make an oily skin greasy and it has a unique ability to transfer water into the skin so it is also super hydrating for a dry skin.

It is available in 14 shades.

We felt like the shades came up a little lighter than the looked in the pot. We tested the three colours that suit our skin tones.

The gel based formula gives it an adaptable coverage from medium to full. Because it contains 60% charged water and seaweed it is great for a slightly older skin that needs a hydration boost.

What is inside...
Water firstly and cyclomethicone which is a silicone. It is the silicone which helps to give skin its smooth finish.
This foundation is particularly good for those with a sensitive or red toned skin. It is packed with tons of skin soothing ingredients.
 It contains Rosemary which acts as a natural astringent, helping to absorb excess oil whilst calming an inflamed skin. Chamomile and Aloe leaf calm and condition. Arnica leaf benefits an irritated skin and acts as a natural antiseptic.

The finish is a radiant, satin skin finish. Your skin looks airbrushed and flawless without having all of its natural colour washed out. Almost like you have a sheer pair of satin tights over your face!
 As with most foundations, if there is any texture to your skin i.e dry patches then you may find it clings a little. I would probably say this would therefore sit better on an oily or combination skin.

Despite having titanium dioxide (and mica for those allergic to it) it doesn't flash back at all and photographs beautifully. If you are getting married or simply having your photo taken then this foundation is a winner.
 If your skin is generally pretty good this will make it look amazing. If you have the odd breakout and want to cover it then you will also need a separate concealer. 

It is of course not cheap. With all of these amazing ingredients and an amazing finish that lasts well throughout the day you have to expect a higher price point. I'm buttering you up here..it's £58.00.

 That pot will last you a good while though, especially as you only need a small amount to achieve a flawless finish.
 If skin is your thing then 100% check it out.



  1. Which stores will stock this so I can make sure I get the right shade? (I'm in Norwich)

    1. None in Norwich unfortunately, you'll need to take a trip to London and head for SpaceNK, Liberty or Harrods

    2. Noted, I should be heading to London in the next month or so! thanking you muchly.

  2. Omg! I love the texture! Hope I can buy it !

  3. Looks so good, need to check it out for sure

  4. This is my number 1 favourite foundation! (Especially for brides). The gel consistency means that not only does it feel weightless, but it is also hugely long wearing and oil free. Many of my brides have written post-wedding day to say that it lasted right into the early hours of the morning and still they had to remove it with cleanser. I have found this massively universal, it suits all skin types, tones and textures and as the girls have stated it really does give you an airbrushed finish. xxx Emily-Rose

  5. what a great range of shades! x

  6. This looks amazing, despite the high price tag I think it needs to be in my make-up bag!


  7. oh i luv it already!it looks soo luxoriuos.i have to save a to get this one now!


  8. These look so luxurious, i think a trip to London for this is needed, i want to try this.
    Check out my post on my zoeva make up artist zoe bag -

  9. Sounds dreamy!


  10. I have been using this foundation for years. It is truly amazing snd loaded with great . In fact, their skin care is even better.


  11. I literally decided two days ago that this would be my next foundation! It's so pricey so I am saving up for it! hehe

  12. I have been using this for the past few years and it is amazing! Definitely worth the money. I am a makeup artist too - I just wish I could afford to have it in my kit!!

  13. Wow this looks beautiful and so luxurious!

    Maddy @ www.YourBeautyBanter.com

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