Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Benefit Tinted Lip Balms

This June Benefit are launching their new hydrating lip balms to sit alongside their cheek stains.
 Four colours to match with the cheek stains in a rose, candy pink, mango and poppy pink.

A 3.0g balm housed in a twist up metallic print metal container. Lots of nourishing ingredients as you would expect from a balm. Jojoba, beeswax (synthetic) and mango butter make the texture creamy and comfortable whilst giving a low level sheen and a natural tint of colour.

These are really sheer and if you have a high colour to your lips naturally then they may not show up very well. If you have a naturally pale lip then these will softly tint the lips beautifully.
 Being so sheer and balmy means they don't last very long on the lip but they are easy just to slick on quickly for a day time look.
 Wear matching your blush tint if you already have the Benefit cheek stain but quite nice to clash and opt for a different colour on the lips to mix it up a bit.

They are £14.50 each and available from June 2013 from


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Limited Edition Real Techniques Make Up Kits

Drum roll please.......We have colour!!
We would love to introduce you to our two new makeup kits with Real Techniques.
We wanted the palettes to represent colours that we quite often reach for in our tutorials. 
We are often travelling around and love palettes which cater for all areas of the face in one compact. Both palettes will take you from day to evening with a mix of satin, matte and frosted shades.

In each palette you will find four eye shadows, a gel eye liner, powder blush and cream highlighter along with two different glosses.

Modern Natural Makeup Kit

Champagne satin highlighter, warm copper metallic gold, matte warm toned earth brown and a mink brown shot with a silver frost.
The gel eyeliner is a dark, chocolate brown.

The blusher included is a delicate peach/pink in a satin finish but with no shimmer.
The highlighter is a soft rose gold.

Two mini glosses in a transparent finish tinted in a warm beige and nude pink.

Night Owl Makeup Kit

A bright radiant gold highlighter, satin finish plum, midnight blue in a matte and gunmetal grey shot with a silver frost.
The gel eyeliner is a jet black.

The blusher colour is slightly stronger in this palette and has a deeper rose tint whilst the highlighter is a cool toned silver.

Two mini glosses for this palette are a nude flesh colour and a rich, vibrant raspberry red.

Both palettes are available now for a limited time only.
You can only get the palettes online from
Real Techniques are based in America which is why costings on the site are based in dollars however they will ship worldwide to you.

Each palette is £14.86 or $25.00

We will be uploading some tutorials on how we would use these palettes but would love you to tweet pictures of the looks you produce with them to us on @nixiepixi and @Pixiwoos


Monday, 28 April 2014

Illamasqua Matte Veil Primer

Illamasqua launched their original Hydra Veil a while back now with great success. You will often find it used in a Pixiwoo tutorial because of how lovely it sits on a dryer skin.
 Not to alienate people with a combination or oily skin Illamasqua are launching the new Matte veil primer this May.

Comes in the same style 30ml pot as the Hydra veil with inner cap lid and decanting hygiene spoon.

You can tell instantly on application that this primer is water based. It feels cool to the touch and blends in quickly with the fluidity of water but with a slight gel texture.
 High up on the ingredients list is alcohol denat. This is added to preserve the product but also helps act as an anti bacterial agent.
 Butyelene Glycol ingredient helps to dissolve excess oil produced by the skin and Sodium Hyaluronate keeps skin moisturised, balanced and prevents the skin from drying out especially if you suffer with dry patches also.
This smells AMAZING! You can smell the alcohol in it but it's not unpleasant at all. It smells like an exotic coconutty cocktail.

Apply your moisturiser as normal and then spoon a small amount onto your fingertips. Massage in over full face or just the T-zone. It absorbs quickly and the skin instantly feels dry with a matte/velvet texture.
 You are ready to apply your foundation straight on top.
 Definitely helps to keep oil at bay. I found I could wear a dewy finish foundation without my face looking like the back of a spoon by lunch time. It gives you the versatility of being able to wear different finish foundations without worrying about your natural oils coming through.

If you have an extremely oily you may still want to use a fine loose powder down the T-zone but test it without the powder first as you may find it looks too matte and dry with both.

 This is available from 8th May 2014 for £30.00 from


Friday, 25 April 2014

Indeed Exfoliator

New this April from Indeed Laboratories is their powder exfoliator.

This is a water activated micro powder exfoliator which contains bamboo extract to help soothe the skin and help with skin radiance. Rice bran powder which promotes skin healing and oil absorb, Hyaluronic acid helps to plump the skin for a more youthful appearance and pineapple enzymes help to rid you of dead skin cells revealing fresher skin.

The shaker style dispenser allows you to pour out the desired amount. A couple of shakes will be enough.
 Mix with a little water and it will transform into a liquid lotion which you can then massage over the face.

This exfoliant is good for all skin types especially sensitive skins as it's not granular and gritty so won't irritate the skin. If you suffer breakouts this would be very effective as it calms the skin whilst helping remove skin clogging dead skin cells.

This exfoliator is £18.99 and available now from


Thursday, 24 April 2014

Best Eye Makeup Removers

Guys there really is no excuse not to remove your eye makeup at bedtime now. I know when you're tired/drunk/can't be bothered it's a massive chore but there are a ton of awesome, quick and easy removers about now that make this boring bed time ritual less of a hassle.

Here is a run down of our favourite ones at the moment....

Almond Oil

That's right. Plain old, cheap as anything Almond oil. This one featured is £1.59 for 50ml.
 I was first introduced to using Almond oil this way from a friend of mine. After a night out she was massaging this over her eye lids, emulsifying all the eye shadow and mascara off in one smudgy mess with ease. I snatched it off her and found it was just plain, neat Almond oil. She said it got everything, even waterproof mascara off without dragging the skin and then simply just washed the residue off when she washed her face after as normal.
 She had learnt this from her mother (who is 69 and looks 45).
This oil is safe around the eye (unless you have a nut allergy). It is packed with fats, vitamin E and proteins. It helps moisturise and hydrates the skin. It won't block the pores and leaves the delicate skin soft and calmed.

£1.59 from

Eyeko Mascara Off Remover Wipes

Wipes especially for the eyes have launched from Eyeko. In each pack you get 10 cotton wipes. Each wipe is infused with olive oil, aloe oil and grapefruit extract.  These remove all eye makeup easily without any residue left behind. These are ideal for travelling when you don't want to carry around a bottle of remover. Perfect for flights also if you only have carry on luggage and can't take your liquid remover.
 A pack of 10 wipes will cost you £6.00 which is a little pricey we feel. That's 60p per wipe and if you are using them every day they will only last you 10 days but good for a holiday.

Bioderma Crealine H20

You have probably seen us using this tons in our tutorials and if you read our digital magazine TWO Magazine then you will often see it featured in our 'What the Pro's carry' section.
 It's a bit of a cult remover simply because it is very gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes. 
This emulsifies heavy makeup off with ease and if you remove and re apply your makeup throughout the day then this won't irritate your already annoyed eyes!
Comes in a gigantic 500ml bottle or a more manageable 100ml or 250ml bottle.
 A little more tricky to get hold of but you can get it from from £4.50 upwards depending on the size you prefer. 

Sephora Targeted Eye Makeup Remover Swabs

These are genius. Basically like a regular cotton bud but the inner stick part is hollow and filled with eye makeup remover.
 Simply snap off the end with the blue line and the liquid will saturate the bud at the other end.
 You can then use to gently remove your mascara.
 The liquid also contains an ingredient called Procapil which helps with lash growth.
 These are also particularly good for touching up a messy eyeliner or a wonky lip liner!
 You can get these from Sephora for $9.00


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sunday Riley Artemis Face Oil

Over the last month I have been trying out the Sunday Riley Artemis Face Oil. I usually do use a face oil at night to give an intensive moisturisation so was keen to try this cult oil out.

First things first it's really expensive, around £98.00 depending on where you purchase from. But if you have a problematic skin and end up wasting money on cheaper skin care that doesn't work then you will benefit from cutting back and saving for this if possible.

The oil comes in a glass 30ml pipette style application bottle. You only need around three or four drops of the oil so if you are only using at night this will last quite some time.

Sunday Riley have three different oils in their line up and the Artemis oil nestles into the category of being good for a problematic, oily, combination skin type.
 You can mix these oils with a little of your daily moisturiser however if you do have an oily/combination skin I think it would be too greasy, stick to using it at night.

Whats inside?....
 This oil is packed with some pretty amazing natural ingredients, hence the price tag. 
Lemon Iron bark and Lemon Myrtle act as an anti inflammatory, calming influence. If you suffer from breakouts or generally irritated skin then this will reduce the redness and soothe any puffiness.
 This also contains Milk Thistle. Now Milk Thistle is something we have often taken after a heavy night of drinking. It does wonders for the liver helping it to repair and recover from too much toxins from the alcohol. In skin care it helps reduce redness, balances the skin and cools from within. Perfect for a stressed out skin!
Omega 3 helps protects from sun damage and increase cell turnover whilst Flax seed brightens a dull skin.

After using this each night for a week I could definitely notice a difference in my skin. The clarity was improved and my skin somewhat smoother and refined. My skin which is generally quite hormonal and a little stressed loved this oil. I had a few little pimples come up as normal but after applying this at night the next day the bumps had reduced and eventually disappeared rather than come to a head.

The only thing I didn't like about this oil (and this is total personal preference) is the smell. I personally dislike the scent of this quite a bit. My partner also hates it. I could douse myself in my favourite perfume and he wouldn't smell it but 3 drops of this and he's screwing his nose up at me.
 Sam and I came to the conclusion it smells like straw! Weird I know but that's all we could liken it to. You on the other hand like most may just think it smells of Lemon!
 You do get used to the smell though and if it continues to make my skin look as good as it has been then I can get over the scent.

Get hold of this from the following places  


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation

I first used this foundation on a bridal shoot recently and couldn't believe how amazing it made the brides skin look.
 It buffed in easily and blended like a second skin. Her skin looked radiant and glowing without looking oily and in her photographs she looked airbrushed.

On first glance this 30g pot looks like it is going to give you a mega heavy finish. It looks thick and creamy in the pot but once you transfer it onto the skin it melts away to a medium veil of colour.
 The pot is very luxurious however not the easiest to transport about and a little messy. It's definitely a dressing table use product.

This foundation is great for all skin types. It's oil free so won't make an oily skin greasy and it has a unique ability to transfer water into the skin so it is also super hydrating for a dry skin.

It is available in 14 shades.

We felt like the shades came up a little lighter than the looked in the pot. We tested the three colours that suit our skin tones.

The gel based formula gives it an adaptable coverage from medium to full. Because it contains 60% charged water and seaweed it is great for a slightly older skin that needs a hydration boost.

What is inside...
Water firstly and cyclomethicone which is a silicone. It is the silicone which helps to give skin its smooth finish.
This foundation is particularly good for those with a sensitive or red toned skin. It is packed with tons of skin soothing ingredients.
 It contains Rosemary which acts as a natural astringent, helping to absorb excess oil whilst calming an inflamed skin. Chamomile and Aloe leaf calm and condition. Arnica leaf benefits an irritated skin and acts as a natural antiseptic.

The finish is a radiant, satin skin finish. Your skin looks airbrushed and flawless without having all of its natural colour washed out. Almost like you have a sheer pair of satin tights over your face!
 As with most foundations, if there is any texture to your skin i.e dry patches then you may find it clings a little. I would probably say this would therefore sit better on an oily or combination skin.

Despite having titanium dioxide (and mica for those allergic to it) it doesn't flash back at all and photographs beautifully. If you are getting married or simply having your photo taken then this foundation is a winner.
 If your skin is generally pretty good this will make it look amazing. If you have the odd breakout and want to cover it then you will also need a separate concealer. 

It is of course not cheap. With all of these amazing ingredients and an amazing finish that lasts well throughout the day you have to expect a higher price point. I'm buttering you up's £58.00.

 That pot will last you a good while though, especially as you only need a small amount to achieve a flawless finish.
 If skin is your thing then 100% check it out.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay Electric Palette is for extreme colour lovers. This palette holds 10 shades in a mixture of matte and frosted shimmer.
Included is a dual ended brush to blend and apply with.

Top Row
Bottom Row
Colour payoff is great. Instant vibrancy on application. By nature matte colours are always a little more tricky to blend and to avoid a patchy finish you will need to persevere and build colour whilst blending.
I would advise using an eye primer under these colours because they do stain the skin slightly temporarily. A primer will prevent this and make it easier when removing.
 Shades do drop so make your life easier and do your foundation second after the eyes.
 This palette is £38.00 and available now.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Clarins Colours of Brazil

We still actually have our Clarins bronzer from last summer as it's so huge. It hasn't even got a hole in it yet but it's great that we now have a back up for when we do drop it/finish it.

This years bronzer is the same 20g mirrored bronzer in the same mix of shades as last year. A blend of soft taupe and slightly darker warm brown with a matte finish. There is a small square of an apricot with a shimmer finish.

A natural bronzed look can be achieved from this and as it has no shimmer (apart from the tiny square) you're safe to wear it during the day.
This bronzer is a hefty £30 but as I have had mine a year now with no sign of it running out it's a good investment.

The wet and dry eye shadow palette has four colours in a mix of a matte and satin finish.
 Two brown tones and a soft coral along with a stone coloured base shade. Only the lighter brown and the coral have a shimmer, the other two colours are matte.

The fourth stone colour is on the right of the picture but its such a good match to my skin tone you can hardly see it.

The royal blue strip of colour is probably the colour that would attract you to this palette. It is an eyeliner. The colour doesn't translate as bright onto the skin as it is seen in the palette and the finish is a little patchy. This palette is £32.00.

There are six lip balm crayons in the collection. Unlike some of these lip crayon style products which give a stronger colour pay off these ones are a balm. For a balm they actually give a good amount of colour. They are infused with Shea butter so great moisturisation for dry lips.
 Twist up with a good inch of product.


The fifth colour called My pink (not shown in the swatches above) is a transparent colour that works on the PH of your own skin. It will adjust to your own unique shade of pink depending on the PH levels within your lips.
 These are £18.00 each.

We also have from Clarins their summer Shimmer Oil. This is not part of the colours of Brazil collection and is only available online.

 You need to give this a good shake because the oil separates from the colour pigment.
 The fine golden pigments add a shimmer to the oil and also give a subtle gold tint to the skin. This would sit nicely on an already tanned skin and may look a little to golden for a pale skin.
 Scented with mandarin, grapefruit, ylang ylang and tonka bean all in a hazlenut oil base.
 Skin softening vitamin E nourishes skin and would be good on a skin that may be slightly dryer due to sun exposure. This has no sun protection in it so do not use it for tanning purposes. Lovely on the body but too oily and gold for the face.
This is £38.00.

The colours of Brazil collection is available from May 2014 and The shimmer oil available online only from May 2014.


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Laura Mercier Summer 2014: New Attitude

Laura Mercier have launched their summer colour story this April called New Attitude. 
The baked eye shadow palettes are always a hit for Laura Mercier and this season they have launched two very different options.

Summer in St Tropez is everything you would expect from a summer palette. Luminous, radiant metallic finish colours in mint, teal, royal blue and bronzed gold.

Summer in St Tropez

You do need to layer the colours up to achieve a good amount of colour or you could wear them over a cream eyeshadow or base to enhance the colour.

The second palette is Rendezvous in Monte Carlo and reminds us of Neapolitan Ice Cream.

Rendezvous in Monte Carlo

Soft, pinky dreamy colours that are a bit more wearable for every day.
Each palette is £33.00.
These baked quads blend easily into each other and have zero drop down. The finish is a soft metallic sheen that shimmers well.

The lipsticks in the collection (£17.50 each) are gel based and super moisturising with a high sheen. You'll never really get a thick opaque cover but if you like a translucent bold coloured lipstick these are a good option.
Temptation (L) Heart breaker (R)

Really comfortable to wear and also available in two other colours called Clementine, a vibrant orange and Flushed, a nude flesh colour.

For the skin they have launched a beautiful cream highlighter in a mirrored compact. Cream highlighters are great for summer radiance. We like to add it to the high points of the face or swept across the eyelid for a hint of fresh sheen.

The texture is not glossy or sticky but balmy and creamy. The sheen gives a two tone gold and pink with a natural radiance, no glitter to be seen.
This cream highlighter is £29.00

The collection is available from this April for a limited time.


Monday, 14 April 2014

Frank Coffee Scrub

We had first seen images of this scrub on Instagram. Lots of girls and guys in the shower holding their brown paper Frank bag up. We were intrigued what it was all about so got our hands on a sachet of the original Frank coffee scrub.

We love the brown paper bag packaging. Easy to tear open when your hands are wet. The bag is thick paper and has a plastic pouch inside so you don't need to worry about the bag getting wet and falling apart.
Tear the top half off and the bag inside is resealable so you can store it safely away until your next use.
Inside there is so much product. The 200g pouch is packed with coffee powder.

Open it up once you are in the shower because as you are grabbing handfuls out it will drop and make a mess.
 Get a handful and start to massage over damp skin in circular motions as you normally would with a scrub.
 It feels like you are putting your hand in a bag of soil and as you are massaging in it feels gritty but not abrasive and harsh.
 Obviously it smells of coffee but surprisingly not an over powering coffee scent. It is also infused with sweet almond oil, salt, brown sugar, orange oil and vitamin E.
 The smell actually reminds me of a chocolate orange scent. Please do not eat or drink though!

The scrub is good for people with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, poor circulation, varicose veins, acne, stretch marks and cellulite.
 Obviously with regards to stretch marks and cellulite this is not going to be a wonder product that will rid you of these however the exfoliation will benefit a sluggish circulation helping to eliminate toxins in the body.

Once you have covered your skin with coffee and massaged it in leave it on for around 10 minutes then just simply shower it off. It washes off easily and doesn't stain your skin (or your shower).

Be sure to give your shower basin a rinse to prevent parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/housemate wondering what on earth happened in the shower.

Skin feels super soft and glowing and with no odour of coffee lingering.
Use this once a week to maintain the benefits. Because this is natural coffee it does have a relatively short shelf life of six months so keep an eye on the date you open it. Also I wouldn't store this in your bathroom. A damp, humid bathroom is not a good place to keep your coffee scrub so store it some where dry and cool.

Frank also comes in another variety of coffee with grapeseed and coconut.

Frank is Australian however they do ship internationally to North America, Asia and Europe. There will be the obvious delivery costs and it will take longer to get delivered so be sure to order a good 3 weeks before you need it.

Check out their website and depending on where you are in the world click the international tab on checkout to get your shipping times and costs.

A sachet of this scrub is $14.95 or around £8.90.

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