Monday, 31 March 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow

In all our years as makeup artists whenever a client said they normally wear E.L Double Wear you automatically assume they like a full coverage. The classic double wear look is a full cover, flawless look with no natural skin showing through that has always flashed back on camera slightly.
 The Double Wear title in this new product may lure classic Double Wear users in however it is much lower down the covering scale.
 The old BB word has cropped up again and this latest launch ticks all the BB cream boxes. It primes, moisturises, provides a cover and has sunscreen (SPF30).

What makes this different?
BB Creams are normally super sheer cover however this BB cream is for people who want to try and move away from their foundation for the summer but are a little nervous a normal BB cream won't provide enough cover. This still has the cover of a normal light foundation I would say.
 It has a lovely radiant finish without any glitter or sparkle.
 Once it dries it feels matte to the touch even though it looks satin.
 It did slightly cling to dry areas so make sure your skin has optimum hydration before applying.

It does look beautiful on a combination/oily skin though. It is oil free so it lasted well throughout the day.
 A good selection of colours are available with eight different tones ranging from a pink based porcelain through to a yellow based olive tone. The colours also mix together nicely if you can't achieve the best shade from one.

We had two colours to play with in Intensity 1.0 and 4.0
Intensity 1.0

Intensity 4.0

The 30ml tube style bottle makes this easy to sling into your makeup bag and transport about.
 Available now for £29.00.



  1. I would love to get my skin hydrated enough to use such useful products without having to worry about the product emphasising my dry skin.

  2. Great review. This sounds interesting, I would love trying it, it may be perfect for the summer days.

  3. The Double Wear Highlighter Pens that came out the same time are also worth looking at. They set on the skin rather than sink into it so have loads of staying power.
    Alex xx

  4. I've just got hold of a sample of this new BB foundation cream and have been pretty impressed so far. You are right about the dry patches though, I found this too but overall very impressed. x

  5. Thanks for this awesome review

  6. i've heard a lot of great things about this product! x

  7. oooo I'm definitely interested in trying this!

  8. Great review - I'm definitely inclined to try this out, I don't like as much coverage as Double Wear but a BB cream is a little too lightweight for me so this sounds perfect!

  9. I've always thought the original double wear is too full coverage, so this looks great :)
    Great post!

    Vicky xx

  10. I love the original double wear and double wear light so really interested to try this :) always been put off my bb creams on my oily skin so this sounds perfect!
    Alana x

  11. this sounds amazing!

  12. I'm in love with doublewear but I'm always worried it'd be too heavy in summer! Will definitely check this out, thanks!

    Sarah xx

  13. looks great would love to try !

  14. I love original All Day Glow so might have to pick this one up too x

  15. This looks so good! I've only ever tried the Garnier BB cream which I was never particularly impressed with but this one makes me think I should give BB creams another try :-)

  16. Ooh I can't wait to try this out. I recently went and purchased MAC's Face and Body since I have seen you both use it so much and it is amazing. So lightweight with a sheer to medium coverage. Definitely worth the money! Thank you :)

  17. Love this review, I have been using the Double Wear light for over a year now and still find it a little heavy so this sounds perfect - need to try! xo


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