Friday, 28 March 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, brighter eyes kit

Charlotte Tilbury has launched her new bigger, brighter eyes kit which is customisable depending on your preferred colour choice.

Please note this is how the press kit looks and when purchasing yours may look different.

What's inside....
The Retoucher Conceal and treatment stick (you can choose from 4 shades),
Full fat lashes mascara,
Life changing lashes, lash curler,
Rock 'n' kohl liquid pencil in Marlena midnight (you can choose from 5 shades),
Eye cheat for bigger brighter eyes.

The Retoucher (normally £25.00)
Pen style applicator dispenses product through the brush at the end. Available in four shades the liquid concealer blends in to the skin well and provides a medium coverage. Especially good around the eyes for under eye darkness or redness at the corners of the eye.
 Contains a flexible pearl ingredient which covers with a satin, skin like finish that looks radiant and natural but also photographs well.
Black tea extract is also added in this product to help soothe and moisturise the skin.
 I really liked this retoucher pen. Unlike a lot of other brands which have a similar product this does not create a highlighted halo around the eyes. It covers well and blends really easily.
 You don't need loads of product and if you have fine lines around the eyes blend in with your ring finger and push a little powder over the top to set.

Colour in No3 Medium

Full Fat Lashes Mascara (normally £22.00)
A bristly brush which tapers at the tip. The texture is creamy but not too wet so it allows you to build layers without getting it all over your lid.
The tapered tip means you can pick out the tiny lashes at the inner corner and lower lashes easily.
Lash separation was good and after using the lash curlers I could achieve a great curl.

Full fat lashes mascara and the Retoucher pen around the under eye.
 Life Changing Lashes Lash Curler (normally £18.00)
When you've seen one pair you have seen them all! But never a rose gold pair! These do look truly decadent and perform as you would expect. The rubber inside is rounded rather than squared so it gently curls rather than sharply bending. No spare rubber inside though.

Rock 'n' Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil (£19.00 normally)

When purchasing your kit you can pick from five different coloured pencils. In our kit we had the shade called Marlena Midnight. Midnight blue with a slight sheen finish. These Kohl's needed to be blended immediately, if you leave to dry before blending you will not budge it! Lasting power is amazing and you will have to physically remove this as it doesn't wear off at all.

Eye Cheat for Bigger Eyes (£19.00 normally)

Same texture as the previous kohl but in a flesh tone rather than a stark white colour in the waterline. This flesh nude mimics the natural skin tone to create a bright eyed natural look.
 Add this into the waterline at the end of the makeup to brighten and erase any liner transfer or use it in the waterline as a base colour to then add another darker kohl on top. This will ensure your liner stays put all day.

Each of these pieces are available separately but you can purchase them in a kit together for £85.00 from


  1. I have bought about 6 items of the CT range, and have been thrilled with all of them, I will definitely get some more when funds allow! Thanks for the review xx

  2. Oooooh now this is a good mothers day gift for me...

  3. I want to try this brand SO badly but I don't think they are available in the US *cries*!!


    1. They are available international since a week or so :)

  4. Today arrived the Concealer from Charlotte Tilbury that I ordered and I can't wait to try it out and after your review especially! :)

  5. This looks like a really great set! I love the look of all Charlotte Tilbury's products - they're just all so beautiful x

  6. looks great! x

  7. I love the Charlotte Tilbury packaging all on its own! Add that the products are amazing and I'm practically drooling reading this ;-)

  8. If only had the money <3

  9. Wow, this kit is amazing! I need to get one for me too!


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