Thursday, 27 March 2014

Appleyard London Flowers

 Mothers day is this Sunday here in the UK but I think it's perhaps a little later if you live elsewhere.
 Regardless of the date and occasion we don't really need any excuse to swoon over a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
 If you haven't heard of Appleyard you need to check out their site

They offer bouquets from a range of different flowers along with couture bouquets, seasonal flower arrangements and occasion flowers.

We chose some apricot vintage roses to brighten up our studio. If only we had smell-o-vision because their scent is divine.
They arrive in a protective box to ensure the delicate petals are not damaged.

Excuse the rain drops!

 The flowers sit in a cube of water inside a carrying bag and cellophane.

Prices range from £24.00 and upwards however we have been given a special promotional code so that Pixiwoo readers can get 40% off.
To get your discount pop the code BLOG40 into the discount code box on checkout.

Appleyard only deliver within the UK i'm afraid so check out all of their delivery T's and C's on their site. If you want them for this Sunday for your mum I would get ordering today.

Let us know which bouquet you go for.



  1. amazing! x

  2. Beautiful : ) x x

  3. It's so beautiful! It's my first comment here, although I spent last days watching a loooooooooot of your videos girls. I'm a portuguese girl and I start blogging recently. I've been more and more interested in make.up and skin care and I discovered your blog by searching for sleek make.up reviews (and then I bought my first real palette yey!). I can get addicted to watch make.up related videos but with yours (despite the fact that they are amazing) they help me in another way. I'm going to take the IELTS soon so I have an excuse to watch your videos, your fantastic british accent ahahah.
    Sorry, this is getting so big, but just to state that you have a newly and fresh fan back here in Portugal =)

    12 LOVE

  4. Oh they are so beautiful! I might send some flowers to my mum this weekend as I can't be in the country for mothers day. I went home last weekend and we celebrated with a traditional english roast then instead :) xxx
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  5. Just ordered the secret garden bouquet for my mum as can't be there for Sunday;( beautiful flowers & fab discount code, although couldn't get them to be delivered on the Sunday for some reason? Hope everyone has a fab weekend!:)

  6. I too have ordered the secret garden bouquet for my gran. Thanks for recommending and the discount code :-))


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