Monday, 31 March 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow

In all our years as makeup artists whenever a client said they normally wear E.L Double Wear you automatically assume they like a full coverage. The classic double wear look is a full cover, flawless look with no natural skin showing through that has always flashed back on camera slightly.
 The Double Wear title in this new product may lure classic Double Wear users in however it is much lower down the covering scale.
 The old BB word has cropped up again and this latest launch ticks all the BB cream boxes. It primes, moisturises, provides a cover and has sunscreen (SPF30).

What makes this different?
BB Creams are normally super sheer cover however this BB cream is for people who want to try and move away from their foundation for the summer but are a little nervous a normal BB cream won't provide enough cover. This still has the cover of a normal light foundation I would say.
 It has a lovely radiant finish without any glitter or sparkle.
 Once it dries it feels matte to the touch even though it looks satin.
 It did slightly cling to dry areas so make sure your skin has optimum hydration before applying.

It does look beautiful on a combination/oily skin though. It is oil free so it lasted well throughout the day.
 A good selection of colours are available with eight different tones ranging from a pink based porcelain through to a yellow based olive tone. The colours also mix together nicely if you can't achieve the best shade from one.

We had two colours to play with in Intensity 1.0 and 4.0
Intensity 1.0

Intensity 4.0

The 30ml tube style bottle makes this easy to sling into your makeup bag and transport about.
 Available now for £29.00.


Friday, 28 March 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Bigger, brighter eyes kit

Charlotte Tilbury has launched her new bigger, brighter eyes kit which is customisable depending on your preferred colour choice.

Please note this is how the press kit looks and when purchasing yours may look different.

What's inside....
The Retoucher Conceal and treatment stick (you can choose from 4 shades),
Full fat lashes mascara,
Life changing lashes, lash curler,
Rock 'n' kohl liquid pencil in Marlena midnight (you can choose from 5 shades),
Eye cheat for bigger brighter eyes.

The Retoucher (normally £25.00)
Pen style applicator dispenses product through the brush at the end. Available in four shades the liquid concealer blends in to the skin well and provides a medium coverage. Especially good around the eyes for under eye darkness or redness at the corners of the eye.
 Contains a flexible pearl ingredient which covers with a satin, skin like finish that looks radiant and natural but also photographs well.
Black tea extract is also added in this product to help soothe and moisturise the skin.
 I really liked this retoucher pen. Unlike a lot of other brands which have a similar product this does not create a highlighted halo around the eyes. It covers well and blends really easily.
 You don't need loads of product and if you have fine lines around the eyes blend in with your ring finger and push a little powder over the top to set.

Colour in No3 Medium

Full Fat Lashes Mascara (normally £22.00)
A bristly brush which tapers at the tip. The texture is creamy but not too wet so it allows you to build layers without getting it all over your lid.
The tapered tip means you can pick out the tiny lashes at the inner corner and lower lashes easily.
Lash separation was good and after using the lash curlers I could achieve a great curl.

Full fat lashes mascara and the Retoucher pen around the under eye.
 Life Changing Lashes Lash Curler (normally £18.00)
When you've seen one pair you have seen them all! But never a rose gold pair! These do look truly decadent and perform as you would expect. The rubber inside is rounded rather than squared so it gently curls rather than sharply bending. No spare rubber inside though.

Rock 'n' Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil (£19.00 normally)

When purchasing your kit you can pick from five different coloured pencils. In our kit we had the shade called Marlena Midnight. Midnight blue with a slight sheen finish. These Kohl's needed to be blended immediately, if you leave to dry before blending you will not budge it! Lasting power is amazing and you will have to physically remove this as it doesn't wear off at all.

Eye Cheat for Bigger Eyes (£19.00 normally)

Same texture as the previous kohl but in a flesh tone rather than a stark white colour in the waterline. This flesh nude mimics the natural skin tone to create a bright eyed natural look.
 Add this into the waterline at the end of the makeup to brighten and erase any liner transfer or use it in the waterline as a base colour to then add another darker kohl on top. This will ensure your liner stays put all day.

Each of these pieces are available separately but you can purchase them in a kit together for £85.00 from

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Appleyard London Flowers

 Mothers day is this Sunday here in the UK but I think it's perhaps a little later if you live elsewhere.
 Regardless of the date and occasion we don't really need any excuse to swoon over a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
 If you haven't heard of Appleyard you need to check out their site

They offer bouquets from a range of different flowers along with couture bouquets, seasonal flower arrangements and occasion flowers.

We chose some apricot vintage roses to brighten up our studio. If only we had smell-o-vision because their scent is divine.
They arrive in a protective box to ensure the delicate petals are not damaged.

Excuse the rain drops!

 The flowers sit in a cube of water inside a carrying bag and cellophane.

Prices range from £24.00 and upwards however we have been given a special promotional code so that Pixiwoo readers can get 40% off.
To get your discount pop the code BLOG40 into the discount code box on checkout.

Appleyard only deliver within the UK i'm afraid so check out all of their delivery T's and C's on their site. If you want them for this Sunday for your mum I would get ordering today.

Let us know which bouquet you go for.


Decleor Aromessence Mandarine Night Balm

I have used Decleor Essential Balm before at night and remember waking up in the morning with skin that felt ridiculously soft. The scent of the natural essential oils on my skin also sent me off into a deep sleep.
 From the 1st of April Decleor launch their new Aroma Lisse range. Lisse meaning smooth this collection of products is targeted at first signs of ageing. Similar to the essential balm we tried the new Aromessence Mandarine smoothing night balm.

 Available in two sizes of 15ml (£33.50) and 30ml (£57) this solid balm contains Evening Primrose Plant Oil, Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Mandarin Essential oil. The Mandarin oil is the new key ingredient here. It helps in the regeneration of new skin cells so is particularly good for sun damaged skin.
 Rich, thick and buttery the balm melts into the skin to provide a sheer oil texture on the skin.
 Massage this into the skin with fingers or with a facial massager for a special night time treat.

Skin which is dry/dehydrated or sensitive will lap this balm up. This would still be really beneficial on an oily/combination skin but if you are prone to breakouts the Shea Butter may be a little too much for you skin as it is in a high quantity in this balm.

Smells fresh but anything too citrus based always reminds me of bathroom cleaner so I do much prefer the scent in Decleor's other Aromessence products.

Use a small amount each night or use as an intensive night time treat twice a week.

Have you used Decleor? We would love to hear about your favourite products from the range.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Zoeva Story Eyeshadow Palettes

Now this is our kind of book! These slimline eye shadow palettes from Zoeva are each sold separately and hold 10 eye shadows each.

Retro Future Palette

A mix of metallic and matte colours but each with a really good colour payoff. Staying power is good on a "normal" eyelid and they blend well with a soft texture and no drop down. After a few hours you may need to re buff in any creasing if you have an oily eyelid. Pop a primer underneath and staying power is definitely is improved though.

 Love is a Story

A good palette to experiment with brights mixed with smokey colours.
 Some really good MAC dupes in this palette. Over You is a good dupe for MAC Ochre, Ladylike is a perfect match for MAC Jewel Blue and Past Romance a dupe for MAC Creme de Violet.

Naturally Yours

This palette again is a mix of mattes and metallic. A beautiful palette if you're a fan of the natural, smokey looks such as the Kardashians. We recently used this in our Khloe Kardashian tutorial coming soon.
I love that the darker colours are matte so you can add depth without it shimmering and looking too frosty.

Rodeo Belle

On first glance I wasn't too impressed by the colours in this palette. I thought they seemed like an odd combination but after swatching the colours I changed my mind. This palette would be the perfect one to take away on a warm holiday. The natural colours would see you through the early days while your skin is adapting to it's tan and the brighter shades look amazing on a tanned skin or when you feel your skin tone can take a bit more colour or a pop of vibrancy along the lashline.

The swatch of the colour Deadshot does not do it justice, it's a good dupe for MAC Beauty Marked but actually blends much better.

If you are not familiar with Zoeva head over to their website as they have some fabulous products at very reasonable prices. These palettes are €16.80 each which is about £14.00.


Monday, 24 March 2014

OCC Loose Colour Pigments

We have blogged about OCC Lip Tar before and most people are familiar with their awesomeness however we wanted to take a look further at their range.
 We have been loving their loose pigments recently and have been using them in recent tutorials.
 The loose colour pigments are a multi purpose loose powder which can be used on the eyes, skin lips and body.

 These powders are cruelty free, 100% vegan and do not contain fillers, binders, parabens or sulfates.
 The powder is micronized which means it is ground down to a super fine powder. Along with the colour pigments they do contain mica which unfortunately some people are allergic to.
 The mica is mixed with titanium dioxide and iron oxide which helps to give  it a light reflecting sheen.

OCC have 40 colours in their loose colour line up ranging from dark sultry shades through to summer brights.
 Each colour comes in a 2.5g shaker style pot.
 For use on the eye the best way to apply is with a flat firm brush. Pack the colour on with a patting motion and then using a blending brush you can buff the colour in.
 Because these are loose they do drop slightly so a flatter, firm brush is better.
 We would say use shadow shields or do your skin after you have finished your eyes to save time cleaning up.

With so many colours to choose from we picked some gorgeous bright colours to take you into spring/summer.



Pollen Count




Cava Blue

As well as using these as an eye shadow you can mix them with a gel mixing medium to then use as an eye liner or simply mix them with water to do this also.
You can also use them on the lips by mixing them with the clear lip tar and the lighter flesh colours you could mix with your body lotion to give a shimmer to the body.

These powders are great for vibrancy and longevity. The only negative thing we would say is that there are only three tiny holes to shake the product out of and it doesn't allow much powder out. You have to keep tapping the bottom and re-shaking.

These are £7.00 each and available in the UK from or
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