Monday, 10 February 2014


This product is genius and is a tool we each have in our makeup bag at all times!
The Tweezy is basically a facial hair removing tool that you can do your self easily.
It is a really tightly coiled metal spring with a rubber handle at each end.

It works in much the same way as threading by trapping the hair between the springs and pulls it out from the root.

It does take a few minutes of playing around to get the correct twisting action you need but persevere because it really is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

To use the tweezy you need to bend it into an up turned 'U' shape, hold it onto the facial hair you want to remove and twist the tweezy inwards and outwards.

Where the spring is bent and slightly more open it will grip the hair. The twisting action will then pull the hairs out.

Does it hurt?
Yes if you are new to hair removal it will hurt for a few seconds but the good thing about this is that it grips lots of hairs at one time so you cover a large area quickly.

Does it work?
Absolutely! It's perfect for the fine peach fuzz hair on the face and also for annoying darker hair around the upper lip and chin.
 It wouldn't work on brows as it's difficult to bend it into a precise, small area but for the larger areas of the face its great.

I think I have quite a quick hair renewal time as my hairs start to come back after around 3 weeks but in theory if you normally go 6 weeks between waxing then this should last you the same.
 It doesn't cut off the hair so there is no fear of stubble, it just removes from the root the same as waxing or threading.
The hair won't grow back any darker or thicker.

The Tweezy is £10.00 with £3.00 P&P from



  1. This is genius *orders quickly* I can imagine this is really hand on make up jobs too xx

  2. This seems so cool!

  3. Don't wait for full grow back to use! If you use it at smaller intervals (not waiting for the hair to grow back completely) it hurts much less and is easier to do than if you wait for the hair to come back fully. The smaller the hair, the less painful it is to remove. It is brilliant at keeping the mouth area and cheeks and jaw line smooth and hairless!

  4. sounds good.might give it a try but i'm very sensitive to bare pain..

  5. I've been looking for something like this for ages! Just ordered one, thanks! :)

  6. Oh, I may have to order one sounds fab, easy and quick!

  7. sounds great! can't wait to try it out !

  8. I'd seen these before but was a bit skeptical to try one, I think I will give it a go now :) xxx

  9. I am soooo getting this thanks for the review girls :)

  10. This looks interesting. Hopefully they'll invent one for brows?

  11. This looks fab (a little scary) but fab nonetheless haha.

  12. I've used one of these for ages, they're absolutely brilliant! You can get dupes on ebay for just a few £ too that work just as well :)

  13. I've used one of these for ages, they're absolutely brilliant! You can get dupes on ebay for just a few £ too that work just as well :)

  14. never seen one of these before! thanks for the great info!


  15. I don't know about this! I'm still kinda scared! I think I'll stick with my tweezers,

  16. Yep, I'll be ordering me one of those.

    Charlotte - x


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