Friday, 21 February 2014


Suqqu is a Japanese brand which here in the UK is available from Selfridges
The name Suqqu is derived from the name Japanese word sukki-to meaning posture with attitude.
 Their ethos is basically to create products that give women confidence and to enhance their natural beauty.

Suqqu has quite an intimidating appearance at first glance and doesn't immediately entice me in. The packaging is all black and almost everything written on the box is in Japanese (obviously!).
 Don't be put off by this though as there are some really nice pieces in the brands portfolio.

A brand for all skin tones but as you may expect being Japanese the colours do sit nicer on a more porcelain, fairer skin.

Balancing Cheek Duo-£38.00
Available in two shades this consists of a natural cheek colour and matte highlighter.
Colour pay off is very sheer and even after building it will only ever give you a natural cheek colour. It is made of very fine red and gold micro particles which give a slight radiance and provide a soft contour. Likewise the highlighter is a tone of the blusher but much lighter and with a matte finish.
 Perfect for all of you with fair skin who like a no makeup look cheek.

Shade No2

Cream Glow Lipstick moist in No 6-£27.00
 Wow this lipstick is a perfect lip colour. You know when you just want a colour that is maybe slightly brighter than your own natural lip colour with a balmy finish. This is it. Moisturising but not glossy.
 After years of doing brides makeup I know this colour would be an absolute winner for a natural bride look.

Colour 06

Pleasantly surprised with Suqqu and definitely worth a look if you are shopping in Selfridges any time soon.



  1. That blush duo is just beautiful! I've never heard of this brand before but going to check them out :) xx

  2. I'm in the States but I am always interested in new brands. These colors are perfection for Fair skin. I may have to invest for my Freelance Kit. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  3. I went to the Suqqu counter at Selfridge's when I was visiting London last fall. Their product line looks gorgeous, but their prices make me want to cry!


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