Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jo Malone London Rain Collection

Inspired by our fabulous British weather Jo Malone have launched their London Rain collection.
 Master Perfumer Christine Nagel wanted to create a scented portrait of London. A collection which harnesses the power of nature in the city with drenched blooms and rainstorms hammering down in the park.

The collection which launches this March consists of four fragrances each bottled in a beautiful ombre coloured bottle.

The colour choices of the bottles remind us of the murky petrol coloured puddles in good old London town.

What are the scents?...

Rain and Angelica- Angelica and lime with a base of vetiver (this is our favourite).
Wisteria & Violet- Violet, water lily and wisteria with a base of patchouli.
White Jasmine & Mint- Jasmine, lily, orange and rose with a base of mate leaf.
Black cedar wood & Juniper - Cumin, chilli leaves and juniper with a base of cedar wood.

As always a beautiful limited edition collection. Each cologne is £82.00 for 150ml.



  1. Very excited to try these - especially the Rain and Angelia and White Jasmine and Mint - if they are anything at all like the rest of the Jo Malone range, we're in for a treat :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. the bottles look so pretty! can't wait to smell the scents.

  3. my mum's been a huge fan of jo malone for a while now so i'll be looking into getting her one of these for her birthday! :) x

  4. Are these available in the States as well?


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