Monday, 3 February 2014

Illamasqua I'm the one Collection

Illamasqua have made the cheesy tradition of Valentines day a much more smouldering sexy affair.
 Their next collection called 'I'm the One' celebrates love and all things amorous and feisty.

Obviously red should be the choice this valentines and even if you're not into romance at the moment this red is awesome!
 Thick, glossy and a true pillar box red this polish actually only needs one coat for a full, opaque cover.
 This colour in Throb is in the regular colour lineup and is £14.50

Line the lips with the new colouring pencil in colour Feisty (£14.00) and fill in with the lipstick Maneater £16.50 (Also in regular colour line up)


Now for the show piece of the collection....

The intense lip gloss in colour Touch. This is stunning. Like shimmering rubies on the lips this is highly glossy with a feint, fine red glitter running through it.

Wear on it's own or slick over the lipstick for a finishing touch. If you're planning on a smooch though I would probably give the gloss a miss!!

A great mini collection for any time of the year. Available from 30th January 2014.



  1. Every year their Valentines releases tempt me, this year I think they might just succeed, one more red lipstick to add to the collection can't be a bad thing!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  2. Red lips on Valentine's Day? Unoriginal. Also, impractical. If you go to dinner or try to kiss someone all you'll have is a mess.

  3. Looks really nice!

  4. So lush! I am obsessed with illamasqua the moment. Can't wait to grab that lipstick :)

  5. Such a beautiful red. Definitely would like to try out the lipstick :)

  6. The colour looks gorgeous! I'm really into valentines day & can't wait to get my red nail varnish and lippie out :)

    Love Emma xx

  7. This would be a great set for Valentines day but in general it looks like it would give you the 'perfect' red lip! I have never really been a red lipstick type of person but I recently gave it a try and have been loving it! Now I am so obsessed and look at so many red lipstick blogs and YouTube videos!


  8. i love ared lip.

  9. I've seen this collection on so many blogs, love it :)



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