Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dior Trianon Collection Spring 2014

 You can tell instantly from the imagery Dior has used for this campaign that it takes it's inspiration from Marie Antoinette. The name Trianon comes from the hamlet which Louis XIV purchased just outside of Versailles, France. The exterior decorated in white and blue pastel porcelain made this an exquisite retreat for himself and his guests.

You can view the inspiration video below...

We took a look at a few key pieces from the collecion..

The Trianon palette

The show piece of the collection in the silver handbag style palette which Dior have previously done.
Contains a trio of frosted finish pastel shades in taupe, sea grass green and ice pink. The black is a powder eyeliner.
The colour choice in the palette was not our most favourite blend of tones. Nice enough individually however not the most wearable together. If you like these cool pastel tones that are every where on the high street at the moment then you may enjoy this palette.
 The center blusher is a baby pink which is so sheer it would only really show up on a porcelain skin tone but I guess Marie Antoinette wasn't known for being a bronzed godess!
This palette is £59.00

It does come with a nifty blush brush and sponge style applicator.

We also tried out two of the nail polishes from the collection in Bloom and Perle.
Bloom is a beautiful blue toned fuchsia pink and Perle is a much softer almost transparent pink with tiny flecks of purple and blue pearl. Both are £18.00



  1. Thank you for the review!

  2. I need that palette:) its so pretty

  3. Love the last nail polish colour!

  4. Not really impressed with this, the last nail polish is probably the better out of the launch.


  5. Not to mention that it is super fashionable and goes with any outfit. It is a great bag and will work through the change of seasons.
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