Thursday, 16 January 2014

Kiko Hair Shadow

When it comes to hair, we are pretty boring. Always envious of ladies with a funky hair cut and a vibrant colour.
 Recently there have been lots of celebs rocking a lavender tinge or a baby pink wash to their locks.
 Looks fab but makes me a little nervous on my own hair.

Well if your new year resolution is to step out of your hair comfort zone then check out Kiko's new hair shadow.

  I love the packaging for these. 9g plastic spheres with a twist off lid revealing a domed pad of coloured powder.

The size makes these an easy product to slip in your bag for touch ups and the spherical shape makes it easy to hold in your palm.

The powders are a temporary colour that you can add to you hair to change up your look to match an outfit or your makeup.
They come in these three colours of neon pink, deep lavender and bright blue.

The pigments are strong as you can see but if the vibrancy is too much you can simply put less on and it will be more subtle. Likewise you can layer it up and it will be a strong wash of colour.

Grab a section of hair and run the colour along the lengths or just at the tips. Colour powder comes off easily onto the hair. I would pop a towel around your shoulders just to catch any powder drop down.
 If you twist the lock of hair over the colour it will pick up more pigment.

I applied a layer of the lavender to the tips of my ponytail and then brushed a comb through it to soften.
Excuse the dry ends, I need a hair cut!

On a dark hair colour you may need to build the colour up a little more. On highlighted hair be aware that it may need a couple of washes to get it all out as highlighted hair tends to absorb colour more.
On coloured hair I would advise testing a discreet section first to make sure you are happy with how it washes out first.
 Each colour is £8.90.

I'm not sure how this would perform in a British downpour (it's only a powder after all). Getting caught in the rain may result in looking like Jason and his technicolour dream coat.

To avoid this Kiko recommend their hair fixer (£7.90). It's a 75ml bottle of hairspray really. This will fix the hair, lock in the pigment and makes it rainproof although I haven't had an opportunity to try it in the rain yet.
 After looking at the ingredients in this I can't see any reason why it would be different to spraying your bog standard hairspray over the colour.

I really like these. A bit of fun to brighten up January and if you don't like it, just wash it out.

 Get hold of yours from



  1. These are amazing! I'd love Fearne's locks though, beautiful!


  2. I think the hair chalk is a great idea for people to experiment with different colours without needing to actually dye there hair which can be a pain... I should know because I died my hair bright bright red and the process of dying it back to my "original" light brown has been the hardest process ever. I have died over it at least 5 times now and after about a week the evil red shows through again! If you are not prepared to have a hard time getting the hair dye out then don't dye it and instead chalk it! haha.


    1. Dyeing over already dyed hair doesn't really do much since the hair has already soaked up all the colour it can. You'd have to find something to get the dye out first.

  3. Id love to try hair chalk but i think it will dry my ends out even mroe! xx

  4. I have seen a couple of people use these and they look great! I really want to start adding colour into my make-up and outfits and this is a great way :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

  5. Oh wow!!! I have been admiring candy floss dip dye hair for a long while now and these are perfect for trying to create this on a temporary basis! Love! xx

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  8. They are discounted at the moment to £4.40! Such a bargain! Will definitely have to try!

  9. I love exotic hair colours like these, and I am happy that they are easy to wash out they look awesome!

  10. Woah! I'm quite surprised at how inexpensive these are. I've seen some similar products that cost so much more. Thanks for sharing :) X

  11. These look amazing!!

  12. love it so much!!

  13. amazing !!

  14. I love hair chalks their amazing, I once did it to my ends in green and pink and it looked so cool!

  15. I have the pink one of the chalks! I love them I shall have to do a blog post and show you what they look like in my hair! they are fab!! love connie x

  16. Love the lavender colour! Definitely thinking about purchasing these for the spring! Great post, x

    Laura Rachel

  17. Such a good idea! always wanted to have colour in my hair but was worried about how long it would take to grow out.

    Im new to blogging, would be great if you could check out my blog

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