Friday, 24 January 2014

Kiko Colour Fever Eye Shadow Palette

Kiko have launched their Limited edition colour fever palettes available in four colour options.
 Each quad contains a baked eyeshadow formula producing a metallic finish to the eye.
 The compacts are similar to Bobbi Brown in style with a mirrored lid.

 We think these quads are such great quality considering they are only £13.90 each. The colour payoff is good although the darker colours take a little building up. I didn't find that they dropped and they blend nicely. What more could you want!

Palette No 100 in Unexpected Rosy Taupe is a beautiful combination of colours.

It's hard to show off the multi coloured sheen that comes off of these shadows. The top left colour is similar to Vex from MAC in that it has a slight lilac undertone. The top right colour is similar to MAC Satin taupe. A soft taupe but with flecks of subtle green and gold glitter.
 Bottom left is a shimmery white gold and bottom right is an almost black plum with a lilac glitter.

Top Left and top Right shade.

Bottom Left and bottom Right shade.

Palette No 101 in Coral Burgundy is a more dramatic colour palette that makes for an alternative to the standard brown smoky eye.

 The rosy warm tones may not work on all especially if you suffer from under eye darkness. These shades do make a blue eye look turquoise bright though and also look stunning on a darker skin tone.

Top Left and top Right shade

Bottom Left and bottom Right shade

Colours don't come out quite as pink as they look in the palette. The bottom left shade looks very peachy in the palette but a delicate soft champagne on the skin.

* Thanks to one of our subscribers for flagging up that if you are purchasing Kiko online there is a minimum order amount of £25.00 which makes a bargain palette not so much of a bargain unfortunately.

Get hold of these palettes for a limited time only from Kiko on the link below...



  1. Palette 100 looks fab! Love all the shades xx

  2. I went to order Palette No 101 as it is exactly what I've been looking for. But the website says that minimum order they will process is for £25, I just thought that was a little cheeky as you pay delivery on top of that. Just thought you should know

    1. That's very cheeky! Thanks for flagging this up for us

  3. Those colours are beautiful. Really reminds me of The Body Shop shadow quads.

    I've just posted how to give your eyeliner staying power all day in 3 easy steps (even on oily lids!).

    Check it out

    Sophie x

  4. such a gorgeous palette and I can imagine that they are even better in person!

  5. I love the first palette, Unexpected Rosy Taupe. The colours look very wearable and ideal for everyday. I wouldn't usually wear the colours in the second palette, but seeing as I have blue eyes, maybe I should give them a go.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  6. Looks lovely!

  7. oooo, those colors are beautiful! :3

  8. Me encantan los cuartetos de Kiko, aunque ojalá sacasen algunos con tonos mate.

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  9. I really like them both I dunno which one is my favourite..Oh my god it's like Sophie's choice.

  10. Lovely colors of the first palette, nice product ;)

  11. ohh lovely i love the 2nd pallette with deep colors...

  12. the second palette looks stunning, i loved the post and such lovely colours.

  13. Gorgeous colours!!


  14. I love the second palette! I can already envision all the different looks I could do with it. Lol I don't own any of those colors as of yet but hope to change that very soon. Trying my best to build my collection up! Thanks for the heads up. Love you guys, PIXIWOO ROX!!!!

  15. The palettes look amazing. I wish we had Kiko in Bosnia.

  16. This reminds my of The Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes which are slightly more expensive, so I might give them a try if I eye on something else too to fill up the 25 pounds. Gotta stay frugal ;D

  17. Unexpected Rosy Taupe isn't new one: it was launched for the very first time in 2011:)

  18. the palettes look amazing gorgeous colours

  19. Lovely palettes. For some reason, shades of brown and taupe never get old for me and I can never seem to have enough!


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