Thursday, 2 January 2014

HealGel Face

We have been a fan of the Heal gel intensive cream for ages. Nic used this over her Cesarean scar and it dramatically reduced the redness and kept the skin supple.
Healgel was created by a team of plastic surgeons and a dermatologist who wanted to create a cream that would be safe and effective for use post surgery.

 As we step into the really rubbish weather here in the UK we were keen to try out Healgel Face.
 Firstly it's nice to see a no frills box(at least we know we are not paying extra for packaging). It tells you what it is, when to apply it and lists all the ingredients.  

Glycerin is a good ingredient to see at the top. We know this moisture magnet will be drawing moisture to the skin.
 Rice Bran oil will help to soothe itching and reduce inflammation, an essential for this time of year.
 This cream is packed full of omega oils which will nourish, plump and help hydrate the skin. 
 Also present is our old favourite Salicylic acid. This helps the skin to shed dead skin cells and is a god send for a congested, oily skin.

When I think of replenishing, healing creams I always imagine them to be too rich and greasy however this product is more likened to a lotion and absorbs instantly. It is suitable for all skin types although a very dry skin may need to layer up a little more.

 Great for people who have scarring, dehydrated skin and whose skin suffers in the winter.
50ml pump action tube is £48.00 which I know is fairly pricey but with all these fab ingredients inside, you know it's going to cost.

Check out Healgel face and other products on their site


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  2. Wow seems like an amazing product.
    Happy New Year.

  3. I have a few scars that this might work on! Want to get my hands on it :) xxxx

  4. I have really dry skin so I bet this product would be great for me, great post as always!


  5. This product looks really good! I don't have any major scars but when I get spots, the marks they leave behind take quite a while to fade - maybe this would help? Great post (:

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  7. i might try this out - thank you! great post.

  8. Wow this sounds amazing! Expensive but amazing!

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  10. I love your blog

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  12. This sounds fantastic! How much do you reckon it would reduce the appearance of old, maybe two years old scars? Xx


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