Thursday, 23 January 2014

Clarins Opalescence Spring Collection

 This collection includes a limited edition face and blush powder. The powder is pressed into a gold compact with a light reflecting lid reminding me of bubbles!

To follow the bubble theme there are circles of different colours incorporated into this powder. The main bulk of the powder is a natural peachy toned powder which could be used all over the face (on a lighter skin) as a regular matte powder.
 The warmer taupe and peach/pink can be used on the cheeks. There is a flash of gold through this powder which does transfer onto the rest of the powder giving it a fine golden glitter. This gold streak is only superficial though and doesn't run all the way through so once you have used this a couple of times the gold will be gone. I prefer it matte anyway so it's no big deal that the gold disappears.
This compact is £30.00.

Also for the cheeks are four different cream blushers. Although these are cream they go on with a matte texture and leave a more velvet finish rather than a creamy, gloss finish.
Top (L) Peach (R) Candy, Bottom (L) Grenadine (R) Rosewood

The colour payoff is not very strong and takes a bit of building up. Great for people who like a really natural tint to the cheeks or for those with a very fair skin tone. These are £18.00 each.

We sampled the single eyeshadow in this collection called Smoky plum. It's a mineral eye shadow so it has a high reflective finish. A cross between a grey and a lilac with a silver fine glitter pigment shot through it. This is £17.00.

The lipsticks are my favourite of the collection. The colours are all vibrant and super glossy. They feel comfortable on the lips but due to the moisturised finish they do wear quickly. Colour transfers onto the lips much more natural than it looks in the tube so don't be put off by the vivid colours. These are £18.00 each.

Coral Tulip, Pink Orchid, Tropical Pink

If the lipsticks are not glossy enough for you then check out the two glosses in this collection.
 One is a totally clear gloss with a creamy texture and the second is a peach shot with a fine gold.
 Lovely texture and smell like Hubba Bubba chewing gum. They are £17.00 each.

 Clarins launch their Opalescence collection this February 2014.‎ 


  1. That powder is just stunning - gorgeous shades and lovely packaging :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. The packaging looks so pretty!

  3. The face and blush powder looks beautiful! The pink lipgloss also reminds my a lot of Dior's in Rose en Diable - it's one of my favourites! (:
    - Jem
    |Une Belle Masquerade|

  4. these are so beautiful....sadly Clarins has discontinued its makeup line in India. So bad to miss on these beauties...

  5. Love the look of those cream blushes!!! Beautiful!

    alex @

  6. Look all lovely! xx

  7. Wow these all look lovely, though I can't get over the packaging, gorgeous!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  8. What a beautiful collection love this blushes and lipsticks :) xx

  9. Wow just all really lovely want it all!

    mybeautysleuth x

  10. The eyeshadow looks stunning! So sparkly and such a pretty shade (:

  11. Oh my word, everything looks stunning! Think I'd best stay away from the Clarins counter during February or I may buy it all :-$

  12. Oh my word, everything looks stunning! Think I'd best stay away from the Clarins counter during February or I may buy it all :-$

  13. That eyeshadow and face powder look amazing!!!!


  14. Wow, packaging is so cute! and the shades of those blushes are perfect :)

  15. Love the eyeshadow. So pretty.

  16. love the look of the compact and I'd love to get my hands on some of that blush!

  17. ahhh i love the eyeshadow...such a gorgeous colour.

  18. The compact is beautiful and the lip colors look really pretty. I'll have to try those out at the Clarins counter.

  19. The lipsticks come out a lot pinker than they look in the tubes! I quite like that :)
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  21. So beautiful :O love the eyeshadows


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