Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ciate Flower Manicure

It is particularly cold outside today but Spring has sprung here at Pixiwoo.
 Ciate have done it again and delivered us a beautiful manicure kit ready for the Spring/Summer season.
A little bit of a hippy at heart I adore this manicure kit. 
Available in two colour options each kit contains a 5ml nail polish, fast dry top coat, nail file, tweezers and two pots of coloured dried flowers.

Kit in Bada Bloom contains an icy baby blue nail polish along with a mixture of purple, turquoise and red dried flowers.

Shape your nails using the included file and the apply two coats of the nail colour ensuring each layer is dry before moving on. I have particularly ridged nails so I needed three coats to make my nails look even.

Colour included is called Ferris Wheel
Next assemble the flowers that you want to use so that you are ready to start applying them.
Apply a layer of the fast dry top coat and whilst this is still wet start laying your selected flowers onto the nail.

Once the flowers are in place apply another coat of the top coat and leave to dry. You can then move onto the next finger.

After all fingers are dry simply use the file to buff off any over hanging edges.

The second kit is called Strike a posy.

This set includes a bright pink nail colour and two pots of dried flowers in turquoise, yellow and white.

 The pink nail polish adds a beautiful contrast to the yellow flowers.

This colour is called Candy Floss

This kit is more vibrant and clashing but equally as gorgeous.

You can layer different flowers up onto your nail, opt for one flower on each finger or simply apply flowers to an accent finger.
 Once sealed and the edges buffed off these will last on your nails for around 2/3 days if you're careful with them.
 These types of kits are always a little fiddly and it will require patience and a delicate hand to get them to lay how you want without damaging the petals. If you enjoy getting creative with nails and have time on your hands then give it a go.
These kits are available this spring and are £18.00 each.



  1. Such a fun look - not sure it's very practical, but would still love to try it :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. These are very pretty, but with my nerves I could never pull the look off. But they are still gorgeous. x

  3. These look fab! Love the small details :) x

  4. I think that these are nice, but they look so much nicer and smoother on their advertising campaign. I think it might annoy me if the flowers didn't sit flat, which is probably too high of an expectation to have! I love the shade Ferris Wheel though, I'm wearing that today! :)

  5. Looks lovely!

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  6. Aww i love these, they will be gorgeous for Spring xx

  7. This is beautiful! Ciaté always have great ideas! xx

  8. Wow they looks amazing. I not really one for OTT nil art, but still super pretty!


  9. These look amazing, I'm not really into nail art and all that jazz but this is so lovely!


  10. so pretty, i love that look so much on nails

  11. Aw these are so cute! I'd really love to try something like this out (:

  12. The nail addict within me is screaming YES!!

    Georgina at

  13. I NEEEEEEEEED this! I'll be hitting the shops to get this on the release date! This looks beautifuuuulllllllllllllll

  14. These are super cute and look so pretty!

  15. These kits are soo adorable! They look really natural as well which makes a nice change to other nail stick ons :)

  16. Those flower pots are such a cute idea! x

  17. They look great.

  18. How far the art of nail polish (and now decorating) has come! Not that long ago we dare even stray from any other colour that wasn't red or pink. In the original Total Recall film there is a receptionist with a futuristic invention where she touches her nails with the device and they change colour. Ha - just look how far we've come..the film makers couldn't have predicted this.

    Kat x


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