Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Balance Me Congested Skin Saviour

There is nothing worse than feeling a little bump under the skin knowing that in a couple of days it will be a spot so big you can see it from space.
 Sometimes if you're lucky it will go back down again but to help it back on it's journey to where it came from give this serum a go.

It's in a handy pump style 15ml bottle and the actual serum has a really light gel/lotion texture.
One pump dispenses quite a bit so pump with caution.

I generally tend to use this on spots as soon as you feel them coming. When the skin starts to look red and hot gently massage in a small amount before your moisturiser.
It feels instantly cooling and brings a welcome calming sensation on a frazzled skin.
It doesn't sting, doesn't dry out the skin leaving unsightly dry patches around the blemish and also helps to reduce down any swelling.
 It smells totally natural with a zingy fresh, calming scent.

Whats inside..
99% natural with no mineral oil, silicone's or parabens.
Chamomile, Lavender, Spruce knot and Aloe Vera calm and soothe whilst Lemon, Eucalyptus and May-Chang act as an anti bacterial ingredient.

This is so lightweight it will dry really quickly with no greasy residue so pop it into your bag, re apply throughout the day and after a few seconds you can dab concealer over the top if need be.

It's not going to get rid of your blemish over night but it will certainly calm the situation down a lot when your skin is having a freak out.

This is £16.00 and available from



  1. This looks great! Thanks for the tip! :D



  2. This looks great! berrie-blogs.blogspot.com xxx

  3. Looks brilliant, will definitely be trying this out!\

    alex @ pinkelephantbloggin.com

  4. I was tempted til I saw it contained lavender - my skin hates it, causes bit cystic spots, so not something I'll be trying! Thanks for the review :)


  5. I love the sound of this, I'm always after a spot zapper that can be carried around because I hate the serums that leave that wet look, and when it dries, looks like you've got PVA glue on your face!


  6. I hate bumps under my skin! Thanks for sharing this!

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  7. This sounds great. Still, the best way for healthy skin is from the inside out.

    Check out the best supplements for healthy, clear skin on my brand new site: www.sophschoices.co.uk

    Sophie x

  8. This looks like just what I need at the moment! Might have to try it out...
    Kat x

  9. Balance me is fab! I haven't been let down by any of their products, definitely worth giving a go if you haven't already yet! ♥

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  10. I love natural products! thanks for the review I need a new product :)
    Ella xox

  11. It's always great to discover new products so thank you for this X



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