Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Day Hair and Makeup

Christmas day is Thursday and if your house is as manic as ours you won't have time to worry too much about your makeup. Check out Nic's Christmas day tutorial with a simple glossy eye and bright lip.

What look will you be wearing Christmas day or will you stay in your pyjamas all day?


Friday, 19 December 2014

No7 Midnight Lash Mascara

No7's latest mascara has some interesting colour pigments. Infused with a blend of sapphire and black pearl to give an über blackest of black colour.

The best thing about this mascara for us is the brush. To be honest it's the deal breaker when choosing our mascara regardless of the colour. This brush has a tapered tip that picks out all of the fine hairs. It's main body is full, rounded and very bristly which grabs the lashes and curls them around the wand to create bend. I found this mascara to be great for separating the lashes. The lashes sit nicely inbetween the bristles creating a more defined look. The mascara texture is creamy but not gloopy and it is easy to build the layers without building clump! The brush isn't so large that you get it all over your eye lid and by using the tip of the brush it easily coats the bottom lashes.

 The black packaging with silver sparkle may fool you into thinking that this mascara contains glitter. It doesn't but instead gives a healthy conditioned sheen to the lashes.

 Not a glitter particle in sight.
 Smudge resistant but not waterproof. Nothing worse than trying to scrub off a waterproof mascara after a Christmas night out!

This mascara is £13.50 (although at time of blog it has £3.50 off!) and a really good all round mascara for building volume with an extra dark, glossy coating.

Available now from

Thursday, 18 December 2014

MAC Trend Report SS15

On Tuesday I was invited to attend the MAC trend presentation which gave us the low down on what looks we can expect to see for Spring/Summer 2015. 

The evening was hosted by Terry Barber who is the director of makeup artistry for MAC UK along with session nail technician Marian Newman.

MAC always announce four trends which they then gear all the looks around for the upcoming season. You will always see these trends follow suit with the seasons fashion and hair trend to form a cohesive look.

Terry ran through each trend and presented a model he had previously created a look on to showcase the look.


This trend is all about the eyes and in particular the mascara and liner. The liner is all or nothing. Either a super slim micro liner which deepens the lash line or its a deconstructed artistic smudge of liner that doesn't conform. The liner wasn't confined to the lash line but also sculpted through the socket in a graphic shape. Almost like it was created with a sharpie pen.

Ann Demeulemeester show
Ann Demeulemeester show
The lashes are big! Clumpy and separated with a huge emphasis on the bottom lashes. False lashes were used but not in the normal way. False lashes were cut into chunks and applied in sections to enhance the eye.

Altuzarra show

Altuzarra show

Black wasn't the only shade for mascara in this trend. Brown and teals were also used.

The eye shadow used for this trend was blown out with burred edges. Soft taupe and warm browns were used to give this trend a massive 70s feel.

You can see the 70s influence in the look Terry created below...


Created by using veils of colour layered on top of each other with all other features played down.


This trend is futuristic makeup. Less coverage but more clever concealing. The skin has an almost holographic texture and highlight is added to create a humid finish to the skin. This look has an ethereal radiance which gives the skin an eggshell type finish. Gloss is a major player in this trend. The skin, eyes and lips all have added gloss at some point.

Aquilano Rimondi

White was used and mixed with the base for the skin and also through the lashes.

Issey Miyake show

Issey Miyake show

This look was also teamed up with a bold lip. A ruby red and mirror finish clear gloss.

Free Party

You can't have a spring/summer trend without a festival look and this is it. Terry said this trend brings street style to field style. Bohemian, disheveled beauty that looks effortless. It is all about saturated colours that have been washed out and bleached by the sun. Freckles have made a huge come back to give a sun kissed finish. Washed out mints and sky blue add the colour whilst skin is fresh and unfussy.

Holly Fulton show
Holly Fulton show

Sequins were adorned to the face to reflect light and add a unique touch.

Monique Lhuillier show

Manish Arora show

Terry spoke of this campervan chic trend as a kind of 60s feminine punk.


Yep you heard it… no makeup! Well that's a slight fib because we all know the no makeup look usually consists of more products than ever but just with really clever placement.
The no makeup look translates as an enhancement of the features. Using natural stains, bare neutrals and soft highlights. A nod to the 70s is present here too with the subtle placement of bronzer, golden sheen and a spattering of honey freckles.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi show

Proenza Schouler show

Terry said of this look it was the perfect British tan which he likes to call Tanglo-saxon!

Marian Newman also joined the stage to talk us through nail trends for Spring/Summer 15. 

Marian spoke of how the best shade to wear for the season is the shade that you love. Go with your instinct… If you love it, wear it. 
Marian Newman

The radiance theme translates onto the nails also for next season. Cellophane effect nails which softly catch the light. Nail art is taking a back seat temporarily for the Spring/Summer although using other mediums such as glitter is in. 

Marian says a chalky pastel nail with a sprinkling of pearl glitter to the tips is the way forward. Apply the glitter when the nails are almost dry and then apply a top coat to seal in the glitter. Marian also says if you have an old shade which you no longer like then don't be afraid to layer another colour on top to create a whole new unique shade which is bespoke to you.

Which of these trends do you prefer? What will you be wearing for SS15?



Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Beauty Quarter Covent Garden

A few weeks ago we were invited by #Thebeautyquarter at Covent Garden to talk about all things makeup during their special event.
 We were on stage for two hours and answered lots of the audiences beauty related questions and our story behind the creation of Pixiwoo.

We were asked what were our favourite products which can be purchased from the stores around Covent Garden.
 Here are our must haves.....


  • Chanel Pirate Nail Varnish-The ultimate pillar box red, perfect anytime of the year but especially great for Christmas.

  • Aveda stress Fix body cream-Super nourishing body cream with the soothing scent of French lavender and Clary Sage.

  • Jo Malone Vitamin E Body scrub-Gentle body scrub which sloughs away dead skin cells. My skin is ridiculously soft after using this.

  • Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Medium 2- Contains the perfect amount of yellow and pink pigments to ensure a natural sun kissed tone.


  • Dior L'Or Perfume-This scent oozes luxury and smells so expensive! I always get asked what I'm wearing every time I spritz this on.

  • MAC Face and Body foundation-My go to foundation for everyday. Light but still buildable this makes skin look healthy and radiant.

  • Urban Decay All nighter Eyeliner Pencil-Twist up pencil in intense black which glides on and will not budge. Perfect for when you don't have time to touch up.

  • Chanel rouge Coco lipstick in Gabrielle- The perfect Chanel red and named after Coco herself.

We had so much fun at the event and it was great to meet lots of you who turned out on a cold afternoon!
Photo from @OneLittleVice

Photo from @Hellyho

Can you spot some of our family in the front row!? Photo from @CoventGardenLDN


Monday, 15 December 2014

Holiday Petrol pigments tutorial

Sam's tutorial last week featured the MAC mini Christmas pigment set in Objects of Affection Silver and blue. We are pretty sure this is now sold out but you can still get some of the pigments featured individually. For great dupe pigments you could also check out OCC Pigments or Naked Cosmetic pigments.
 This tutorial is something a little different for Christmas and shows you how you don't have to compromise a strong eye if you are wearing a bold lip.

Check out this extreme winged out look below...

What look will you be wearing this festive season?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Jurlique Glow Calendula gift set

  Jurlique always produce amazing, luxurious gift sets. Their Calendula gift set is a great gift for a sensitive skin. The wooden effect box decorated with a floral design holds three full size products.
 Calendula has long been a flower which has been used in medicine and topical products for it's soothing purposes. It is anti viral, anti inflammatory and can reduce acne inflammation. During the war Calendula flowers were used in the dressing of wounded soldiers to help promote skin healing.

Festive red sleeve

I don't know about you but we always like to keep our products in their boxes. It makes it feel like you are opening a gift every time you use the product. The boxes for the three products in this set feature the painted image of the golden Calendula flower.

What's inside?....

 Soothing moisturising cream
A 40ml tube of rich cream which calms an angry skin, helps to reduce redness, promotes skin healing whilst protecting from further irritants.
 This water based cream also contains jojoba, avocado, calendula, chamomile, cucumber and shea. Works better on a dryer skin type due to the rich texture and shea butter ingredient.
 Perfect moisturiser on a skin type which is greatly affected by the environment and weather and which flares up easily.

Calming Mist 
I always have a Jurlique mist on my desk. It's the perfect pick me up for your skin in winter or summer. This frosted glass bottle holds 100ml.It is alcohol free so it won't evaporate and dry out the skin.It also doesn't have an over powering floral scent but more of a fresh cucumber aroma. 
 Similar ingredients as mentioned before along with aloe and linseed to restore the skin and give moisture. Great to have available to spritz over the face when required, especially if you work in an air conditioned or heated office. Also great to spritz onto the skin to help blend in foundation. If you find you get dry patches on your face which your foundation clings to then spritz a little of this over and it helps to buff away the patches of colour.
 Also nice to finish your makeup with.
 Refreshing, gentle and also because it's 100ml you can travel with it and take on flights.Looks particularly glamorous on your dressing table also!

Restorative treatment serum
Serums are lightweight so they get to the deeper layers of the skin which moisturiser can't reach. An essential product for dehydrated skin or skin which looks dull and tired.
 Apply a pea sized amount after cleansing but before your moisturiser.It will restore moisture back to a dry overly sensitive skin whilst promoting healing from deep down.

This set is £78.00 and is available now over at
 These products can also be purchased individually here Have you tried Jurlique products? Which ones are your favourite?



Friday, 12 December 2014

Paperself Tattoo Me

Temporary tattoos have come along way since the ones we wore in the 80's that took a month to scratch off of your skin!
Paperself who have brought you the amazing ornate false lashes have developed new temporary tattoos.

These are self adhesive designs which are each designed in an antique sketch style. Normally this type of product wouldn't appeal but the designs are so intricate and beautiful that you can't help but be attracted to them.

Most of the designs are sketched in black and white but there are a few which are coloured in a delicate colour palette.

The tattoo's are available for various parts of the body and include designs to replicate bracelets, rings and necklaces although you can adorn them anywhere you please.

Here are some of our favourites.....


Jewelled Fox
Fish Jockey

Rosy and Daisy Ring

Rosy and Daisy Necklace

My favourite things-Girls charm bracelet

These are really easy to apply and are tested to a high standard to ensure they are skin friendly.
 Once you have selected the design you want just cut them to the size you require.
 Ensure skin is clean and dry, remove the top clear sheet, press the tattoo firmly onto the skin and then hold a wet cloth against the back of the tattoo. You need to make sure the tattoo becomes saturated with the water. Wait around 30 seconds and then slowly peel away the backing paper.
 You can then add adornments to it if you want to.

I applied the charm bracelet and then added on the butterfly and kettle charm. It has an Alice in Wonderland feel about it and would look very pretty for a special occasion.

The Tattoo Me transfers last on the skin around 2-4 days depending on how much they are washed/rubbed etc.

If you want to remove them before this time then you can lift them off easily with an oil based eye makeup remover/cleanser or baby oil. You can also use an alcohol based hand sanitiser to remove easily.
The Tattoo me pieces range from £5.00-£8.50 depending on the design.

Check them all out over at


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Jennifer Lopez Tutorial

Jennifer Lopez looked stunning at the recent AMA's and we had to recreate her look to show you.
 Jennifer's look was originally created by her makeup artist Mary Phillips.

Jennifer had her usual flawless base with pearl highlights on the cheekbones, brow bones and cupid bow.
 Soft eyebrows but well defined. Her eye shadow in a smokey khaki/grey was swept low under the eye and up over the lid with volume enhancing eye lashes.
 The lips were glossy in a nude peach.

 Check out Nic's interpretation of the look below along with the products she used.
 Let us know what you thought of this look and leave us some feedback on future looks you would enjoy watching.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Makeup Forever Eye Shadows

 Opening these palettes instantly gives you the wow factor. The mix of textures and the vibrancy of the pigments draws you in and makes you want to grab your brush and get painting.

These palettes can be customised to suit your style so you wouldn't have to select the colours we have above.

 The pigment pay off of these shades is insane. Dany Sanz who is the makeup artist behind these artist shadows has a background in body art and this is so apparent when you look at the colour selection.
 Neon's and nudes, smokey and shimmer there is a texture and colour for all skin tones and artistic flare.

The artist shadows are available in matte, satin, metallic, iridescent and diamond.

Excuse the mucky finger prints in these palettes, we couldn't wait to get stuck in!

The other great thing about these shades are the size of the pan. A huge 1.5 inch pan of colour. This would take you a while to get through.
 The texture is quite unique to the touch. Velvet smooth and almost creamy (but still a powder). Blends easily and the pigment is so strong that when you blend the more vibrant colours over each other, a new colour is created.
 The creamy texture prevents drop down so there is hardly any fall out from these.

You can buy the magnetic palettes empty and then fill them with which ever colours you desire.
 The palettes come in small(holds 4), medium(holds 12), large(holds 18) and extra large(holds 28). Prices range from £3.95-£6.95 depending on the size. The palette we have above is the large which holds 18 artist shadows.

The colours we have above are listed below......

 The eye shadows which fit into these are the artist shadows and they have a huge colour line up to choose from. They are £12.50 each.

Left side, 1st Row
Left side 2nd Row
Left side, 3rd Row
Right side 1st Row

Right side 2nd Row
Right side 3rd Row

 If you are using the more vivid colours we would advise using a base underneath such as a primer, cream eye shadow or base powder shadow. The stronger colours tend to stain the skin a little otherwise.
 The makeup forever website is a slightly annoying as it doesn't give you product prices. If you are in the UK the best site to view and purchase from is

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