Monday, 16 December 2013

Which MAC Glitter?

There are a few MAC loose glitter pigments out there and it can be confusing which one to go for to suit your sparkly needs.
 Often you will see an ATTENTION sticker on pots of glitter saying "DO NOT USE AROUND THE EYES". Well if we are honest, as makeup artists this is often the first place we are going to put it. Brands have to cover themselves and advise not to use it here just in case a piece goes into your eye and scratches it. This of course can happen so do be careful and if you have sensitive eyes don't use them.
 Use a good base under the glitter to grip it and hold in place and use a flat firm brush to apply it and push it onto the skin rather than dusting it over causing drop down.
MAC do some mixing mediums which are good to mix with the glitter to help blend it onto the skin.
 You can of course use a cream eye shadow as a base and push the glitter into it.
 Also glitter is messy so do your eye makeup before you do your base. It's always better to apply a slick of moisturiser to the face and then go on to do the messy eye work. This way any glitter drop down can easily be wiped of the damp moisturised skin.
 You can also use shadow shields to catch fall out.

MAC have a few types of glitter (of course they would).

These come in a variety of colours
 Their standard MAC glitter is made up of chunky shards of glitter. They give a solid wash of wet look shimmering glitter. These are good used on top of a cream or gel base to make sure they adhere well.  They look beautiful, come in 6 shades and are also really good used on the body when body painting or for creative work.

MAC 3D Glitter is the same chunky formula as the standard glitter although each shard of glitter gives out a rainbow holographic finish. Impossible to photograph well due to the reflection of light bouncing off however in real life looks amazing. As you turn the face or body it catches the light and looks a different colour at each angle.

MAC Reflects Glitter is our favourite. It's much finer and rather than a strong wet look it gives a beautiful shimmer. Each colour contains a mix of a colour blended into a pearl pigment. It will look like a flat pearl glitter in the pot but depending on the colour you go for (the one in the picture is reflects red) it will have a glitter tint of colour.
 Because it is finer it takes a lot to build up a solid block of colour but looks beautiful pressed on top of an eye shadow.

You can also mix all of these glitters with a mixing medium and use as eye liner or for use on the body.

Now the massive downside of MAC glitter is that they are tricky devils to get your hands on. Here in the UK they are only sold in the MAC PRO store in Carnaby Street, London. They are not for sale on the regular MAC UK website but you can purchase them through MAC mail order by calling 0800 054 6076. Hard to purchase colours over the phone but you can view the different glitters on the MAC USA website and then call the mail order UK to purchase. Jeez they don't make it easy to get hold of them here in the UK. If you are in the states it's much easier, you can just buy online from the previous link.
 By the way, any one can go into a MAC Pro store, you don't have to be a makeup artist.
 Which style of glitter do you prefer?



  1. Don't get me wrong they're really pretty but I have to be honest, I don't think they're worth the money or effort required to get your hands on them in the UK. Maybe that's just me though, I personally don't feel that I'd use them that much but I guess it depends.
    Thanks for the post though. :) Chelsey x

  2. MAC Reflects are the best in market. I am not dying to get my hands on 3D glitter which looks so insanely awesome in your pictures above. :-)

  3. I love MAC reflects pearl, use that one most often!

  4. I have a MAC Glitter and I have several other, cheaper brands of glitter that actually say eye safe on them and those are all way nicer, in my opinion. BH Cosmetics or LIT Cosmetics do great glitters to name a few.

  5. I've never really tried glitter and I'm not to big on trying it although the ones in the picture look nice xx

  6. These look so pretty, but I know that I would end up spilling it everywhere! Haha!


  7. They look amazing! Perfect for the holidays :)

  8. 3D is to die for!! <3

  9. I love glitter on the lids looks amazing and gives such a good effect!

  10. These look very nice, but I know I will have the opportunity to get them

  11. These look amazing! I just feel like I would definitely spill them.


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