Thursday, 12 December 2013

Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads

I feel like I should be talking about this in the summer months when we are exposing our skin however with Christmas parties coming up you may want a little help from Waxperts.
 This little pot contains 40 thin cotton pads that are infused with Salicylic acid, Rosemary and Benzioc acid.

 The pads are designed to be easily wiped over shaven or waxed areas of skin to prevent ingrowing hairs from forming and to also treat areas that are affected by these troublesome hairs already.

How do the ingredients work...
 Salicylic acid is a great friend of ours! It helps keep spots at bay and removes dead skin cells from deep in the pores.It causes the skin cells to shed more frequently therefore preventing the pores getting clogged up and also neutralises the bacteria within the skin.
The Rosemary extract is the soothing ingredient. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce down redness and swelling.

Sometimes after tweezing my eye brows I get little pimples come up and found by wiping a pad over the area afterwards it soothed it and hurrah no bumpy spots!

These are safe enough to use on any area of the face or body and don't sting on application.

This little pot is £7.99 and as you only really need to get waxed every 4-6 weeks these will last you ages.
 The small pot fits nicely into your travel bag also so you can maintain a smooth looking bikini line on the beach.

Waxperts have some other fab products also to cater for all your waxing needs so be sure to check them out



  1. These sound really promising, I get pimples after tweezing too :((


  2. I also get pimples after tweezing my eye brows. Glad that I have found this post. Thank you for sharing this!

    click if you got a heart.

  3. Delighted to see an Irish brand has made its way to you girls! Love Waxperts wax. The pads are great for around the bikini line also!

  4. I don't seem to be able to buy them there isn't an option to buy or it could be me not being clever!


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