Monday, 2 December 2013

Illamasqua Christmas Collection

We don't often think about being selfish at Christmas but this years Illamasqua collection is all about indulging yourself in a little treat when you've spent all your money on everybody else!

Here is their little Christmas message.....

 This seasons eye shadow quad Fatale holds lovely rich, opulent powder colours.
Each colour has a metallic finish with a vibrant colour payoff. Typical soft texture of Illamasqua shadows.

The colours are quite contrasting and it can seem confusing at first glance how you would wear them. This palette is definitely for those who like to experiment and play with colour.
 The darkest colour is a taupe grey but has a slight purple pigment shot through it and blends easily with any of the other colours included in the palette.
 Each colour looks great worn on its own with a smudge of black kohl liner around the lash line for definition.
 This palette is £34.00.

Hurrah a sculpting powder for a fair skin. Often sculpting powders come up too orange however this one provides a very natural contour. The best tones for a natural contour have a slightly greyish tint, almost like the colour a real shadow would cast.This palette has exactly that.

 The included strip of highlighter is a shimmering buttermilk colour. Not glittery but more of a  metallic finish.
If you struggle to find a contour and highlight for your fair skin this would be a really good purchase. This is £26.00
Only down side to this sculpting powder is that it contains mineral oil so if you are someone who is prone to congested skin or breakouts just be aware of this.

Of course there is a set of lashes in the collection. Synthetic, hand made lashes that are very long, dramatic, thick and fluttery but surprisingly light on the eye.
 We really like the nail varnish in this collection. It's name is Blizzard which is the perfect name to describe how this looks. Fine hexagon shaped silvery white pieces set in a clear polish.


 Again they have more of a metallic finish rather than a glittery finish and look really natural and sweet rather than garish shards of glitter.
 You could of course wear this over a coloured nail polish if you would like more colour.
 This is £14.50.

Our most requested tutorials are smoky eyes with a nude lip and this gloss called Maiden is the perfect peachy nude.

 Quite a thick texture that gives an opaque finish. This wears off really nicely too, no dry scum like edge after a few hours! This is £14.50.

 Check out these pieces and other sets from Illamasqua here..



  1. The quads look so indulgent, tempted to splurge if I have any extra pennies :-)

  2. they look so amazing......the quad is fabulous.....the bronzer and highlighter is fabulous....

  3. Illamasqua is amazing, love the highlighters and the quad is gorgeous!

    Greetings from London,

  4. Everything looks so pretty! Love the lashes!

  5. Wow what a pretty collection, so festive!

  6. those eyelashes are beautiful!

    Im having a blogsale on my blog if anyone wants to drop by =)

  7. The eyelashes are amazing! I love the nude lip shine as well - I'm adding that to my Christmas list!


  8. The bronzer and highlighter palette looks lovely!

    AmeliaRose | Beauty Blogger

  9. Their Christmas collection looks beautiful!

  10. Wow, those lashes look amazing!! Charlotte.x

  11. The eye lashes look amazing! x

  12. I so need to get that nailpolish and the eye shadows look amazing colours :) Thanks for sharing <3


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