Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stocking Fillers

I always think back to my most favourite presents over the Christmas's past and it's always the little understated gift that I enjoy the most.
 We have put together a few of our faves for a stocking filler...

Christmas is all about the novelty soap. It's something we all love so much we never end up using it and leave it to look pretty in our soap dish. Well life is short guys, use the soap!

 Check out these cute ones below. Our favourite is the soap with tiny delicate butterflies. These are priced at £1.50 upwards from

You know it's the festive season here in the UK when you're in tears watching the John Lewis advert. This years advert is about a bear and a hare and this vintage inspired jewellery from Andrea Garland sits nicely with that theme.

 It's a gold plated ring (Medium size) in the shape of a hare. His head then tilts back to reveal a clear Shea butter and almond oil lip balm. The lip balm is also refillable.
Priced at £36.00 from

Christmas is all about glitter so why not puff it all over your body, hair or wherever else you like. We adore this vintage style spray glitter powder from Kiko.

With one puff a fine spray of silvery pearl glitter is dispensed onto the face or body. It's scented with vanilla so smells pretty amazing also. Just be careful not to spray near the eyes as the glitter is super fine so may irritate. 14g bottle for £14.90 from

For party touch ups check out these blotting sheets from Mai Couture. Small booklet containing 60 leaves of blotting sheets. Not only do they blot but there are three types of coloured sheets. One will add a bronze colour to the skin, one is a highlighting sheet which you can rub over the high points of the face and the other type is a blush that you can press onto the apples of the cheeks for a tint of colour. These are available from

Beats getting a satsuma in your stocking! What are your favourite stocking fillers?


  1. I love little bits of jewellery, we always get a pomegranate in our stockings too! :) i also love little impulse body spray sets and things like that :)! xx :) xx

  2. There's some great idea's within this post.

    Thank you

  3. By "stocking fillers" do you means "christmas presents I am probably going to buy myself"? Because that's pretty much what I'm going to do with all of these ideas. MINE MINE MINE!

    Charlotte - xx

    1. I mean presents that santa will put in your stocking ;)

  4. The gold ring is so cool!

  5. Soaps look so cute! A nice change to lush :)

    H x

  6. Lovely fillers! Topshop are doing some cool make-up sets which would be perfect for your stocking!

  7. I love stocking fillers! I need to go Christmas shopping for everybody and I think making up stockings are a great idea :D


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