Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Real Techniques Sams Picks

We get asked frequently what our favourite brushes are and if you watch our tutorials you will know which brushes crop up again and again.
 We decided it would be a great idea to get together some of our faves and put them into a limited edition collection so...(Fanfare)  Here they are!...

This 6 piece kit contains 5 regular brushes and a set exclusive also!
Whats inside....

Multi Task Brush-  Domed powder brush that is the perfect size to add powder in the precise place you wan't it. We often use this as a blusher brush also.

Buffing Brush- Can be used to gently buff in a cream, liquid or powder foundation for a natural air brushed finish. Also use it as a blush brush to apply colour to the apples of the cheeks.
Essential Crease Brush- This is the newbe to the line up. A softly sculptured dome brush that sits perfectly into the socket of the eye. Use to buff powder all over the eye or use it with a darker colour in the socket line. The perfect tool if you want to rock a smoky eye this festive season.

 Setting Brush- Multiple use brush. Designed to use with a pressed or loose powder to dust down the T-Zone or to apply product to key areas. Great for touch ups and an essential brush for those with that dreaded oily t-zone.

Pointed Foundation Brush- Pointed to reach all the areas and creases in the face (or body). Use small amounts of cream or liquid foundation and build up with gently strokes.
We like to use this brush when we need extra good coverage.

Fine Liner Brush- Ultimate tool in creating a finely defined eye. Can be used with cream or gel products and will gently lay the product in exactly the right place. Build up product with multiple strokes for a more fiercer, defined look.

You can get hold of your set ready for christmas from http://www.pomshopltd.com/product/real-techniques-limited-edition-sams-picks/ and they have worldwide shipping!

Watch Sam talk about her brushes below.....



  1. I love the real-techniques brushes, this is such a great idea! Great buy for friends and family this Christmas, defiantly one to purchase this year I think.

    Charlotte x


  2. I want this set to be mine :))

  3. So exciting about this! Now I can have back ups of my favourite brushes :D


  4. I love Real Tecniques Brushes!! This set is great!


  5. I can't believe that expert face brush is not included. It's the perfect brush!!!

  6. Oh wow!!!! I NEED this in my life xx

  7. I'm afraid Fine Liner Brush is the biggest disappointment of all your brushes and I have few so far...
    It should not be sold. The rest is pretty awesome though :)

  8. I loooooove the fine liner brush!!!! Defo going on my Xmas wish list!!! Xx

  9. What a great set of brushes, I think I might give this set to my sister for christmas. She hasn't got any decent brushes yet and real technique brushes are a great way to start you brush collection.


  10. Hi Girls! Have you purchased Wayne Goss brush collection? If you have, can you give us your feedback?

    best regards

    Fan page

  11. Such a great idea for a gift for someone who's not yet tried out these amazing brushes!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic

  12. This sets such a great idea but I can't really see myself wanting another setting brush and pointed foundation as I don't really use them.

  13. I have no idea what I would do without Real Technique brushes!

    amy x


  14. This looks amazing! These are my favorite brushes, they're so good.


  15. I've been dying to get these brushes for months now but had no idea which ones to buy so this is awesome! Looks like the decision has been made easy for me now :)


  16. I really love this collection and I WANT it

  17. I tried the fine-line brush and I must say, it's A-MA-ZING! I've always wanted a set but they're just too expensive for me (because I live in Turkey where everything is freakin' expensive). Maybe someday, I'll be lucky enough to win one from the giveaway on the fb page. :)

  18. wonderful brushes


  19. This set is at the top of my Christmas Wish list.

  20. Will this be available in boots?

  21. the buffing brush is my absolute favourite!



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